Name Meaning Emma

The female name Emma has several versions of origin. According to one of them, it was formed from the Jewish male name Emmanuel and means "God with us". Translated from the Latin language, the name takes on the value “precious”, “sincere”. There is a version of German origin: it is considered a short form of Old Germanic names beginning with Erm- and attach the meaning of "huge", "comprehensive". The name Emma can also have Muslim roots, translated from Arabic meaning "faithful", "reliable", "calm". Historians cite examples of carriers of the name Emma, who perpetuated him with their actions. Emma of Normandy, born around 982, was able to visit the throne for almost 70 years of her life as the queen of England, and then Denmark and Norway. There is no name in the Orthodox clergy, but the presence in the Catholic is the merit of Emma Gurkoy, known as the patroness of monasteries. Today, the name Emma is common in many countries of the world.

The mystery of the name Emma hides many of the strengths of character that form a rich inner world. This is self-criticism, independence and hard work. Discipline and accuracy, together with spiritual qualities make Emma a person with multi-potential. She is able to prove herself in many areas of activity from psychology and sociology to accounting, economics, and medicine. Her romantic nature is carefully hidden behind a mask of indifference. Nervous excitability is replaced by periods of emotional alienation. Close ones need to accept the character of Emma, to ensure her personal space. A flawless appearance attracts fans that Emma often neglects. Only meeting the man who is the only one who is right in her opinion can she put someone’s desires more important than her own. Compromise and compliance will turn her into a real mistress of the hearth, a loving mother, combining family care with her hobbies and needs.

Emma Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ♏.

Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿.

Feng-Shui Element: Fire 火.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Cornelian.

Lucky-Color: Orange.

Mascot Tree: Nutwood 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Honeysuckle.

Mascot Animal: Jellyfish.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Diligence, Sociability, Will, Intelligence.

Spring Emma – is a cheerful, energetic, martial, sharp-tongued woman. She is sociable, has many friends. She is a wonderful storyteller, she knows how and loves to argue, but she respects the opinion of the interlocutor. Emma loves being in the spotlight. She has great success with representatives of the opposite sex, she has many fans. In her youth, she has several connections, but then she gets married and becomes a faithful and devoted wife and a good mother.

Summer Emma – is inquisitive, accurate, pedantic. All his life he has been trying to acquire new knowledge and skills. He never asks for help, tries to remain independent and strong in the eyes of society. If you fall in love, it will become dependent on the chosen man. In family relationships, she is ideal, diligent and caring, but self-critical.

Autumn Emma – is restrained, delicate, tactful, talkative and attractive in character. Freely captivates, getting respect for her is not difficult, as well as support any topic of conversation. He wants to feel necessary and respected, but at the same time demands that she be loved as she is. Emotional and vulnerable in the soul, longs for true real love and understanding.

Winter Emma – is a pretty woman, she always has one or more goals that she wants to achieve. This woman usually knows what she wants. She is very successful, ambitious. This Emma is trying to find a good job and to advance in the service, as well as successfully marry. But she is not selfish, responsive and friendly. Good hostess, economical, but not stingy. Sometimes she marries by calculation, but even in this case she must at least have respect for the man with whom she connects her fate and becomes a faithful wife.

Character of name Emma

Emma’s energy is strong, but changeable. Her character is endowed with features such as hard work, openness, altruism, eccentricity, friendliness. This is a fair person who is able to use her works and talents for the good. He knows how to keep his word, treats people objectively. However, he does not like to be obligated to someone, therefore he often acts as a passive manipulator. The mobility of Emma’s views is sometimes simply amazing, because she can change them during one conversation. This is a very receptive and self-critical nature. She is always polite, but knows how to defend personal views. In her character, subtlety is felt, but hidden envy and mercantileness are manifested. Emma knows how to look to the future and anticipate events. She is very observant and rather closed, which often helps her make unexpected, but correct decisions. A woman with this name can sincerely admire, create the uniqueness of a personal image, have original judgments.

In early childhood, a girl whose parents give a female name Emma, the nature of a creative person. Therefore, it may be inherent in such features as sensitivity and sensitivity, sentimentality and shyness, lack of sociability and silence. Such often spend most of their time alone. But mother and father should not worry because of Emma’s lack of sociability. After all, Emma’s internal energy in the end will still generate a craving for communication in nature of this girl. The meaning of the name Emma can turn the lives of the girl so named into a continuous series of disappointments, at least in early childhood. But all this is temporary. And most importantly, Emma will easily survive all emotional injuries. Creativity, great imagination and amazing imagination will not leave Emma time for boredom and suffering. No loneliness can turn Emma into a pessimist. A girl with a “big heart”, kind, always ready to help, can grow out of a girl. Well, as for the lack of sociability and isolation, they will disappear in adolescence — domination will seize the desire to communicate and be a leader ...

In adolescence, a girl with the name Emma may manifest the features of an outgoing person. There will be eloquence, a desire to communicate, a craving for fun and communication with peers. True, you should not think that leadership makings will wake up along with this — the teenage girl Emma does not have them, and they are unlikely to ever appear. On the other hand, the meaning of the name Emma promises swiftness, diligence and responsibility. Emma can become a confident, decisive and persistent girl. However, she will never argue with people from the environment. He will not prove his case by quarrels or conflicts. She knows when to put an end to the dispute and make concessions. At school, she is a successful student. The meaning of the name Emma can bestow not only creativity, but also analytical data. Emma can become reasonable and prudent, systematic and very smart. Emma is a teenager — an eloquent and compliant girl, children from her surroundings and even teachers can listen to her opinion, but she will never and never impose her opinion on anyone.

For adult Emma, the meaning of this name promises an equally shy and naive, but more decisive character. If Emma devotes her life to work, her career will become for her the very factor with which she will replace communication with people, friendship and attention, which she may lack. Adult Emma is unique — she is a girl with a dual nature. The inability to prove their opinions, to impose their thoughts on people and to persist in disputes, can create many problems for Emma in terms of career advancement. Nevertheless, even as an ordinary employee, she will still devote all her time to work. As for communicating with people, it will not do without difficulties. Yes, Emma can become eloquent and very sociable, but there is something in her that prevents her from becoming popular in society – this is the inability to interest people in her own person. But Emma will never betray and not deceive her true friends, there is no self-interest in her, there is no cunning, she is open and pure in her soul.

Positive traits of the name Emma: Emma has a friendly, sunny character, great personal charm and excellent prospects in any field. She can be very passionate about business or people, be a supporter of ideas and innovations in life and work. Emma always boldly acts against all injustice. She is a skeptic, but her critical mind, sense of humor and undeniable greatness of spirit save her from pettiness. A girl with the name Emma does not like noisy gatherings, in the field of feelings it seems chilly, but this impression is deceptive.

Negative traits of the name Emma: she is annoyed by those people who are slow in words and deeds, but Emma herself is sometimes too hasty, restless, inclined to change places, to all kinds of unexpected actions and events. So, this nature is extremely controversial. In heart affairs, she is also changeable, she is attracted to new people. A girl with the name Emma belongs to those who are “his own head,” and therefore does not like advice.

Interests and Hobbies

Emma is a creative and hardworking girl, able to be ahead of others not only in terms of perception of the world, theoretical knowledge, but also mastery of practical skills. Since childhood, Emma loves to read books. This girl is talented, she has a wonderful ear for music and knows how to dance well. Any of her activities requires the approval and praise of not only one person, but the recognition of the results of activities by a group of like-minded people or society. If parents manage to notice the creative potential of their daughter in time and contribute to his development, there is a high probability that Emma expects a great future associated with the scene. Most often, her hobby is the desire for self-affirmation and self-esteem. Many call her hobbies eccentricity, and tastes — strange, but she considers them an expression of her emotions.

Profession and Business

The secret of the name Emma lies in the deep intuition of this girl. She tends to choose professions in which she can practice her unmistakable sense of proportion. For her, of particular importance is the internal desire for harmony. She is revered by a sophisticated specialist in contracts, transactions, financial transactions. He is an expert in the field of sociology, psychology, management, medicine, science, statistics, mathematical analysis. In the creative profession, she needs emotional support, an authoritative teacher and critic. Emma can find her calling in the acting profession. Girl Emma can become a first-class fashion designer, hairdresser, stylist, artist.

The owner of this name seeks leadership positions in order to achieve the goal, she is ready to work hard. As a boss, Emma is very strict, demands full dedication from her subordinates, does not tolerate negligence and a careless attitude to work. Her ability to reason and plan carefully will help the girl become a politician. Such a woman can become a successful entrepreneur, she has all the data for this. Her knowledge and character are also in demand in the fields of trade, modeling, art criticism. Practicality, discretion and sociability contribute to the successful conclusion of transactions. In matters, Emma is guided exclusively by common sense, will not miss the opportunity to earn extra money.

Mind and Health

Emma has a choleric temperament. She is prone to deep empathy and sacrifice. Emma is very objective, thinks specifically, confident in her abilities. If the goal is not set specifically, then it is lost, it is not able to quickly make the right decision. Emma is easily excitable, has an unbalanced nervous system. Quickly responds to what is happening, emotional, but perfectly in control of himself. The scope of her activities is quite diverse, since Emma is very disciplined and tactful. First, Emma is the keeper of the hearth, a beautiful mother. She has developed intuition, but she rarely resorts to her help, preferring reason. She has a synthetic mindset, she can find a way out of any situation. There is not a drop of aggressiveness in it. Emma doesn’t forgive herself, but always seeks justification for the mistakes of others, is afraid to offend with a harsh word.

The name Emma is endowed with healthy energy. Complaints about insomnia are associated more with problems of the susceptible nervous system than with any disease. Such a woman needs positive emotions and constant monitoring of her mental state. Emma is vulnerable to stomach ailments and has brittle bones. Such a girl should remove unhealthy food from the diet, eat foods rich in calcium. The owner of this name has not observed any serious illnesses throughout her life. However, you need to protect the nervous system, avoid depression, monitor the kidneys and genitals.

Love and Sex

The name Emma rewards her owner not only with the ability to emotionally experience events and situations, but also with the ability to manage her emotions. Not too close friends may believe that the character of the girl is not just calm and balanced, but even cold and arrogant. Emma is very demanding and principled in terms of creating a couple. She will never accept a person who does not meet her requirements, will not tolerate rudeness, even if manifested in rare moments, will not tolerate self-interest. Moreover, she will never connect her life with anyone who is trying to dominate the couple, although in fact her weak nature would not be hindered by a male leader who is ready to support and secure her in any undertakings. In relations with men, Emma is likely to appreciate tenderness and attention, love and warmth, care. She will accept only a man capable of all this with all her heart and soul, and only this can she devote her life to.

Emma dreams of love and falls in love long before the appearance of her first sexual partner. Her sexual desire does not suddenly wake up, but grows slowly and imperceptibly. Her sensitivity is very high, she manifests itself in everything that concerns her partner, Emma is concerned about his clothes, voice, smell. Emma’s love is fraught with deep intimacy, she wants to be alone with her feeling, not dedicating anyone to him. She is very touching and gentle in sex, not burdened with complexes. She will like a man older than her in age, with great sexual experience, who can speak fascinatingly. She likes to feel weak, small with him. Emma is sentimental, romantic, but in sex can be inventive like no other woman, and if she meets a hot man with great sexual capabilities, she will become his ideal partner. Receiving sexual satisfaction, she transforms, blossoms, surrounds her friend with tenderness, care.

Family and Marriage

Emma is important that the chosen one fully supported her interests. Since finding a man-friend is much more difficult than just a lover, this woman is ready to spend years to find a perfect life partner. She needs a person with whom she could develop. Emma will never turn her attention to a sloppy, groomed man in crumpled clothes. Only clean-minded and self-monitoring men can count on her favor. Emma is not a leader, not a vamp, she is modest and shy, and all she needs to be happy is to become coveted, loved, needed. But fate will lead her to everything named only in maturity. In family life, the fate of Emma can bring many surprises. Emma can show herself to be a real woman, a caring and responsible mother with developed maternal instincts. She can become an exemplary wife and just an excellent housewife. With such a woman in the house, a man will be destined for an amazing fate — she will not have to wait for betrayal or lies, revenge or negativity.

Emma is married for love, regardless of age. She is always an ideal wife and mother, provided that her husband is a decent, strong and respected person. In marriage, two things are very important to her: sexual attraction and the male "strong shoulder." She manages to create a fairly strong union, while retaining her personal freedom. But then, at the right moment, Emma can be gentle and recognize the authority of her husband. Emma is a wonderful and hospitable hostess, whom not only relatives, but also close friends like to visit. She cooks deliciously and creates coziness and comfort around herself. She carefully plans her family life and is very angry when something goes wrong. In marriage, Emma feels happy, she sincerely cares about her spouse and is really affectionate with him. Sometimes she can be overly impulsive and quick-tempered, but very quick-witted and she quickly manages to cope with her inner “fire”, calm down and melt the ice of misunderstanding with her spouse with her charming smile. Many consider a woman with this name an unpredictable personality, but not in terms of family and children. They are the meaning of her life.

Emma Horoscope

Emma-Aries ♈ – is an outgoing, loving, responsive, friendly and optimistic woman. Emma Aries is a welcome guest in any home, she quickly adapts to any conditions, she is comfortable in any company. Tactful, able to put up with other people’s shortcomings. A husband for her will be the one to whom she will devote her whole life and herself.

Emma-Taurus ♉ – strong-willed, persistent, active and independent. Emma-Taurus does not shift her responsibilities to others, as she believes that no one will do a job better than herself. This woman is not afraid of difficulties, failures and difficulties strengthen her strong-willed character. She often makes plans for the future, although most are not destined to come true.

Emma-Gemini ♊ – gentle, meek, naive and very attractive Emma Gemini is poorly versed in people. Because of this, he often feels resentment and disappointment. Few are able to appreciate this woman. Most seek to use her kindness for selfish purposes. To avoid problems, the girl should learn to refuse.

Emma-Cancer ♋ – responsible, prudent, and responsible Emma Cancer often needs encouragement and the advice of loved ones. This woman is unsure of her abilities, she is often dependent on other people’s judgments, on the basis of which she often makes decisions contrary to her own desires and beliefs. Loving and overly compliant, she is able to support any topic and communicate respectfully and tactfully.

Emma-Leo ♌ – is an attractive and witty woman, capable of evoking the admiration of others. It is rough and overly straightforward. Sometimes this discourages any desire to communicate and make friends with her. Emma Leo does not forgive others for mistakes, but does not notice her own. Arrogant, considers himself a queen, doesn’t know how to gain respect by manifesting true nature, pretends a lot, a born actress.

Emma-Virgo ♍ – multifaceted, resourceful and talented Emma Virgo is in a constant search for creative ideas. Her life is rich and diverse. True, work, new friends and many hobbies absolutely do not leave her time for her personal life. Her main goal is to achieve success in career growth, which is expressed by material wealth.

Emma-Libra ♎ – is a real homebody, she is so accustomed to comfort that sometimes it’s almost impossible to persuade her at least for a walk. Emma-Libra does not like noisy companies and large crowds, likes to spend her days off at home, with her family. He hates flatterers and liars, surrounds himself only with people like her.

Emma-Scorpio ♏ – tyrannical, straightforward and wayward Emma Scorpio never hides her opinion. She longs for respect, but in the end often suffers from misunderstanding. A girl is able to express to her opponent everything she thinks about him. He does not admit mistakes, takes hostile criticism against him. It is difficult for her to find a common language with others.

Emma-Sagittarius ♐ – is an incredulous, timid and touchy woman. She does not trust all people, because she is afraid of betrayal. Emma Sagittarius needs the support and care of loved ones, only they can instill confidence in herself. She dreams of meeting an extraordinary man with whom he can share his ideas. Her dream is to fall in love and get mutual feelings, feel caring and kindness. Spouse should become a defender, respecting her opinion.

Emma-Capricorn ♑ – is a serious, strong-willed and purposeful woman. Always knows what he wants from life. Always used to everything and rely only on their own strength. This girl works hard and is making great strides. Emma-Capricorn is not afraid of responsibility, she is ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to her goal. It will be very difficult for her soul mate, not everyone will be able to avoid everyday conflicts.

Emma-Aquarius ♒ – this woman is attracted by new experiences, interesting acquaintances and a passion for adventure. Emma-Aquarius is responsive and sociable, she has many friends with whom she likes to spend a lot of time. Its attractiveness and openness attract the attention of others. He does not listen to advice and neglects the help of others. Get along with this will only succeed in a compliant and complaisant gentleman.

Emma-Pisces ♓ – vulnerable, shy and laconic, Emma Pisces prefers to spend most of his time alone. It rarely reaches its goals – it quickly surrenders at the sight of the first obstacle. She is afraid of new acquaintances in order to avoid lies and betrayal. With loved ones, sincere and peaceful. Compatibility only with strong and purposeful men, reliable and serious.

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