Name Meaning Eric

The male name Eric has several occurrences. The most popular opinion of his Scandinavian origin is on behalf of Eirikr, which consists of two parts: “eternal” and “king, ruler”, which together means “eternal ruler”. This leaves a significant imprint on the character and fate of a man. According to another version, it was formed from the complex ancient Germanic Euric: “ewa”, “ewe” - “custom”, “law”, “eternity” and “rihhi”, “riki” - “rich”, “powerful”; "leader", "ruler". However, most likely, this is just a German variation of the Scandinavian form of the name. In Greek mythology, the son of the god of the seas Poseidon and the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite — Eric, was the ruler in one of the regions of Hellas. He was considered an unsurpassed fighter, easily defeating not only local, but also visiting strongmen. The name Eric is not in the Orthodox calendar. In Catholicism, St. Eric of Sweden is revered — the king who ruled Sweden in the XII century. All inhabitants of Sweden started talking about Eric as a saint after his death. Eric Swedish Day is May 18th.

The name has the strongest energy, capable of influencing the medium in the strongest way, promises many good qualities. Eric, with a favorable scenario, is achieving very noticeable heights in his career and public life. Among the bearers of this name and its variants (Erik, Eriko, Eerikki) there are well-known politicians, writers, musicians and royalty. Eric’s character is ambiguous and changes with age. It is difficult for the holder of this Scandinavian name to decide on himself. Eric is characterized by inner composure, courage and stamina, he is a born leader and knows how to captivate him. Eric does not seek fame and recognition, but they themselves find him. He is a decent, sincere, honest man, does not panic tolerate falsehood and deceit. Eric is an excellent conversationalist, he has a very developed intellect, he respects the opinion of the opponent and will not defend his point of view with foam at the mouth. Calmness, poise and discretion make it attractive to people around.

Eric Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Aquarius ♒.

Ruling Planet: Saturn ♄.

Feng-Shui Element: Water 水.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Jasper.

Lucky-Color: Red.

Mascot Tree: Nut 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Dogrose.

Mascot Animal: Eagle.

Lucky Day: Saturday ♄.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Intelligence, Compassion, Sensitivity, Intuition.

Spring Eric – possesses such features as amorousness, sluggishness, energy, restlessness, incredulity and romance. Such Eric in the future will become womanizer, fickle and unreliable. But to be friends with spring Eric is easy even to the most complex and negative person.

Summer Eric – is a prudent, phlegmatic, systematic nature. This never happens by chance, he always does everything right, according to plan. Hates randomness and surprise, does not trust spontaneity and intuition. He can grow up as a careerist and forget about his family, this is not a family man, for him the main thing is his career growth and material well-being.

Autumn Eric – is a real pedant, with a creative nature, romantic and with a good imagination. He can choose a profession related to creativity, and most importantly, he will surely achieve good results in such a profession. Can become a good family man and an excellent husband. True. In his family, a woman will probably dominate, he himself is not a dominant.

Winter Eric – is a brave and decisive guy, a systematic and purposeful person, in one hundred percent of cases achieving his goal. Nobody and nothing will hinder such achievement of what was planned, he is assertive and obstinate, always one step ahead of the rest. He is also fair and hates when someone suffers unjustly.

Character of name Eric

Eric in childhood is characterized by calm and phlegmatic temperament. He obediently obeys adults, demonstrates musical abilities, gravitates to chess and mathematics. The owner of the name Eric is very serious and prudent, loves to read. He grows up as a calm, somewhat phlegmatic boy, timid and obedient. Ready to meekly recite verses to the guests of mom and dad, even if he does not want to. His abilities — musical and mathematical — appear very early. He likes to read books about great travelers, imagining himself to be one of them. Eric is not serious by age; his reasoning often plunges others into shock. Since it is common for a boy to spray his own abilities into little things, parents should instill in the child systematicity, focus and perseverance, then Eric will be able to achieve a lot in the future.

Having matured a little, Eric does not become an activist and ringleader in the classroom. He continues to be interested in the exact sciences, making progress in programming. He is fond of history and country studies, reads travel books. Carried away, independently exploring the era of the Great geographical discoveries. In high school and in the first courses at the university, he realizes the need to do something with his health. He begins to actively engage in himself — gradually overcomes excessive shyness and indecision, through strenuous exercises, gets rid of stuttering that is often encountered among Eric, exercises in eloquence and oratory. He begins to engage in social activities. To overcome the shortcomings of his own health, he goes to a fitness center, practices in the gym, takes yoga and capoeira classes. Soon, a fragile young man acquires a sports figure, causing genuine interest among girls. He is physically developed and very strong, while rarely entering into conflicts, he knows how to resolve them not by force, but by logic and words. Eric is an unspoken peer leader.

Adult Eric already completely gets rid of shyness, makes many friends, has excellent health and good athletic achievements. At work, he initiates corporate parties at which he is a central figure. He devotes much time to self-improvement and career. Eric can rush headlong to defend, as he believes, a just cause. Often burned, but ready to start all over again. He is alien to prudence and all sorts of diplomatic tricks. Men named Eric give the impression of being infantile, not adapted to the harsh prose of life. Nevertheless, they are well arranged due to their discretion and caution. In private, they are strict moralists, although by nature they are very sensual. Those around him reckon with Eric’s opinion, his boss appreciates and respects him, and therefore he very quickly reaches noticeable career heights, especially if he receives approval from the family and leadership.

Positive traits of the name Eric: Eric is characterized by inner composure, courage and perseverance, he is a born leader and knows how to captivate. Eric does not seek fame and recognition, but they themselves find him. He is a decent, sincere, honest man, does not panic tolerate falsehood and deceit. Eric is an excellent conversationalist, he has a very developed intellect, he respects the opinion of the opponent and will not defend his point of view with foam at the mouth. Calmness, poise and discretion make it attractive to people around.

Negative traits of the name Eric: It happens that Eric’s character is somewhat shy, he does not like to draw too much attention to himself, but this is contrary to the fact that the rare and beautiful name already sets him apart from the general environment. However, if parents manage to develop significant pride in him, then the picture may be exactly the opposite, and Eric risks becoming a rather selfish and narcissistic person who is used to always being in the spotlight.

Interests and Hobbies

Eric’s hobbies are very diverse. He is interested in travel, literature, sports. The guy can do weightlifting, skiing, not averse to paragliding, climbing a climbing wall or diving into the ocean. This person in his entire life will try many hobbies. Eric also loves to model and construct airplanes, collect stamps, play chess and play musical instruments. A man can be called a truly versatile personality.

Profession and Business

Career for adult Eric is of considerable value and occupies an important place in his life. It’s hard to find a more suitable person for a middle manager than Eric. He is not distinguished by aggression, but is able to show firmness and determination. Thanks to his artistry and charm, he copes well with public professions, for example, a media employee — a film and television actor, presenter. It will make a talented doctor, especially a surgeon and a dentist.

He quickly enough gets to the very top of business Olympus. The opinions of Eric are considered by those around him, his boss values and respects him, and therefore he very quickly reaches noticeable career heights. A man gains financial independence early and begins to earn a living. His leadership and time management abilities allow a man to run his own successful business. He knows where and how to make money, so his family will not need anything. Also, one of the many hobbies of a guy named Eric can turn into a way of earning a living.

Mind and Health

Eric is decisive and courageous, he has a very developed sense of justice. He is alien to prudence and all sorts of diplomatic tricks. He is distinguished by extraordinary accuracy and pedantry. It can be difficult for Eric to get used to change, so he takes a long and careful look at new circumstances. He lacks independence and determination, so he is a little reserved and secretive.

Young Eric has a rather poor health, often sick. His physical form also leaves much to be desired. As a rule, in his youth, Eric does not like to engage in active sports, preferring walking with friends and studying to an active lifestyle. However, already in adulthood, taking up himself, Eric begins to play sports and gradually regains excellent health. Possible diseases depend only on the type of its activity. But, as a rule, if injuries can be avoided in sports, then with age one should only exclude or reduce the influence of factors that have a depressing effect on health (alcohol, nicotine).

Love and Sex

Eric is in dire need of love, female attention and affection. He needs to feel that someone needs him, although he cannot be convicted of love. In a relationship, this is more practical than an emotionally dependent man. He causes increased interest in the opposite sex, but he himself cannot be called amorous, he remains cold for girls. He is little interested in the stories of his comrades about new romantic victories. He appreciates and seeks a harmonious combination of mind and appearance. The guy himself manifests himself as a practical, reliable and open person. To the best of his jealousy, he does not pester her partner with eternal suspicions. Not capable of meanness, and if feelings go away or he meets a more suitable candidate, he immediately recognizes this girl.

Sex for Eric is not the most important thing in life. Therefore, he is never interested in the adventures of his comrades and colleagues. He does not allow the slightest manifestation of rudeness or vulgarity in relation to a woman, respects her feelings, does not use her disposition for evil. Noble and reliable in relation to a partner, even if he does not connect plans for the future with her. Accepting the affection and friendliness of her partner, she tries to give her much more in return. He is sincere and gentle in the foreplay, not persistent, gives the partner the opportunity to decide for herself whether to enter into close relations with him or not. Having met love, he marries, but not immediately, but after several years of relationship. The choice of Eric most often becomes a girl with high moral standards, a walking lady will definitely not attract him for a serious relationship.

Family and Marriage

Eric is an attractive man, an enviable groom, around whom a lot of fans are curling all the time, but he is in no hurry to go on love adventures. A man judiciously and carefully chooses his partner in life, not wanting to exchange for one-time hobbies. He will decide to start a family with his girlfriend only after a long relationship, time-tested. For him, her beloved appearance is not so much important as her manner of communication and thinking. In addition, his wife should be distinguished by her willpower, kindness, thrift, intelligence and ability to support her husband at any moment. A common interest and the same outlook on life will be a plus for his chosen one, but, even if it doesn’t, Eric will always remain with his opinion.

Eric has an easygoing character, he is a caring, understanding and attentive spouse, whom his wife very much appreciates, respects and loves. He seeks to dissolve in his feelings for his beloved, but despite his softness and sensuality, he is not henpecked. It is he who makes all the important decisions in the family. As the head of the family, he takes most of the worries onto his strong shoulders. He safely manages to provide both his family and his home time. Eric loves spending time with his family, for him — this is the best vacation. Homeliness, delicious dinner and interesting communication with family are much more important for him than noisy parties with friends. The family really occupies a central place in his life. He tries to cope with work as quickly as possible and hurries home, to his beloved wife and children.

Eric Horoscope

Eric-Aries ♈ – endowed with a romantic and dreamy character. The guy is always positive, has a vivid imagination, is never dull and sad. He loves women, and they reciprocate. Therefore, a man often becomes a womanizer.

Eric-Taurus ♉ – has a romantic and dreamy character. He is demanding, striving for the ideal, has a vivid imagination. A man demandingly chooses a life partner, but having found the ideal one, he becomes a wonderful spouse, showing loyalty, generosity and kindness.

Eric-Gemini ♊ – endowed with a selfish disposition. He is arrogant, confident, determined, knows how to achieve what he wants. It is useless to argue with Eric the Twins, he has his own way to the last, he knows how to convince others, even of that which he himself is not sure about. With such a weakness cannot be shown, because he will hit precisely this place.

Eric-Cancer ♋ – has determination and prudence. The man has a serious attitude, is persistent in business, but is too fickle. The main disadvantage in the character of this guy is his inability to achieve his goals.

Eric-Leo ♌ – is decisive, reliable, systematic, always clearly following his goal and never deviating from what was planned. Such a person will surely achieve his goal and will surely become a boss or leader. In addition, a good, faithful husband, a responsible father can also turn out of him.

Eric-Virgo ♍ – has a demanding, decisive, self-sufficient and self-confident disposition. A man is always one step ahead of the rest, thinks that he is better and more successful than others. The girl who will be next to this man will have to come to terms with the fact that he will never love anyone more than himself.

Eric-Libra ♎ – is pedantic and phlegmatic, and also prone to punctuality, seriousness and responsibility. People around perceive Eric-Libra as a boring and uninteresting comrade, although in reality the guy has a rich inner world and an amazing fantasy.

Eric-Scorpio ♏ – he may seem boring and boring, but it’s not. If he is given free rein, then with his imagination he will surprise any woman on the planet. At the same time, he is not without instincts and intuition, he always follows his plans clearly and never allows himself to blunder. Correct and consistent.

Eric-Sagittarius ♐ – is a creative person, a dreamer, a person with a good imagination and creativity. He easily finds solutions where they are difficult to find, solves a problem in any case, and even finds a solution that will surprise everyone around him.

Eric-Capricorn ♑ – is a judicious, serious, responsible, but slightly indecisive man. It’s boring with this, he doesn’t know how to live by the wrong rules, he tries to follow the plan in everything. But he is successful and will probably achieve a lot in his career.

Eric-Aquarius ♒ – is an unpredictable, self-confident, determined and self-sufficient nature. Eric Aquarius will achieve his goal in any situation, never surrender to obstacles. He has his own view of the world, which is slightly different from the generally accepted one. Therefore, the guy knows how to surprise others with his extraordinary fantasies.

Eric-Pisces ♓ – is a practical, sensible, suspicious, slightly shy, but successful person. Such leaders grow, but their leadership itself is not happy. Such Eric prefer calm and tranquility. They do not like fun, do not need communication, loners by nature.

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