Name Meaning Evelina

Evelina is a beautiful feminine name, the origin of which still causes the experts only guesses. There are several versions of its origin, and hence its values. The most popular is the French version of the origin of the name from the word Éveline. But the French Éveline is most likely derived from the name Ève (Eve) and has Hebrew roots. If you follow the logic of this version, then the name Evelina and the name Eve have the same origin of meaning. So the meaning of the name Evelina is "life-giving." The second most popular version of the name is Old French. If you believe this theory, then in translation the name Evelina means "hazelnut". According to the theory of English roots, the meaning of the name Evelina must be sought in such derivatives as Aileen ("beautiful bird") and Aveline. The latter transformation is of Old Hebrew origin from the ancient Abel, which translates as “breath.” Short and diminutive forms: Eva, Elya, Vel, Val, Evelinka, Lina, Evignia, Ava, Eve, Evita.

Evelina is a beautiful female name, whose origin is before Evelina is a born actress who skillfully manipulates people in order to achieve her cherished goal. Life for her is something like a huge scene where she is the main character. This girl has an outstanding artistic talent, which helps to advance to success, such a lady is able to reach great heights in art. Evelina will always have many friends, as she is sociable, generous, expressive and attractive. Communication is necessary for Evelina as air. She is cheerful, talkative and curious, uncontrollably strives for the goal, but if the goal disappears, she also quickly finds a new one. Evelina is very excitable and reacts with alarming speed both to bad and good. This is a very active woman. For complete happiness, Evelina needs success, which she usually achieves. The owner of this name perfectly combines such traits as cunning, expressiveness, prudence, generosity, sociability and openness. She knows how to be friends, but she despises hypocrisy and gossip, so she gets along better with men than with women.

Evelina Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ♏.

Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Jasper, Labrador, Black opal.

Lucky-Color: Brown, Black.

Mascot Tree: Fir 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Heather.

Mascot Animal: Grif.

Lucky Day: Thursday ♃.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Sneak, Independence, Purposefulness.

Spring Evelina – cheerful, sociable and responsive. It will decorate any company thanks to a wonderful sense of humor and easy temper. But keep in mind that behind her openness may be sober calculation and selfishness. This woman will never allow anyone to use herself for mercenary purposes. She not only has excellent intuition and knows how to “feel” people, but also has an extraordinary mind, therefore, it is unlikely to succeed in circling her finger. Spring Evelina needs a cheerful, easy-going and active man who she can share her many hobbies with.

Summer Evelina – is purposeful and ambitious person. She will stop at nothing for her own benefit. At the same time, Evelina is ready to work day and night so that dreams become a reality. Many see her as a vain and self-confident person, but in fact this image helps her to protect herself from pain, resentment and betrayal. Only a narrow circle of people summer Evelina can trust his true feelings and experiences. In a man, she is looking primarily for care, warmth and understanding. The passion of her youth was enough for her to form her ideal of an imperfect man who would become her support and protection in any situation.

Autumn Evelina – prefers to live in its own separate and closed to the surrounding world. She has practically no friends, and even those that are, she doesn’t really let into her heart, fearing deception, lies, hypocrisy and betrayal. Evelina, born in the fall, does not know how to show feelings, therefore, relations with men she does not add up. They lack warmth, tenderness and affection from restrained, pragmatic and sensible Evelina. Family life will develop with her practical man who will become for her a friend and ally, and only then a loved one.

Winter Evelina – reasonable, pragmatic, thorough and hardworking. She will not waste her time on empty talk about nature and weather, and especially will not discuss her own or other people’s personal problems. It is not surprising that in the women’s team she is rarely mistaken for “her” and is considered closed and unsociable. But such a situation does not make this woman, for whom it is more important to live in harmony with herself, than to adapt to the aspirations of others. In men, winter Evelina appreciates tact, good breeding and reliability. She prefers stability to romance, which she considers to be one of the components of strong family ties.

Character of name Evelina

In childhood, Evelina is a sweet child who skillfully manipulates her parents. She is always obedient and affectionate, knows how to get everything she wants from adults, and using her weakness to avoid punishment. At school, Evelina also often uses her gift as a psychologist, and she can establish almost friendly relations with her teacher. But even in laziness it can not be suspected, since she has a natural curiosity and is a good student. Girls named Evelina grows up obedient and affectionate children. Evelina knows how to like others and understands the power of this since childhood. She skillfully uses her childish charm and easily gets her parents. Parents should pay attention to this. Evelina communicates well with her peers and easily makes new acquaintances. In studies, Evelina shows herself well. Despite the fact that she knows how to like, in studies she rarely uses it. The girl has almost no ratings for "beautiful eyes."

Young Evelina becomes even more rectilinear and more exacting to those around her. Moreover, such a girl is optimistic and cheerful, happy to support any conversation. But behind its ease and peace-loving greed and obsession can be hidden. Only with family and best friends Lina can be responsive and honest. The owner of this name is very naive and gullible, hard endures betrayal. She honors friendship, often ready to sacrifice her interests for a loved one. But the more often she is overtaken by disappointments, the more Evelina is convinced of the greed and duplicity of others. This girl is capricious and hot-tempered. If she does not learn to manage her emotions, she can lose all her friends over time. Lina likes to be in the center of attention, you can earn her trust with the help of praise and full approval of the actions of the young lady. Such promiscuity in connections and naivety can lead to despair and unwillingness to show confidence even to loved ones. Evelina is an exemplary student and student. But such a girl also knows how to have fun. Noisy parties and a large crowd of people — the usual element of Lina, in the companies she feels more than comfortable. The young owner of this name is a creative person. She never misses an opportunity to demonstrate their talents, Evelinka takes part in various competitions and entertainment events.

For a woman with this name, the most characteristic features are sociability and charm. As a rule, Evelina is extremely attractive, a little talkative, curious and overly emotional. She knows the price of her charm, so the attractiveness of nature will be skillfully used to achieve personal gain. Adult Evelina is eager for recognition and fame, attention from others for her means a lot. Such a life stance, which is often based on low self-esteem, can lead to the fact that its environment will consist of flatterers and hypocrites who will use it for their own selfish purposes. In relationships with men, she is sweet, feminine and mysterious. Compliments, gifts and pleasant surprises will help to win the heart of this woman. But excessive emotionality can destroy any relationship of Evelina, especially if the man will have the same explosive temper.

Positive traits of the name Evelina: Evelina is always a charming and sociable owner of an incredibly “easy” nature, she is extremely emotional, often self-confident, she is calculating, and sometimes she is inclined to withdraw into herself. Mother nature rewarded her simply with the most hypertrophied sense of decency, and, of course, moral standards for her are really the most important thing. And if Evelina does happen to something, she does not agree, she rather violently expresses all her emotions. However, serious failures never disappoint her. She has a sufficiently strong willpower and always well-developed intuition.

Negative traits of the name Evelina: Excessive emotionality can more than once prevent Evelina in both personal relationships and at work / in school. She is also quite vulnerable, it is not difficult to offend such a woman, even without noticing, and it is very difficult to return the location. She has a sufficiently strong willpower and always well-developed intuition. However, Evelina herself is a realist, and she doesn’t believe in all her presentiments, and always prefers to use only verified facts and follow a well-defined “beaten track”.

Interests and Hobbies

Evelina is a very energetic woman, she always craves for new emotions and unforgettable impressions. Her main hobby is traveling, and it absolutely does not matter where she goes or flies, as long as the rest is active and suggests getting new emotions, preferably more sharply. Natural curiosity can cause her interest in a very unusual hobby. Therefore, you should not be surprised that she will prefer skydiving or extreme driving courses to get together with friends. Feels great in the men’s company. Another passion for Evelina is pets that she brings home from everywhere. With the advent of the family, Evelina’s hobbies become calmer and more measured, but do not cease to be active and interesting, so children are happy to wait for Mother’s holidays, because this promises them a real holiday.

Profession and Business

The girl responsibly refers to the commitments made, she is hardworking and persistent. These features of character are the key to Evelina’s life success. She is able to achieve a level of skill in which her work is always in demand and well-paid. Such a woman can be an excellent teacher, psychologist, translator, musician. From it the effective actress will turn out. Evelina does not have the desire to conquer career peaks, she has a slightly different approach to self-expression. Much more important is the pleasure of the work process. If a girl likes what she does, then success is inevitable.

If Evelina decides to go into business, it is better to do it on her own, without attracting partners and assistants, since an innate sense of justice can interfere with building partnerships. In general, this woman has excellent chances to become a successful business woman, in which not only her organizational skills and hard work will help her, but also the ability to manipulate people. With his subordinates such a girl is strict but fair. She will not tolerate negligence and negligence in work. Lina seeks to organize the workflow so that it becomes as simple and profitable as possible.

Mind and Health

By type of character Evelina is a choleric person. Evelina’s excessive emotionality prevents her from establishing strong contacts with others, but this circumstance doesn’t particularly bother her. Evelina cannot be called moralistic, but morality is one of the fundamental life principles for her. She is fair and decent, does not like to gossip and give advice. It cannot be said that the owners of Evelina’s name are distinguished by a high level of IQ, rather, they are wise as a woman, and therefore do not seek to shine with intelligence and wit (especially in the society of men). In general, they have an analytical mindset, while they pay too much attention to little things, which sometimes makes it difficult to consider the whole picture correctly.

The health of girls named Evelina usually pleases parents. They rarely get sick. The weak point in the girl’s health can be called her nervous system. They do not want to experience excessive emotional stress. Therefore, the owner of this name is important to fully relax and avoid neuro-psychological overload. Another weak point in Evelina’s health is the digestive system. This is usually manifested in skin problems. To combat this problem, it is advisable to stick to a healthy diet. Feasible workouts, walking and fitness are the ideal partners for maintaining health and a beautiful body.

Love and Sex

Evelina is an attractive, graceful woman. She has many fans who are attracted to her lightness, mystery and femininity. But this is not the girl who will be led by her feelings. On the contrary, Evelina is extremely cautious and selective in choosing a man, for love for her is not an all-consuming passion, but a spiritual unity that can bring harmony and mutual understanding to relationships. He considers mutual understanding and the presence of common interests, which will help the couple not to let the relationship fall apart in the event of a crisis, as the main thing in relations. She is looking for the perfect man who will become for her both a friend, and a father, and a lover in one person. She is attracted by strong-willed, courageous, but at the same time caring and agreeable men, who with patience and understanding will treat all the flaws and whims of Evelina. It is very important that she was proud of her chosen one, was his muse and inspiration.

For the temperamental and sensual Evelina, the sexual component of relationships with a man plays a significant role, because it is through intimacy that she can sometimes convey her feelings and emotions much easier than with words. But Evelina’s chosen one will have to be patient if he wants to fully unleash the sexual potential of this gentle woman, whose trust and disposition must be earned. Evelina’s intimate contact is regarded primarily as a union of souls and two loving energies, so you should not expect to have sex after the first or second date. This girl is not one of those who, after some persuasion, agrees to have sex. It does not immediately open to the partner, at first it keeps the distance. She needs to gain confidence in a man. She needs mutual understanding and the presence of common interests with her beloved — this is the “glue” that keeps a couple from parting when relationship difficulties begin.

Family and Marriage

Family relationship for Evelina is very important, because it is in them that she seeks care and support. She is looking for an impeccable life partner who could become for her a reliable friend, a faithful partner and a passionate lover. She draws attention to the strong-willed and purposeful men who are able to give in and exercise patience, forgive her for all the shortcomings. Having found her love, such a girl shows deep respect for her chosen one and inspires him to new achievements. With all her caution and prudence, Evelina often marries at an early age. Usually she chooses a spouse a man much older than herself, who has sufficient experience and is primarily concerned with building a happy family. As a spouse, Evelina usually chooses a serious, reliable and purposeful man.

Evelina is a wonderful wife and mother who not only copes with household chores, but also finds time for her own self-development. It cannot be counted among the women who are ready to stand at the stove from morning to evening and devote all their free time to creating home comfort. She will be happy to cook a delicious dinner, bring cleanliness and order to the house, but will not be fanatically given to life. So that from a loving wife, Evelina does not turn into a grumpy and always disgruntled housewife, she needs to be given the opportunity to take a break from the everyday routine. A woman treats her husband with respect, considering him an ideal person. This does not prevent Evelina from time to time to attempt to command her husband, which she does well. Anxiously the owner of this name refers to her children, who are often overly indulged. It is very important that Evelina’s chosen one shared her hobby and supported all her undertakings, then family life would be harmonious, calm and happy.

Evelina Horoscope

Evelina-Aries ♈ – can not imagine my life without friends, communication and active pastime. She is emotional, temperamental and extravagant, which can not but attract the attention of others. She has many fans who are ready to fight for the hand and heart of this feminine and charming temptress, but Evelina-Aries herself is not in a hurry to give herself to feeling, because she believes that youth is the time when it is necessary to engage in self-development in order to live happily and safely in the future. In addition, the explosive nature of this woman and her narcissism often prevent her from building harmonious relationships.

Evelina-Taurus ♉ – calm, responsive and sentimental nature, ready to support in difficult times, shelter and warm. But the good nature of Evelina-Taurus often borders on sacrifice, and this is fraught with the fact that in the end she will be deceived and betrayed by those who could not appreciate her generosity. This woman is often followed by an objective opinion and advice, since she is always honest and frank. At the same time, in the character of Evelina-Taurus there are indecision and fear of change, therefore she chooses men of strong-willed, strong, reliable and capable of providing a stable calm future.

Evelina-Gemini ♊ – this woman has her own point of view on everything, and she is absolutely not interested in the opinions of others. Her life is interesting, unusual and active. At the same time, Evelina-Gemini is prone to mood swings, which is why her life resembles a ride on a roller coaster ride: it is common for her to rush from one extreme to another. She often fails to finish the work begun, which can negatively affect her professional activities. If we talk about relationships with men, then she perceives love as a game that should be exciting and interesting, so she needs the same adventurer with whom she will not be bored.

Evelina-Cancer ♋ – self-assured, timid and shy girl prefers a closed life in which no one will disturb her peace. Evelina-Cancer is a self-critical and demanding woman towards herself and those around her, because she doesn’t know how to trust people. Even in a professional field, it is rather difficult for her to fully realize herself, since she is afraid to take responsibility and take the initiative. But the man of Evelina-Cancer is really lucky, because it is he who will give all her unspent tenderness, affection and care. In addition, Evelina is a sensual lover, giving herself to the feeling of love entirely.

Evelina-Leo ♌ – is a leader who considers himself the center of the universe, and therefore allows himself to be selfish and narcissistic behavior that can repel others. At the same time, Evelina-Leo is a successful woman who gets everything she wants from life, thanks to hard work, dedication and assertiveness. Inherent in this woman and the share of recklessness that attracts men. Extravagant Evelina loves to stand out from the crowd, she jealously monitors her appearance and her health, so she remains young and cherished for a long time. Evelina-Leo marries late enough, which is the reason for the meticulous choice of a partner who should admire such an amazing and unique woman.

Evelina-Virgo ♍ – reasonable, pragmatic and serious Evelina-Virgo looks at life with practical and without illusions. She is smart and calculating, but these qualities can interfere with her in achieving her goals, because there are situations where you need to catch luck by the tail here and now, and not think about the consequences for weeks. Evelina-Virgo just loves her job, so creating a family can postpone indefinitely. For this woman, love is calm, stability, honesty and mutual respect, and not passion, jealousy and romance. Therefore, the stormy manifestations of feelings and declarations of love from her can not wait.

Evelina-Libra ♎ – temperamental, expressive, sociable and cheerful Evelina-Libra does not tolerate boredom and monotony. She is always open for new goals, new people, new accomplishments, but at the same time she does not like to generate ideas, preferring to perfect someone’s ideas. For Evelina-Libra, someone else’s opinion is important and how she looks in the eyes of others, so she will do everything possible and impossible to make a good impression on others. In men, she values external gloss more than the inner content, the picture, and not the content; therefore, her marriages are often not successful.

Evelina-Scorpio ♏ – domineering, principled, demanding Evelina-Scorpio is not used to obey. On the contrary, she seeks to take leadership positions in any way, even if they go against the moral and ethical norms. This woman is happy to give advice, but never listen to anyone’s opinion. Mistrustfulness, straightforwardness and toughness of Evelina-Scorpio prevent her from building harmonious professional and personal relationships. Few people know that in reality this is a sensual and caring woman, to whom you simply need to find your key, and this will require patience.

Evelina-Sagittarius ♐ – is a dual nature in which integrity and adventurism, levity and perfectionism, femininity and willpower are surprisingly combined. Evelina-Sagittarius, striving for excellence, yearns for recognition, therefore, the profession often chooses the public one. In family life, this woman also seeks to take a leading position, and completely and completely. As a result, marriage can not withstand such matriarchy. Nevertheless, Evelina-Sagittarius has a fairly calm character, she does not like scandals and showdown, does not tolerate betrayal and lies.

Evelina-Capricorn ♑ – fame, attraction of attention, universal admiration — all this does not interest Evelina-Capricorn, striving to lead a calm and measured lifestyle. It is important for this woman to live in harmony with herself and her chosen ones, and not to shine in society. She has a male core and that inner strength that will not allow to break under any circumstances. At the same time, Evelina-Capricorn’s strong-willed character prevents her from building relationships with men, who can rarely see and appreciate the true feminine qualities in her, and not the coldness of the iron lady. Therefore, she often prefers a successful love career.

Evelina-Aquarius ♒ – is an explosive symbiosis of good and evil, an angel and a demon that beckons and fears at the same time. Calm and balanced Evelina Aquarius can shock the public with some extravagant outburst; can be naive and ingenuous, and can prudently avenge enemies. She does not tolerate loneliness, therefore she creates a family early, but at the same time she enjoys spending time with strangers than with her household. The life of Evelina-Aquarius is colorful and interesting, but this woman lives exclusively for herself, preferring freedom to family obligations.

Evelina-Pisces ♓ – this amazing woman is well versed in other families and gives practical advice to everyone except herself. In her own life often reigns real chaos, which Evelina Pisces prefers to call creative disorder. She takes up everything at once, creating the appearance of a hectic activity, rushing about between family, work and numerous friends, but in the end she does not have time for anything else. Therefore, Evelina-Pisces simply needs a reliable rear in the form of a patient, strong, powerful, but at the same time patient and understanding man who will accept his freaky sweetheart with all its pluses and minuses.

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