Name Meaning Jacob

The male name Jacob is revered in many cultures and religions of the world. Its roots lead to the Hebrew language. It came from Jacob (Yaakov) and is translated from Hebrew with the phrase "holding on to the heel", "following on the heels" or "the Lord has protected." The fact is that the birth of this name was due to its first owner — the biblical patriarch, who, according to legend, came out of the womb of his mother, clutching the heel of his older brother — Esau. Since it gained great popularity in both the Orthodox and Catholic traditions, and was also used by Jews and Muslims, it has a lot of “national” forms. In the Orthodox calendars, this name entered as Jacob, then turning in everyday life into the familiar form of Jacob for us.

In ancient times, it was believed that the meaning of the name Jacob promises its owner a happy fate and high destiny. They called them the long-awaited heirs, in which they saw not only worthy successors of the clan, but also the successors of long-standing family traditions. It was assumed that they will continue the work of their parents, will patronize brothers and sisters, will become a bulwark of family well-being. The name Jacob is characterized by optimism, peacefulness, resourcefulness, cheerful disposition, and skepticism. It attracts people’s attention with creativity, unconventional behavior, carelessness and ease. The owner of the name Jacob is a perspicacious and prudent man. Despite this, he strives in life to be independent and free. This is a patient and hardy person.

Jacob Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Libra ♎.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Wood 木.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Red jasper.

Lucky-Color: Red.

Mascot Tree: Lime 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Purslane.

Mascot Animal: Yak.

Lucky Day: Tuesday ♂.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Practicality, Sociability, Responsiveness, Delicacy.

Spring Jacob – will become responsive, polite and courteous. He easily converges with people, but fears them - incredulous and secretive. Becoming a friend, he will be faithful, he will not leave him in trouble, he will help and advise. There is no self-interest in craving for financial stability; for him, peace of mind is more important. He loves to be in the attention of the environment, a dreamer and a romantic.

Summer Jacob – has complex features that promise a lot of good. This is a merry fellow, optimist, kind and energetic person. He is calm and balanced, but not without pride. It’s easy to hurt a living, offend and enrage. He stands for loved ones to the end, leaves no one in trouble, no matter what happens.

Autumn Jacob – is an erudite, intelligent and versatile representative who relies on common sense and his own talents. Freedom-loving and independent, tries not to burden with family ties. He doesn’t trust people, avoids close communication, is lonely, but happy. He needs a lady with whom to share experiences and victories.

Winter Jacob – is distinguished by a complex nature. This is a fidget, purposeful, willing to move forward and develop, but not confident in strength, shy and naive. There are ambitions, in his endeavors always goes to the end, his dedication is simply amazing. Amorous, but not created for the family - loves freedom and independence.

Character of name Jacob

Jacob’s early childhood is full of adventure and fun. The meaning of the name gives the boy a bunch of good qualities, among which are energy, mobility, activity and kindness. At the same time, Jacob obeys his parents and rarely becomes a source of problems. And this boy also has an exorbitant desire to be the one whom everyone around will admire — he loves to be bright and most noticeable, at the same time very calm and restrained. Parents really have something to be proud of — in such a small boy, there is a vivid imagination and excellent imagination, due to which a craving for art and creativity, in particular, music or drawing, may begin to appear. As for relationships with peers, everything is relatively simple — he can get along with anyone, but at the same time he avoids harsh and unpredictable children, does not like leaders, tries to stay away from such people. And he himself does not seek to be so.

A teenager boy is distinguished by good nature, honesty, a thirst for justice and integrity. True, despite the presence of leadership inclinations, Jacob himself is unlikely to want to become a leader — this boy has no craving for power, he is an adorer of a calm and irresponsible life. True, his father will not have problems influencing Jacob — he usually has respect and understanding that the elders need to be listened to, and hence good relations with parents, and in general, good relationships in seven. At school, Jacob may have problems, but not because of his lack of talents — on the contrary, he can cope with any task, just be lazy and will never study a subject that he does not like. It is important that the teacher is an interesting person. Most likely, he will have quite good relations with classmates, he doesn’t have many friends, he doesn’t mean anything, but there may be plenty of like-minded people ...

An adult man becomes bright, delicate, at the same time eloquent and amiable, friendly and sociable. He can achieve the disposition of any person in the world, his talkativeness and the beauty of words, can attract the attention of even the most gloomy and uncommunicative, but at the same time, Jacob is unlikely to ever learn to distinguish between good and bad people — he is too trusting, and this can to a bunch of problems. And the value of the name promises him laziness, because of which he is unlikely to achieve great heights in his career and become a respected person. Usually he has a strong self-confidence, because of which Jacob never listens to other people’s advice and always and in everything acts only as he sees fit. It is difficult to convince him, he is principled and uncompromising.

Positive traits of the name Jacob: Optimism, good nature, cheerful disposition, sociability, longevity, peacefulness. Despite the fact that Jacob is distinguished by his energy and explosive temperament, he does not tolerate conflict situations, tension in communication. A man named Jacob is ready to sacrifice his interests and even pride in order to establish mutual understanding, peace and harmony. Jacob — the soul of a boyish company, started a game and an organizer of events. More than anything, Jacob values freedom and independence. The meaning of the name loves travel. He becomes bored from a measured and monotonous life. He knows how to courageously endure the blows of fate, the intrigues of secret enemies, slander, denunciations, all kinds of lawsuits.

Negative traits of the name Jacob: Unprincipled, reckless, restless, unreliable. Jacob is bored even taking care of his own well-being, but he won’t miss the most valuable thing for himself, he can even pose for someone else’s. A man named Jacob does not endure control, is capable of committing reckless actions, trying to free himself from his heavy dependence. However, if he feels guilty, he immediately repents of it and is ready in any way to make amends and even laugh at himself.

Interests and Hobbies

Such a witty guy and an entertainer always finds something for himself. Likes to take part in competitions, contests, can be a wedding host, a volunteer, a sports fan. Jacob is interested in social work, is a constant participant in rallies, political debates, strikes. A man loves to travel and not necessarily with comfort, in his youth he is an avid tourist. He is lucky: he is lucky in casinos and cards. Can even win the lottery. Jacob loves his house, loves making friends in it. He devotes a lot of time to children.

Profession and Business

Jacob best realizes himself in a creative direction. He has the opportunity to become an original artist, director, writer, inventor, traveler. Due to its restless nature, it is experiencing many professional ups and downs. Easily keen on ideas, he is an excellent organizer. But in the work it “burns” as long as it sees interest in it. He does not like to delve into the intricacies of the profession, therefore he often changes it, he is inclined to throw himself from one occupation to another, to take up the realization of ideas without carefully thinking them over. In important matters, he insists on his own, but does not bring the situation to serious conflicts.

It may seem that the name Jacob is indifferent to money. Yes, he does not like financial calculations, bidding, but his budget does not suffer because of this. Jacob will strive for material independence and wealth, and for the sake of this, he will boldly take risks. He intuitively feels the profit and often wins. Jacob earns money in unusual ways. He is lucky in gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes. A characteristic feature of Jacob is that he does not like to remain due to someone.

Mind and Health

Most often, Jacob is a big swinger, a man who is groovy, but quick-witted. The name does not incline him to hardness, and besides, Jacob begins to understand early that much more can be achieved by softness and good-natured fun from those around him. Usually he has great pride, but it easily finds satisfaction in caring for his own well-being. Most Jacob people are purely earthly, the energy of the name does not call them to search for some abstract spiritual values, of which they recognize only the freedom of their desires. Of all human feelings, Jacob usually prefers cheerful good nature; he can easily laugh both at himself and at others. Sometimes he becomes quick-tempered, can even become violent, especially in hops, however, it is unlikely for him to be a big deal to be the first to reconcile.

The state of health causes many problems to Jacob due to his enthusiasm for character, unstable nervous system, and imbalance. He lives with energetic nourishment from the crowd, positive energy of laughter and fun. In sports, too, is looking for a collective lesson. Feeling unwell, he should listen not only to the signals of the body, but also the brain. It is advisable from childhood to teach the owner of this name to sports and a healthy lifestyle, because he is contraindicated in smoking and drinking alcohol. He enjoys a lot of yoga.

Love and Sex

He is allegedly indifferent to the female ... However, Jacob, like no one else, needs a female affection. The meaning of the name reveals its owner as a sensual and loving man. He is a true connoisseur of female beauty, he can enjoy it just by observing an attractive girl who is spread out somewhere on the shore under the sun. Prefers women smart, independent, substantial and beautiful. In a relationship, Jacob is delicate, gentle, never offends. As a lover, he always uses “candy-and-candy” tactics. He will “tame” a woman for a long time, without being annoyed and not showing her displeasure, if at first she does not accept his frank courtship.

The mystery of the name Jacob hides a very sexy man. He is like a volcano: if the relationship with a woman is excellent — he admires, falls asleep with compliments, seeks gratitude; if the meeting is unsuccessful — indignantly outraged, does not hide the true feelings and does not pick up words. A light kiss on the cheek at a meeting is perceived by him as the first physical contact. This is a love game that makes him want. At the moment of intimacy, Jacob feels a deep sense of tenderness and gratitude to his partner, he is soft and delicate, capable of strong emotional impulses. However, for Jacob, a strong sexual desire, as a rule, is associated with a long and strong attachment. Only then can he, having rejected all prohibitions, feel free. Jacob is caring and patient with a woman, he likes to gradually stir up passion in her and bring to frenzy.

Family and Marriage

The nature of the name Jacob suggests that its owner marries an economic and domestic girl. Can be twice-married and have children in every marriage. Painfully endures a divorce. His second marriage is late and happy. A man named Jacob will marry a woman with whom he has known for many years and maintained close relations all this time. He does not forget the children from the first marriage and educates them in the same way as the children from the second marriage, without distinguishing anyone from them. In marriage, he chooses a smart and businesslike woman who can create home comfort and warm family relationships. Until the end of his days, he will be partial to ladies’ beauty, but he will not change his beloved. Jacob loves home comfort, after work he hurries home, where he is waiting for a meeting with a caring and loving wife.

In marriage, this is a very calm, balanced and confident person. In family life, he is lucky if the wife is endowed with the talent to endure, listen to an endless stream of speech, forgive and understand. In marriage with this man, a competent compromise between spouses in duties and relationships is needed. He does not hunt for wealth, fame and fortune. Satisfied with life and does not shy away from its joys. A man also prefers to relax with his family. He attaches great importance to outdoor activities, so he can provide his family with an unforgettable vacation on the mountainside or a fun bike ride. Jacob spends a lot of time with children, helps them to get comfortable in the world around them and to cope with homework.

Jacob Horoscope

Jacob-Aries ♈ – is a diplomatic, polite person with an excellent character. He is sociable, eloquent, easily converges with people, knows how to like them and knows how to present himself correctly. However, he is in no hurry to trust new acquaintances, he is so afraid of betrayal and deceit. Very scrupulous in choosing the environment and the second half.

Jacob-Taurus ♉ – is friendly and sociable, knows how to make new friends quickly, communicates with everyone on an equal footing, a wonderful friend and comrade. He considers friends to be the main thing in his life, but does not forget about work, which for him is a way of self-expression. He painfully perceives criticism, although he acknowledges its constructiveness.

Jacob-Gemini ♊ – is a romantic and a merry fellow, an optimist, which ones to look for. Often hovering in the clouds, constantly hearing that it is not practical. Likes to be in the spotlight, receive compliments and enjoy the role of the "soul of the company". In attempts to become popular, he resorts to various tricks, only this way he asserts himself.

Jacob-Cancer ♋ – is a romantic and idealist who looks at the world like a child, but tries to seem stronger than he really is. He does not like criticism, aggression, hostility and flattery. Needs a more realistic friend or lover. Fears aggressive, tough people.

Jacob-Leo ♌ – is a straightforward, honest, sincere man. A born leader, ready for a lot to achieve his goals. It’s hard to get along with him, so he often suffers from loneliness and misunderstanding. It’s too straightforward with people, it tells the truth in person, it easily loses its temper, it can easily cause a scandal.

Jacob-Virgo ♍ – is an effective and active, self-sufficient and freedom-loving person who cares only about his own opinion. He has many hobbies, loves to travel. It rarely appears in large companies, because it does not like parties. It has good compatibility with ladies and excellent features needed to create a strong family.

Jacob-Libra ♎ – is smart, well-read, erudite, talented, hardworking and purposeful. He dreams of recognition, tries to prove to others that he is capable of great achievements. He has an enviable hard work and perseverance. A little envious, but does not show it. In many ways, I am ready to rely on the soulmate.

Jacob-Scorpio ♏ – is a person with a truly complex nature. Incredulous and uncommunicative, but dreams of surrounding himself with loyal friends. He keeps his emotions to himself, although he dreams of finding a true friend with whom he could share his feelings. He needs a compassionate and positive lady of heart in everything.

Jacob-Sagittarius ♐ – is a romantic, gentle, friendly, amorous, slightly naive person. It has charm and a soft, friendly disposition, which makes it quite popular. He does not know how to quarrel and conflict, he is ready to compromise or admit that he is not right in order to avoid scandal.

Jacob-Capricorn ♑ – is a purposeful and ambitious person, ready to work for days on end to achieve his goal. Such dedication can cause envy among his enemies, who consider him a soulless careerist. In a home nest, he needs a companion with strong features, a passionate nymph and an active manipulator.

Jacob-Aquarius ♒ – he does not tolerate boredom and routine, always striving for new experiences and acquaintances. He loves his friends, is ready to help them, forgetting about his own difficulties, which he used to solve, relying only on himself. It has good compatibility with the opposite sex, but is too unpredictable and unstable.

Jacob-Pisces ♓ – is a person dependent on the opinions of others, guided only by emotions and feelings. Constantly doubts his abilities, suffers from his own insecurity. Needs ongoing support and praise. He needs a chosen one with a good heart, imperious and charming at the same time, able to give confidence.

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