Name Meaning Julian

The male name Julian has Latin roots and comes from the patrician family, which, according to legend, originated from the goddess of love Venus. The Roman generic name Julius / Iulius was worn by the consuls, tribunes, and even Emperor Guy Julius Caesar. The name Julian is a derivative name on behalf of Julius, which literally means “from the Julian clan” or “Julian”, i.e. supporter of the party Julius Caesar. There is also a translation of the name: the name of the summer month - July, in this case “July”. Literally, the month "July" in Latin "Julius" means "the month of Julius (Caesar)", literally — "curly." In Greek, the name of the month of July sounds like “iliuli”, in this form it is found in church books. From Greek, the name Julian is translated as "curly", "wavy", "fluffy". The stress in the name Julian can be both on the last and on the first syllables. The female name Julian (Julianna) was formed on behalf of Julian, on behalf of Julius — Julia, and on Julian - Julian (Juliania). The male name Julian is very popular in the USA and in most European countries.

The character of the guy named after Julian is such that it implies a very bright life. Friendly, sociable, friendly, sympathetic, open, honest, benevolent, cheerful, good-natured, hospitable, responsible, obligatory, visionary and humorist — this is not a complete list of advantages that can distinguish the character named by the name Julian guy. The character of Juliana implies both prudence, prudence, and compulsion, he can become an excellent employee, a good student, and just an excellent son. It’s easy to get along with, make friends, talk on any topic. But at the same time, the character will not allow him to tolerate disrespect or resentment — he never forgives his offenders and sometimes can even begin to avenge offenders. No less important, you can offend him with anything you like, with everything that concerns his self-sufficiency and sense of dignity, even with ordinary teachings. The character of Julian is such that he can turn the bearer of this name into a unique personality, with leadership skills. But parents from childhood need to bring up such traits as a sense of duty, integrity, and seriousness, otherwise, even with his makings, he may fall to social bottom in adulthood.

Julian Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Libra ♎.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Fire 火.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Lapis lazuli.

Lucky-Color: Purple.

Mascot Tree: Apple 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Tulip, Laurel.

Mascot Animal: Seal.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Constancy, Freedom.

Spring Julian – cheerful and has such qualities as cheerfulness and optimism, but this is only a mask. In fact, in it lies prudence, cunning, purposefulness, integrity and uncompromising. He doesn’t back down, achieves the goal and defends the point of view to the last.

Summer Julian – is characterized by weak character, organizational gift, willpower, sharpness in dealing with people, indecision and inability to defend opinion. Anyone can prove his own to him, convince him more easily than the simplest. But she loves art and art. Fantasy, dreaminess and imagination — this is his main tool in the struggle for happiness and building relationships.

Autumn Julian – his main advantages are politeness, kindness, honesty, poise and calm, seriousness and prudence. The character is weak, superficially evaluates others and does not understand people — these are minuses. But women with him comfortable and good.

Winter Julian – it is inherent diligence, activity, effectiveness, conflict-free and not principled. Hates to quarrel, ready to sacrifice principles and his own "I" for the sake of peace and the resumption of normal communication, has many friends, but pliability does not allow becoming among them a leader. The spouse must be resolute and persistent, be able to manage it.

Character of name Julian

In childhood, little Julian’s character is more like a mother. Very energetic, emotional, but kind and obedient baby. Constantly gets into rework, but not because of harm, but due to excessive mobility and a constant desire to do something. Loves to play on the street with many friends. It has an excellent memory, so it learns very well. His suspiciousness and uncertainty give rise to excessive touchiness. Active, has a good ear, so at the same time can attend a sports section and music school. She loves family trips to nature. At school, the name Julian learns well, he is the leader in the class, the initiator of all activities, he has a wonderful imagination, sense of humor. He plays a lot of sports, often the captain of a football team, organizes competitions, looking for prizes. He is constantly surrounded by friends, obey him unconditionally. Critics name Julian does not stand, it does not allow anyone.

In adolescence, the character of Julian is dominated by self-doubt and touchiness, which makes pride awaken and militancy arises. But his sociability allows you to adapt to any situation and immediately acquire many friends. Striving for leadership among peers, can become a class leader. He does not like to obey, values freedom, seeks any workaround to achieve his goals. At any time, ready to stand up for justice and come to the rescue. Can stand up for themselves, violently reacting to insults. Making ambitious plans for the future. In the character of this imposing man there is more positive than negative, therefore he will always be in the center of attention. Balance and strong will help him achieve life success. Life is not guided by emotions, but by principles of morality and justice. He looks at the world through the prism of his dreams, searches for his ideal. Has the gift of persuasion. He needs to be reminded periodically that the fight against evil sometimes ends tragically and must be considered the realities of life. Prefers to work in law enforcement, law, social services, medicine.

Adult Julian is a sociable, open, sympathetic, kind, generous, inquisitive, interesting, eloquent, charming, sincere, sociable and affable person, easy to make contact and never avoiding new acquaintances. However, he avoids any kind of stability, preferring a change of scenery, so he often travels, changes jobs and social circle. It can get into novels, but it too values freedom to bind itself with relationships, although all its life it has been looking for its one and only. A wide circle of friends helps to quickly solve any problems. He rarely acquires his own car, because he does not like to drive, preferring to remain a passenger. She loves to hold parties and parties, so his house is always full of guests, although he does not like to go to visit. Possesses an elegant sense of humor and artistry. He is fond of mysticism and believes in fate. He does not like change and prefers to avoid long trips. Juliana is hospitable and makes friends at home more often than they pay visits. They love to tell jokes, have a predilection for preference.

Positive traits of the name Julian: Punctuality, dedication, diligence and commitment make him a good worker and loyal companion. This man is distinguished by elegance and excellent taste. Has the soul of a knight. Honest, fair and judicious. It has a good reaction. He is characterized by a rich imagination, wit and artistry. Creative person.

Negative traits of the name Julian: His excessive sensitivity and vulnerability against the background of heightened emotionality can lead to a breakdown. It happens touchy, proud and selfish. His morality comes to despotism. Having become angry in earnest, it becomes vindictive and vindictive. Prone to fatalism.

Interests and Hobbies

The child literally laid the inner talent for music. If these abilities are developed from childhood, then as an adult, Julian can become a composer, conductor, musician. Julian knows how to dress with taste, he likes luxury. He loves traveling, leads a group of tourists. He needs his wife to share his interests: love of travel, many friends, sociable feasts, funny, with dances, songs with a guitar, jokes, trips to the stadium, “sick” with him for one team.

Profession and Business

His desire for justice will play a big role in choosing a profession. He is interested in medicine, politics, economics. It is pleasant to work with Julian, he is very hardworking. The innate ability to convince people can help him become a good lawyer, investigator, physician or social worker. His ingenuity allows him to work as a designer of clothes, a landscape and interior designer, a creator of jewelry. Julian is often capable of electronics, works as a programmer. He is ambitious, quickly moves up the career ladder, reaches high positions.

He is able to calculate his actions a few steps forward, so he will be able to successfully develop his own business. This is a good organizer and leader: Julian clearly understands what should happen. A man with this name is obligatory and punctual, does not like disorganization. These qualities will allow him to take on the real business and implement his plans in spite of any difficulties. The only barrier to its full financial success is the propensity for rash actions. A man needs to soberly understand what meaning such behavior will have on the desired result, and try to be more judicious.

Mind and Health

This name belongs to a man with an unstable psyche, who is hard on criticism, undeserved punishment, cry. Yes, Julian is a very vulnerable and impressionable nature, although he has a strong will. He treats people favorably, but he can stand his ground. It is important for him to learn how to repel people who want to profit at his expense.

With little Julian his parents always have plenty. Almost all of his childhood, he is sick a lot. He has an extremely weakened respiratory system, and this is probably why he is, as they say, in a cold, almost constantly, and he sees the doctor regularly. Sports activities will strengthen the immunity of the child. An adult Julian has good health, but there may be some problems with his heart and psyche due to the constant desire for justice. It is necessary to attach special importance to this and not pay attention to those events that do not require personal participation.

Love and Sex

Julian does not complain about the lack of female attention, because it is of interest to a fairly large number of women. However, he is extremely selective in choosing a life partner. From his youth he hopes to meet a girl with whom he will be comfortable and easy. But she must calmly relate to his weaknesses and give a constant feeling of love and need. He easily conquers women and quickly throws them. He often has several partners at the same time, and sometimes he doesn’t even hide from one of them that he has other women besides her. However, they often forgive him everything. This man is romantic, believes in love at first sight. He does not share love and sex. However, it quite easily converges and breaks up with women.

In the sexual life, Julian is unstoppable: He is passionate, ardent, not always gentle, and always fast. She loves extreme sports — he is seduced by everything that entails danger, starting with love in a transparent office elevator, ending with an affair with a daughter and / or wife of the father of the local mafia. A man is constantly looking for his ideal, which sometimes prevents him from establishing a strong relationship. His novels are transient, passion instantly flashes, and just as quickly dies away. But if suddenly there is a woman who is able to resist his charms and remains indifferent to Julian, it often happens that he falls in love with her for real. And trying to prove to her that, despite the reputation, he is capable of a serious feeling. However, he has to really try to convince her of this.

Family and Marriage

Early marriages are not typical for them, since the search for ideal wives usually takes a lot of time. However, sometimes the influence of astrological symbols can make Juliana a real ladies man. From school, he will begin to powder the brains of young beauties, becoming more and more convinced of his superiority. He can be considered a womanizer and a very voluptuous man, who has a very active and intense intimate life. For a long time, he refuses to have a serious relationship, so here, too, early marriage is also excluded. Julian marries quite late on a woman, in the reliability, love and loyalty of which he will be sure by a thousand percent. In addition, the future spouse should be able to take it with all the minuses in the character. Having found his beloved woman, Julian becomes just a wonderful husband and a great host. He is a rather hospitable person, always happy to see friends in his house, can skillfully support any conversation and will play a couple of games with pleasure in some kind of gambling. Fallen down Julian, marrying will be a faithful spouse, but can afford to flirt lightly to make sure that she is unsurpassed.

Julian is simply created for fatherhood, he manifests his best human qualities even more precisely in relation to children. According to statistics, Julian is more likely to become the father of daughters, rather than sons. He reverently loves his little ones, treats them with love, tenderness and care, giving them a lot of time. Julian is sincerely devoted to his children and will never allow himself to be abandoned or betrayed. Even if his marriage falls apart for some reason, he will do everything so that the children receive even more of his attention and love. He attaches great importance to the organization of leisure of his children. Julian carefully ensures that they have enough opportunities for diversified development. He helps his wife choose circles and sections for children. Julian is also actively involved in the educational process of their children. He is able to show both severity and expose demands, but he will not shout or punish them. It is important for him that children learn not because they are forced, but of their own accord. Julian, above all, seeks to cultivate in their children independence, patience, responsibility, perseverance and diligence.

Julian Horoscope

Julian-Aries ♈ – is purposeful and hardworking, eloquent and able to properly present themselves in society. Never makes a bad impression, but is fearful and does not tolerate traitors and flatterers.

Julian-Taurus ♉ – has a very complex nature. A single woman who follows her personal plans, does not accept help in any of her guises, suffers from misunderstanding, but is kind and sympathetic. Self-critical and never accepts the opinions of others.

Julian-Gemini ♊ – on the one hand is cheerful and optimistic, cheerful and honest, but on the other, indecisive and very fearful, afraid to make decisions and take the first steps, always waiting for support and help from the outside. He needs a lady-companion capable of supporting and instructing.

Julian-Cancer ♋ – is indecisive, suspicious, weak-tempered, afraid of everything in a row, not a leader and not a campaigner. A loner who spends all the time alone and alone with himself. He wants to be strong, but in the end he overdoes and becomes too sharp, which frightens him away.

Julian-Leo ♌ – is a born leader and organizer with good communication skills. True, he lacks diplomacy and tact, it is too harsh. Also selfish, thirsting for power and respect. Getting along with such a difficult and sometimes even unrealistic.

Julian-Virgo ♍ – is a man with a broad outlook and developed imagination, super-duper imagination and an excellent understanding of simple moral values. He has compatibility with all women, without exception, which is not surprising, he knows how to flatter and skillfully seduces girls.

Julian-Libra ♎ – has a simple character. Polite, calm, reasonable, prudent and like to everyone around, able to persuade people and easily make new friends. But he is unlikely to become a good husband, he was not created for family and everyday life.

Julian-Scorpio ♏ – is balanced, pacified, good-natured and benevolent, but too distrustful. Does not trust anyone, even relatives and relatives, is afraid of infidelity and betrayal. He does not know how to stop and keeps to disputes in the disputes, sometimes even scaring away potential comrades from himself.

Julian-Sagittarius ♐ – is cheerful and light, pleasant, charming and perceptive, but superficial. His assessments of people are not always correct, he often attributes to people not existing traits, or, on the contrary, forgets to take into account their strengths and weaknesses. He has few friends, but he has, and they are all loyal and faithful to him.

Julian-Capricorn ♑ – active, hardworking, careerist, what to look for, ready to work without stopping in order to achieve the desired, which in essence is material well-being. Not able to sit idle, calm and idleness pushes him into depression, from which only work can pull out.

Julian-Aquarius ♒ – is a very positive person, optimistic, humorous and cheerful, who hates bustle and dullness, monotony and inaction. But noisy companies are not for him — a lover of quiet pastime with predictable fun, without exaggeration and risks.

Julian-Pisces ♓ – is a romantic and dreamer who lives for love and dreams of a happy marriage. But his favorite should be a determined and courageous woman. Compatibility with him only with such, so predicted by the name. He will become an excellent husband and an exemplary family man, an ideal father, exemplary.

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