Name Meaning Lily

The secret of the name Lily lies in the origin. One of the most common options is the formation of the name of the flower "lilium". From the Latin language it is translated as "lily". Some researchers associate it with the name Leila, which in Arabic takes the meaning of "night" or "darkness". Two biblical versions of origin deserve attention. The first, on behalf of Lilith, is a woman who is depicted in written memos with an owl. Translated from Hebrew as "night silence". Another option is considered to be a translation from the Holy Scriptures into the Latin language of the name Susanna, which means "white lily".

Lily is a sociable, friendly and sympathetic nature who can listen, help with advice and deed. But it should be remembered that often her actions and desires are guided by an emotional impulse, and sometimes idle curiosity. For this reason, you should not rely one hundred percent on her sympathy or support. Among the negative traits of the owner of this gentle name, cowardice, slowness, self-doubt and pessimism should be noted (the latter Lily carefully hides from the people around him a mask of gaiety and playfulness).

Lily Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Ruling Planet: Uranus ♅.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Jasper.

Lucky-Color: Brown.

Mascot Tree: Jasmine 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Lily.

Mascot Animal: Doe.

Lucky Day: Monday ☽.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Emotionality, Calmness, Ambition, Resourcefulness, Passion, Power.

Spring Lily – is bright, vibrant and active nature. She sees in people only positive traits, so often her expectations are not met, that she is experiencing hard enough. Due to her gullible and open nature, she easily converges with completely different people, some of whom use the kindness and responsiveness of Lily for their own selfish purposes. This woman lacks patience and perseverance to competently build her career and develop personal relationships. She is constantly in search of something new and ideal.

Summer Lily – is too emotional: she is able to flare up over a trifle and inflate a real tragedy from an ordinary problem. At the same time, her character can be called soft and supple, so Lily quickly forgets offenses. If she learns to listen to herself, and not to the advice that well-wishers give right and left, then her life will turn out quite successfully. For summer Lily, it is very important that life be filled with events, otherwise her dreamy nature will get bored and begin to search for adventure on her own, and this can lead to troubles.

Autumn Lily – is reasonable, diplomatic and leisurely. She used to think over her every step - surprises “knock” her out of her rut. Patience and wisdom, combined with hard work and justice, help her achieve success in any business. But this woman sees her destiny not in work, but in a family, for which she is ready to forget not only about her career, but also about herself. The main thing is that her labors and efforts should be appreciated. Thanks to her charm and good nature, she is always glad to see her in any company, and Lily herself is happy to receive guests in her comfortable home, full of love and understanding.

Winter Lily – is restrained and vulnerable. With all her appearance, she will show that she does not care about the opinions of others, but in fact, any criticism hurts her. In general, for this woman it is not typical to show her feelings, so for those around her, she remains a "dark horse." Such secrecy becomes the reason that she has practically no close people to whom she could open her soul and entrust experiences. Failures make her even more introverted and distrustful, especially in dealing with men, so she gives all of herself primarily to work.

Character of name Lily

The energy named after Lily is quite complicated. It contains great secret opportunities. Such a woman is devoid of aggressiveness, but very mobile. Has a choleric temperament, but is endowed with tolerance, a unique memory, and artistic abilities. She is very curious and curious. In the living space, Lily is looking for stability. She has many habits, stereotypes that prevent her from confidently moving towards the goal. Outwardly, she looks like a charming and very compliant girl, but in the process of dating, features of stubbornness and even uncontrollable character appear.

If parents believe that having received the name Lily, their child will be surrounded by beauty, admiration, affection and good fortune, then such views can only be called partially correct. In childhood, the girl really “bathes” in love and favor. But already in adolescence, her character changes dramatically. There is capriciousness, narcissism, causeless resentment, a desire to cheat, arrogance. In adulthood, she will learn to hide these character traits under the guise of femininity. Lily seeks inspiration for her actions and thoughts in psychological tests, auto-training, astrology, numerology. This gives her the opportunity to learn how to oppose, look more convincing and much more confident than in reality. The special charm of such a person creates the ability not to lose heart, to persistently strive for a goal, to take maximum pleasure from life.

Positive traits of the name Lily: The girl is charming, disciplined. She loves to dream, fantasize, often reflects on the meaning of life, death. He is distinguished by diplomacy and the ability to understand people.

Negative traits of the name Lily: She is spoiled by pessimism, slowness, cowardice. A girl with the name Lily is insecure, in her affairs, in loved ones, she can lose interest if the relationship becomes commonplace.

Interests and Hobbies

Lily is a multifaceted nature, and therefore she can have a huge number of hobbies: sports, traveling, cinema, history, knitting, painting. It all depends on the mood of Lily at a given time. The owner of the name Lily is always concerned about her appearance. She loves to sleep sweetly, read glossy magazines, find out news that may be of particular interest to her. She attends interesting events or concerts with pleasure, but only when she is sure that she herself looks “at 100”. She owns a special technique of seducing men, is fond of fashion, collects jewelry, is a bright representative of women in the middle class.

Profession and Business

Lily finds many ways and methods to subjugate people. She is an inborn leader. This is the person who is least interested in the opinions of others. In business, she achieves excellent results, is very successful in the field of fiscal service. Succeeds in the field of real estate trade, the provision of services. Occupation with social psychology brings her pleasure. Can also work as a nurse, teacher, stewardess.

Of course, Lily aspires to power, but she cannot be called a dictator. She treats her subordinates with understanding and fairly evaluates their work, but she will not tolerate irresponsibility. As a subordinate, she also will not cause much trouble to the bosses, since she is diligent in her work. Lily can turn out to be an excellent business woman, but in this case she will have to forget about family and personal life, as she is used to giving herself completely and completely to her work, and running her own business, as you know, requires moral, physical, and temporary, and material costs. She simply will not have the strength or time to create a family.

Mind and Health

By type of character, Lily is choleric. Lily is a person of mood, under which, unwittingly, one will have to adapt to those who do not want to spoil relations with her, because she will not adapt to anyone. This woman loves to break the rules, but only strangers and not affecting her personal interests. It has incredible energy, and love of life, and stubbornness, and cunning, which helps her achieve all that she plans. At the same time, he is a very responsive person, able to empathize and sympathize.

Lily has excellent health, but the urinogenital system and kidneys deserve special attention. Problems can arise due to overeating and the well-known “relaxation technique” with a glass of champagne.

Love and Sex

Lily’s attachments are unstable (especially in her youth), so men often change in her life. At the same time, she expects not only novelty, but stability from each new novel, but often she herself cannot (or does not want to) lead an ordinary and ordinary life, with her everyday problems and family affairs. The freedom-loving nature, which not all men can put up with, can stop Lily. Frivolity and inconstancy repel serious pretenders to her hand and heart, and frivolous men who cannot satisfy all her whims and desires (and she has a lot of them), she does not even consider as her suitors. In general, love for Lily is a sublime and surreal concept, it is something that cannot be predicted or planned; something that inspires and makes you create; something that makes every new day unique. And therefore, when feelings cool, and living together becomes boring and predictable, it unfolds and leaves such a relationship.

There is no doubt in Lily’s sexuality and sex appeal, which she knows very well. Men are attracted by the attractiveness and charm of this woman. Passion for men is completely subordinate to reason. Attaches intimate relations serious importance. However, having felt sexual hunger, Lily is able to enter into a relationship with a little-known person. She is an excellent actress and skillfully uses "female weaknesses." But he never hides that he loves himself the most. Few people realize that unchained in ordinary life, Lily alone with a man becomes shy, so her partner needs delicacy, tenderness and gentleness if he wants to give pleasure not only to himself, but also to his partner.

Family and Marriage

Lily approaches the issue of marriage from a practical point of view. She takes her husband very seriously, who should be patient, reliable, serious and wealthy. But more often than not, her first marriage ends in a complete fiasco, and through her own fault, because she is demanding only in relation to a man, while she creates and does everything that she pleases. Early marriage, family chores and routine put an unbearable burden on her fragile shoulders. The second marriage is more stable and durable, especially if she chooses a simple but loving man (preferably older than herself) who is ready to accept Lily with all her shortcomings as her husband. With such a man, she becomes a wonderful mistress and a loving wife, but Lily’s spouse will have to make a lot of efforts to re-educate her freedom-loving and independent chosen one. Lily can destroy her marriage, moreover, on her part, but this happens only when she lacks the attention of her husband.

This is not to say that Lily was born to be a housewife and a keeper of the hearth. On the contrary, she tries whenever possible to shift her responsibilities to her husband, referring to fatigue and workload. If the spouse can find a compromise on this issue, then their family life is not in danger, otherwise quarrels cannot be avoided. At the same time, she is sensitive to the family, husband and children, it is simply necessary to bring up housekeeping and housekeeping in this woman, and this is the concern of her chosen one. If he manages to direct Lily’s energy in the right direction, then he will receive a caring, attentive and gentle wife, who will arrange the house, prepare dinner, put things in order, and bake pies.

Lily Horoscope

Lily-Aries ♈ – is an energetic and active woman who cannot sit still. Lily Aries needs vivid emotions, new sensations and even extreme sports. She is surrounded by extraordinary people who understand the independent nature of Lily and do not try to change her. She will be happy only with the same restless man who shares her interests.

Lily-Taurus ♉ – an open, sociable and charming Lily-Taurus is never discouraged. She copes with bouts of longing easily — she simply finds something for herself to her liking. She has many friends and just good friends, so the feeling of loneliness is not inherent in her. This woman will fall in love with a reliable man with a wonderful sense of humor.

Lily-Gemini ♊ – sincere and responsive Lily Gemini may seem too naive and even superficial, but you should know her better, as you understand that you have a sensible, wise and practical woman thinking through every step. But sometimes she also wants to act like a mischievous girl, so in a man she is looking for a joker and a merry fellow, which is not always good for family life.

Lily-Cancer ♋ – is an innovator who is not afraid to open up new horizons. The only thing that scares Lily-Cancer is loneliness, so she gets married early in order to avoid this feeling. In addition, in her life, not the last place is occupied by friends with whom she spends a lot of time, which is not always to the liking of her chosen one.

Lily-Leo ♌ – is an organizer who cannot imagine his life without movement. Lily-Leo is a born leader, but her subordinate is simply terrible. She has her own opinion on everything, and it is impossible to convince her of anything. In love, this woman also shows leadership qualities, which prevents her from building harmonious and compromise relationships.

Lily-Virgo ♍ – calm and balanced Lily-Virgo does not like noisy companies. Her passion is books in which good always conquers evil, the strong protect the weak, and love is sincere and mutual. She is looking for an ideal world, an ideal man, an ideal job, ideal friends, but, disappointed, she can be left alone.

Lily-Libra ♎ – sociable, friendly, with an excellent sense of humor Lily-Libra does not like to conflict. She will be able to smooth over any quarrel or translate into a joke, therefore, she often acts as a conciliatory side. This woman appreciates responsiveness, kindness and sincerity in people. The main quality of a man Lily considers honesty.

Lily-Scorpio ♏ – it is not easy for this woman to find her place in this world hostile to her. And all for the reason that she is too demanding on herself and others. At the same time, Lily-Scorpio is vulnerable and touchy. It is rather difficult for people around (especially men) to find an approach to it.

Lily-Sagittarius ♐ – communication is what Lily-Sagittarius cannot imagine its life without. She has many friends with whom she tries to spend all her free time. Among the negative qualities of this woman can be identified excessive credulity and childish naivete.

Lily-Capricorn ♑ – is that rare type of women with whom you can talk on any (even male) topics. Her hobbies and interests are versatile, she is well versed in both fashion and politics. Only here men more often perceive her as a friend and comrade, and not as an object of adoration.

Lily-Aquarius ♒ – despite the fact that Lily-Aquarius is able to adapt to the circumstances and always finds a compromise in any dispute, she does not have hypocrisy, duplicity, or falsity. On the contrary, she is fair and honest with herself and with those around her. She also requires sincerity and honesty from her man.

Lily-Pisces ♓ – shy, modest, but at the same time open to everything new Lily-Pisces loves life, and she always accepts it without embellishment. She is loyal to friends, loyal to the family and ready to fight for her principles and ideals. Only now, she does not always manage to find a like-minded man, ready to share all her burdens.

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