Name Meaning Simon

The name Simon is a form of the ancient Judean name Simeon (Shimon), meaning “he has heard”, “heard by God”. A similar interpretation - “God heard” - is also in the name Samuel, which is a related name for the name Simon. In various variations, this name is also used as Shimon, Seimon, which is similar to Samuel, Semen, Shamil, Samvel in European countries, among Russians, Muslims and Armenians.

Simplicity, kindness, responsiveness, activity, diligence and perseverance are inherent in Simon, who easily finds a common language with new people, despite such qualities as shyness and vulnerability. He is inquisitive and receptive to everything that happens around, therefore, it is always pleasant and interesting to communicate with him. Traction to knowledge helps the owner of this name to achieve greater success in life, although material values for him are secondary, in the first place he seeks to be realized in family life.

Simon Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Ruling Planet: Neptune ♆.

Feng-Shui Element: Water 水.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Emerald.

Lucky-Color: Green.

Mascot Tree: Cypress 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Oats.

Mascot Animal: Magpie.

Lucky Day: Saturday ♄.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Kindness, Practicality, Receptivity.

Spring Simon – is a dreamer and philosopher who lives in his small world, the entrance to which is allowed only to the closest people. He is very self-critical, and he also makes quite high demands on others, which are not easy to meet. His life resembles a kaleidoscope with incomprehensible, but at the same time bright and interesting drawings and ornaments. It is not surprising that his daily worries are of little concern, which can lead him to loneliness, since finding a companion who is ready to live for today is not easy.

Summer Simon – does not represent his life without incident. He perceives any troubles as another opportunity to learn the truth, because negative life experience is also an experience. He is an excellent speaker who will persuade and talk about who you want. Only now is not always his words are supported by actions, so many consider him an unserious man. For the summer Simon it is important to be in the center of attention, but he is afraid of loneliness, therefore he surrounds himself with numerous friends and acquaintances.

Autumn Simon – is prudent, farsighted and serious. He is a careerist who will slowly, but confidently, go to the goal, patiently but persistently pursuing his plans. He does not like surprises, so he always makes plans for the future. He is consistent in his actions, and his words never diverge from deeds. This is a responsible employee and an exemplary family man, in whose biography there are no "holes". But to live with such an ideal person is not easy, especially for the natures of romantic-minded, adventurous and novelty-seeking relationships.

Winter Simon – is a purposeful, prudent and thoughtful person who is not amenable to emotions and tries to explain everything from a logical point of view. He never relies on the "maybe", his every step is verified and calculated. Stability is what this man seeks. Winter Simon is reliable, responsible and ambitious, but in order to achieve the intended goal, he will never go to the meanness. In people, he appreciates honesty, loyalty and openness, because he himself has these qualities.

Character of name Simon

Little Simon needs love, understanding, it requires a lot of attention. Without him, it is bad, why the boy becomes vulnerable. He always strives for the championship, is very excited. Can take a lot very close to the heart, experiencing. From an early age, his intuition is highly developed. This baby inherits a lot from his mother: he is very kind, gentle and gentle. Since childhood, is a good friend, always helps in difficult times.

The secret of the name Simon hides an extrovert, open, hardworking, persistent person who can achieve a lot in life. In more mature age it can seem a little boring. This is a very patient, prudent, organized man. But with all its positive features, it is vindictive: the offense always remembers. In disputes with people he constantly defends his point of view, not yielding a single step. Outwardly, he is always calm, although there may be a storm of different emotions inside. Loves praise, it is water and air for him.

Positive traits of the name Simon: Faith, kindness, gentleness, kindness, mobility, hard work, perseverance in achieving the desired, willpower. The name Simon is easy to communicate. He quickly becomes a new guy in the new team. As a child, Simon is a little shy, but at the same time shows a keen interest in everything new. Simon is capable of perceiving a large amount of information. He is happy to share his knowledge, philosophical attitude to all the troubles in his life.

Negative traits of the name Simon: Slight excitability, touchiness, excessive obedience. He has been little talkative since childhood, at first it even worries his parents. Relationship with women in the name of Simon is quite complicated. He does not forgive insults and missteps, so that old age meets, as a rule, alone.

Interests and Hobbies

Simon is a talented and gifted man, so he has a great many hobbies and hobbies. Since childhood, it is necessary to improve the body of Simon dancing, sports, music. He enjoys studying in a theater group, mastering rock climbing. But his biggest passion is books, which are his faithful companions always and everywhere.

Profession and Business

Simon is a responsible worker. He appreciates his work, is able to fully surrender to the cause, of course, for a decent reward. It can make a wonderful actor, instructor, stuntman, police officer. He is also attracted to scientific, literary and political activities. Can achieve great success in the natural sciences. Hinder the implementation of the plans of the Simon can only his sensitivity, because of which he can easily change more than one place of work.

Thorough, disciplined, stubborn and hardworking, Simon deservedly rises up the career ladder. He is executive and fair, so in any position he will be treated with respect. The restraint and responsibility of the Simon, as well as the ability to establish contacts with any people help him to conduct his business very successfully. In addition, this independent man knows how to make the right decisions, without looking back.

Mind and Health

By type of character Simon — phlegmatic. Simon is wounded and touchy, besides, he absolutely does not know how to take criticism in his address, which prevents him from building not only his personal life, but also making real friends. This man is good-natured, responsive and will never leave in distress the one who needs his help. It is important for the Simon that its work and efforts are appreciated. He is ready to do a lot for the sake of universal recognition and praise. At the same time to achieve the intended goal, he can go on deception. In general, this is a reasonable and practical man, who follows the plan, and nothing can move him from the intended path.

Since childhood, Simon has excellent health and carefully monitors it. In adulthood, there may be a breakdown due to severe fatigue. Possible endocrine disruption, vision loss. The liver and small intestine may be weakened. Dietary and exercise should be monitored.

Love and Sex

It must be said that the cheerful and erudite Simon enjoys success with women, while he knows how to build relationships in such a way that parting with him rarely becomes a tragedy, and is only a new stage in relationships, which of love most often smoothly flow into friendship. To be offended by this man is simply impossible, because he is always attentive and courteous. In addition, he never promises anyone to marry anyone and does not speak lofty words about love, saving them for the one that fills his whole heart. Simon can lead a rather rakish lifestyle, but as soon as he falls in love and decides to link his life with that one and only, he will immediately turn into a faithful and loyal elect. But I must say that before he says "I love", he will arrange his passion a lot of checks, because his heart will be entrusted only to the best of the best.

In the intimate life of Simon always wants to dominate. This man compares the beauty of a woman with her sexuality. At a young age he has a lot of girlfriends, but he is not in a hurry to tie himself together — he wants to remain free for as long as possible. Love in it can arise for a very long time. For him, sex is the best way to experience the joy of life. The owner of the name Simon tries his best to surround himself with beautiful and sexually experienced women. In adulthood, when he knows the pinnacle of intimate relationships, he can no longer tear himself away from his partner. Accumulating experience in sexual life, he comprehends the very depth of the psychology of women, which affects the future relationship with his wife.

Family and Marriage

Simon chooses his wife long and carefully, and with one love he is not guided, because he believes that sooner or later feelings pass, and therefore there must be something more than a passion between spouses. It is interesting that calm, gentle and patient women do not attract him, because there is no fire in them. He is drawn to strong, strong-willed, persistent and principled representatives of the weaker sex, and this is fraught with a conflict of interests. As you know, in a family, two leaders rarely manage to get along. Therefore, often Simon is married twice.

The spouse is usually pleased by the Simon. But he can not always be satisfied, because he wants to feel more affection from the wife, tenderness. He wants to see in his darling a hot lover, and not an obedient marital debt performer. In addition, as a rule, men with this name come across persistent, principled, conflicted women. However, he tolerates this attitude for the sake of the family. In marriage, Simon is a great husband. He is economic, he always helps his wife around the house, he easily goes to buy groceries, he is very homely, economical, he never abuses alcohol. He madly loves his children and spends all his free time with them, actively participates in their upbringing.

Simon Horoscope

Simon-Aries ♈ – is an active, energetic, sociable and open person, whose energy can only be envied. Simon-Aries does not like hypocrites and liars, because he himself treats people sincerely and with kindness. Sometimes he seems too direct and naive, but this only gives him charm and charisma. It is not surprising that women pay attention to him and quickly fall in love with this attentive and caring man who never betrays.

Simon-Taurus ♉ – friendly, attentive and courteous Simon-Taurus does everything thoroughly. He is never in a hurry. Such qualities as diligence, slowness and thoroughness help him to move quickly up the career ladder. For this, men do not care what others think about him, because he himself firmly believes that he is doing everything right. Simon-Taurus is most often happy in his personal life, because he chooses his companion for a long time and carefully.

Simon-Gemini ♊ – a cheerful, enterprising and emotional Gemini possesses an explosive temper that can negatively affect his career and family life. At the same time, he is a sympathetic, good-natured and open-minded person who values his relationships with others. He just lacks patience and perseverance. A strong and patient woman who can make this lovelace become a serious and reliable man who can be relied on in any situation can bring up these qualities in him.

Simon-Cancer ♋ – is a dreamer driven primarily by emotions. He is quick-tempered and unpredictable: his mood changes five times a day, so it is not always easy to communicate with him (not everyone will adjust to the mood of another person, especially if it is so changeable). Simon-Cancer is well aware of his shortcomings and tries to eradicate them, only now he gets it badly. The reason why dreaminess and lightheadedness. Getting along with such a man is not easy, and even redoing it — even more so. Only a truly loving woman will go for it.

Simon-Leo ♌ – is a person whose character strangely combines such qualities as cynicism and naivety, isolation and innocence. As a result, it is extremely difficult to understand the Simon-Leo. But at the same time, the strength of the will of this man, his reliability and thoroughness cause others respect. This man needs a mother and wife in one person, because he often behaves like a naughty and capricious child. Only now Simon-Leo falls in love very rarely, preferring to lead a free life full of love adventures that do not commit to anything.

Simon-Virgo ♍ – hardworking, stubborn and reasonable Simon-Virgo strives for perfection, and I must say that he does it well. This man has every minute of free time, he can perform several tasks at once, while the quality of work does not decrease. Simon-Virgo is demanding of himself and others, therefore it is difficult for him to build relationships with people. He has few friends, and those are time tested. In his personal life, a realist and pragmatist Simon will be happy with a serious woman with no complaints about romance.

Simon-Libra ♎ – witty, restrained in the expression of feelings, but at the same time a straightforward Simon-Libra does not seek to please anyone. He lives by his own laws, which he does not impose on anyone. This is an idealist who strives for excellence. Everything that he would not undertake, he will do not just perfect, but excellent. He is also looking for the best woman: the mind and beauty, strength and weakness, femininity and the ability to defend her point of view should be combined in her. Only now the search for the ideal can be delayed for many years.

Simon-Scorpio ♏ – this man is woven from contradictions and oddities. He is diplomatic and restrained outwardly, but real passions are boiling inside him, only he will not share his experiences with anyone. Even to his beloved, he will not fully open his soul, which can push a loving heart away, because restraint and detachment do not give relationships strength and stability, not to mention romance. It is difficult to understand the Simon-Scorpio, its mystery can both attract and repel. But in any case, this man will not adapt to anyone.

Simon-Sagittarius ♐ – a sincere and sympathetic man makes a double impression: he may seem arrogant and overly self-confident, but behind such carelessness lies the romantic and dreamy nature, thirsting for adventure and passion. He dreams of true love, but the realities of life are such that we do not always get what we dream and deserve. Only with a sincere and tender woman, Simon-Sagittarius will reveal fully, become a true friend, sensual lover and ideal husband.

Simon-Capricorn ♑ – many perceive the restraint, practicality and categoricalness of Simon-Capricorn negatively, so he has few friends, but those who are near him can always count on his support and attention. In this man there is no hypocrisy, there is no pretense and hypocrisy, and for that it is worth respecting him. Because of his straightforwardness, Semen-Capricorn has quite a few enemies, but this only spurs him on new achievements. A woman will not be easy with such a demanding man who rarely makes compromises.

Simon-Aquarius ♒ – is a moralist and a true philosopher who has his own particular point of view. He is freedom-loving and independent, open to new challenges and knowledge. But what is missing is the Simon-Aquarius, so it is stability. He absolutely does not think about the day to come, considering that life is too short to make plans. It is not surprising that most often Simon-Aquarius prefers the life of a free bachelor, not burdened with any obligations. Constancy and routine simply destroy it from within.

Simon-Pisces ♓ – incredulous, reticent and secretive Simon-Pisces tries to keep apart. He is guided in decision-making (even fateful) mainly by his developed intuitions. He has many talents that he develops, but this is not enough to build a brilliant career and create a happy family. He is well versed in other people’s feelings, whereas he does not have power over his own, which is why he suffers. He needs a romantic woman with a fine spiritual organization that will feel the Simon, and not try to change him.

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