Name Meaning Sophia

The beautiful name Sophia has become widespread recently, in connection with the modern fashion to call children by old names. Translated from Greek, it means “wise”, “wisdom”, “knowledge”. It was formed from the ancient Greek name Sofia.

Sophia is a kind, sensitive and responsive nature, who takes other people’s problems to heart. She is wise and serious, but she knows how to relate to life easily, for which fate often rewards her (Sophia is always lucky in everything). Consider the character features of Sophia, born at different times of the year.

Sophia Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Scorpio ♏.

Ruling Planet: Mercury ☿.

Feng-Shui Element: Earth 土.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Lapis lazuli.

Lucky-Color: Violet, Green and White.

Mascot Tree: Fir 🍁.

Mascot Plant: White Lily.

Mascot Animal: Mantis.

Lucky Day: Thursday ♃.

Lucky Season: Autumn 🍂.

Character Traits: Activity, Independence, Principle, Reliability, Pedantry.

Spring Sophia – is good-natured, sensitive and temperamental. She loves to be in the spotlight, so her location is easy to achieve through flattery and compliments. The light and cheerful disposition of spring Sophia provides her with many fans.

Summer Sophia – is ambitious and conceited, for her such components as high social status and financial standing are extremely important for which she is ready to work around the clock and seven days a week. She carefully weighs her every action, therefore there are no accidents in her life.

Autumn Sophia – is a disinterested person who is predisposed to self-sacrifice (she will without regret give everything that she has to those who need it more). Such excessive kindness often turns for autumn Sophia into a deep disappointment in people who often betray her.

Winter Sophia – is the owner of a difficult character: she is harsh, straightforward and tough in statements. But she has a very kind heart, the warmth of which is enough for relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Her thoughts are always pure, and her actions are selfless.

Character of name Sophia

The mystery of the name of Sophia lies in the fact that kindness and responsiveness, strength and power, wisdom and cheerfulness are laid in it. As a child, little Sonya seeks support and understanding from her parents. She observes and listens to their words. He loves fairy tales and believes in good miracles, knows how to frolic in such a way that he causes surprise and admiration in the family. Sophia is able to penetrate into words, find in them a meaning unknown even to an adult. Studying is not easy for her, but the charming lightness of the nature of such a child makes teachers devote more attention to her. The girl causes awe of people with her spontaneity, empathy and responsiveness. She has a lot of friends.

However, this character cannot be called "angelic." Sophia is a solid, decisive and active person. She is well versed in people, it is not easy to deceive her. The girl’s gaze and a little ironic disarms the enemy, rarely anyone dares to contradict her arguments and arguments. Such a woman does not allow herself “little weaknesses”, is rather self-critical and exacting. However, she cannot hide the pronounced vanity. And yet, the owner of this name is too gullible.

Positive traits of the name Sophia: Conscientious, accommodating, able to show empathy and help people, delicate. In childhood, rarely cries or asks for help. Among peers behaves quietly, but at home can be active, like all children. Particular diligence gives the name Sophia the analytical mindset necessary for comprehending higher wisdom. She is often accused of excessive materialism, but Sophia is able to defend her ideals and feelings. She is capable of selfless acts. Her life can be long, leaving a mark in the memory of people.

Negative traits of the name Sophia: Shyness, hidden sensuality, momentary impulses and unexpected reckless actions. Sophia’s name has a warm heart, but she is embarrassed by the manifestation of her feelings, hides them behind their deeds and care for other people. A girl with the name Sophia is too serious, she undergoes microscopic analysis of her world and has a craving for knowing the secrets of the Universe. Girl Sophia is attached to her mother and can fully obey her will, contrary to common sense.

Interests and Hobbies

Sophia’s character combines phlegmatism with activity, so the world of her hobbies is far from monotony. She is a wonderful craftswoman, draws well. Sophia loves to embroider and knit. In the house it is not difficult to notice a lot of personal creative work, which takes place at the exhibition. But the circle of her interests does not end there: for example, the owner of this name loves to travel, make new friends and relax in the company of friends. The summer representative named after Sophia is interested in politics, sociology and even military affairs. Such a woman devotes all her free time to social work, career, meetings and friendship with the “right” people. And only the autumn girl’s hobby is charity, philosophy and psychology.

Profession and Business

In matters of choosing a profession, such a woman does not tolerate uniformity. Sophia is a strong and creative nature, gifted with the ability to think globally. The owner of this name reveals the versatility of her creative character in literature, on stage, in the field of art. Satisfaction brings the profession of designer, fashion designer, architect, analyst, doctor, as well as teaching. In general, Sophia seriously chooses a profession, preferring the activity that is associated with travel or travel.

Conscientious and fair Sophia never counts on someone’s help, and therefore she builds her business on her own, which she does very well. She knows how to properly organize the workflow and find a common language with subordinates who respect and are afraid of her at the same time.

Mind and Health

Sophia by type of character is a phlegmatic person. It simultaneously combines activity and phlegmatism, cheerfulness and pessimism, good nature and rigidity. She knows in a few minutes to find the only right solution in any situation. Sonya is trying to know life in all its manifestations, while she prefers not to be an outside observer, but an active participant in all the surrounding events. Life in the shade is not its role. She loves to control everything, because she considers herself not only wise, but also an imperious nature endowed with leadership qualities.

In childhood, Sophia often suffers from infectious diseases, but with age, her health becomes stronger. Problems can arise with the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system, so she should pay special attention to the diet and the degree of physical activity. Sophia loves a delicious meal. Abuses sweet, loves coffee and invigorating drinks. Often resorts to various diets. Inability to eat leads to weight gain. Such an energetic woman needs to be wary of a disease called osteoporosis.

Love and Sex

Freedom-loving and attractive Sophia enjoys increased attention in men. This fragile and elegant woman needs a strong man, next to whom she will feel protected. In addition, it is extremely important for Sophia that her chosen one accept her as she is, and not seek to "re-educate" or "adjust" her to his requirements. The owner of this name will give her love to a serious, reliable, courageous and strong man who will shower her with compliments and words of love.

This temperamental, sensual and voluptuous woman is simply created for love. She surrenders herself to her partner without a trace, but also requires the same attitude from him. It is interesting that even during intimacy, not only touch and hugs, but also words are extremely important for her: Sophia refers to the type of women who, above all, “love with their ears.” Therefore, to stir up passion in her, it is enough for a partner to admire Sonya and bathe her in words of love. For this, she will give her chosen one affection, warmth and tenderness.

Family and Marriage

Marriage for Sophia is one of the most effective ways to avoid being alone, but do not forget that marriage is based on love and understanding, and not on fear of anything, so often Sophia’s first marriage does not last long. The girl needs to learn to conduct a family dialogue, to find compromises. She is jealous and does not know how to restrain her impulses. Sophia’s husband needs a patient, calm and soft (only such a man can withstand Sonya’s energy and assertiveness). Often, a husband loves his unusual and even reckless wife, who knows how to turn everyday life into a real holiday.

For Sophia, the issue of family relationships is often difficult. She loves her children immensely, for which she is ready to do anything. But the dialogue with her husband Sophia is not easy to build. The fact is that a woman in this family is trying to secretly establish her leadership, which can be perceived by a man extremely negatively. In addition, Sophia cannot be called an ideal hostess: yes, she has a clean house, dinner is waiting for the household on the stove, but she carries out household chores without much zeal and enthusiasm. Sophia’s husband must not forget that his beloved woman needs constant attention, which should be manifested in words and actions. But the coldness of a loved one hurts Sophia, which can even become isolated. Sophia can forgive her husband a lot (exceptions are lies and treason).

Sophia Horoscope

Sophia-Aries ♈ – is an amazing woman whose character combines kindness and aggressiveness, affection and rigidity, tenderness and harshness. At the same time, she brings up negative qualities in herself, since she believes that natural gentleness prevents her from achieving high goals. It is not surprising that when communicating with Sophia-Aries it is difficult to predict her behavior, which largely depends on her mood. In relations with the opposite sex, she is unrestrained and impulsive, so she needs a calm and patient partner.

Sophia-Taurus ♉ – is a temperamental, receptive, emotional and persistent nature. So, Sophia-Taurus knows when and how to “click” on the necessary strings of the human soul to obtain the planned result. She perfectly knows how to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. Sophia Taurus is sexy and sensual, she perfectly manipulates men, using their weaknesses for their own selfish purposes. Finding her ideal man, she will be faithful to him.

Sophia-Gemini ♊ – the emotionality and artistry of the talented Sophia Gemini attract many interesting people with whom she is open and sincere. It is extremely important for this woman to realize herself in her career, while the professions associated with communicating with people are more suitable for her. Only in such an area will all of her talents be revealed. A special feature of the character of Sophia Gemini is that she easily not only makes new acquaintances, but also tears up old ones without regrets. Her personal life proceeds according to the same principle.

Sophia-Cancer ♋ – sweet, elegant and even pampered Sophia-Cancer at first glance needs love and care. But appearances are deceiving, and behind the weakness of Sophia hides a strong and authoritarian character. A sensible and decisive Sophia Cancer can stand up for herself and defend her point of view, and she does this with a kind and gentle smile on her lips, which magically affects people. In a man, she values reliability and fidelity, while it is extremely important for her that her chosen one be a homebody and an ideal family man.

Sophia-Leo ♌ – this tough, narcissistic, selfish, but incredibly seductive woman is confident in her chosenness (moreover, she believes that she has been sent down to this mortal world to fulfill a certain important mission). For this reason, she spends all her strength on building a career, not noticing that she is gradually turning into a real gendarme, to whom everyone should submit: both colleagues and household members. It’s very difficult for Sophia-Leo to open up and confide in a man who must remember that this woman will never forgive betrayal and lies.

Sophia-Virgo ♍ – tender, charming, vulnerable and insecure Sophia-Virgo does not know how to deal with circumstances. Only peace and balance can set it in the right way, while any changes "knock the soil" from under her feet. She is touchy, but not vengeful (and she will not show her insult to anyone). Sophia-Virgo can only build a relationship with a calm and balanced man who will delicately relate to her feelings and emotional impulses. This woman cannot stand when they are rude or tone up.

Sophia-Libra ♎ – sophisticated, good-natured and tactful Sophia-Libra knows how to control her emotions. She is calm, correct and objective, therefore often it is for her who come up with practical advice, especially since this woman never imposes her opinion. Sophia-Libra is used to always and completely relying solely on herself, while you will not hear requests for help from her. She is loyal to her loved ones and will never leave a friend in trouble. Sophia-Libra man will find in her person a worthy and loving partner who puts family interests above all else.

Sophia-Scorpio ♏ – this conceited, impulsive and graceful woman loves to be in the spotlight and “get out of the gray mass” (I must say that she does it perfectly, and all thanks to her natural talent and acquired eccentricity). She knows how to attract male attention (men are attracted by the mystery and unusualness of this flirty seductress). At the same time, the process of breaking their hearts is important for Sophia-Scorpio in relations with men: to win a man and then abandon him is the goal of this vampire woman.

Sophia-Sagittarius ♐ – an ambitious, energetic and open Sophia Sagittarius does not give up under any circumstances. She is purposeful and persistent, which helps her to achieve career heights. This woman has a solid masculine character, so convincing her of something is not easy, although she can recognize the truth of another. Sophia-Sagittarius is difficult enough to converge with people, and all because of her straightforwardness (people are not always ready to hear criticism of themselves). She is attracted to gallant men who are capable of romantic acts.

Sophia-Capricorn ♑ – integrity, perseverance, self-confidence – these are the main qualities of Sophia-Capricorn, who is not used to reckoning with someone else’s opinion, especially if it diverges from her own. In general, Sophia-Capricorn can be called a rather secretive person, carefully hiding all her feelings (she is firmly convinced that others will not understand and will not appreciate her experiences). Such a position in life leads to the fact that this woman feels lonely and unnecessary to anyone. Sophia’s partner must respect her feelings, otherwise Sophia-Capricorn will cease to trust him.

Sophia-Aquarius ♒ – is a well-educated, intelligent, witty and compliant woman. She is responsible and executive, but she is absolutely devoid of business acumen, as well as prudence, and therefore prefers the role of performer rather than leader. Sophia-Aquarius has a great sense of humor, helping her cope with various difficulties and troubles. Sophia-Aquarius is in no hurry to part with her independence, so she starts a serious relationship quite late.

Sophia-Pisces ♓ – a timid, sensual and cautious girl used to "go with the flow". Sophia-Pisces loves to listen and be silent, rather than speak, prefers to obey rather than lead. This dreamer, who believes in fairy tales, is attracted by everything new, bright and unusual. But she does not tolerate loneliness, therefore she marries early. Husband and family are the center of the universe for her. Sophia Pisces is a devoted and caring wife who lives for her family.

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