Name Meaning Venus

Beautiful female name Venus has several versions of origin. According to the most common, Venus is the name of the Roman goddess, daughter of the supreme god Jupiter, who was originally considered the goddess of flowering gardens, spring and fertility. Therefore, some scholars translated the name Venus as the “mercy of the gods.” But later the goddess Venus was identified with the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, who was the patroness of all Romans. The name Venus is written in Latin “venus” and is translated as “love”, “charm”, “beauty”. There is also a translation option “decorate”, derived from “venero”. In honor of the goddess Venus was named one of the planets of the solar system. According to the second version, the name Venus is translated from Spanish "Venera" as "shell" (the shell of the mollusk). This value is reflected in the image of the goddess Venus in the painting of the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli “The Birth of Venus”. According to the third version, the name Venus in Latin “veneror” has the meaning “to honor, reverently honor”, and also “to pray, beg, respectfully ask”, “beg, ask”. In some countries, one can hear the pronunciation of the name Venus as Venus. On behalf of Venus, the female name Venerand is used, which is used in Italy, and also, a rare case, the male name is Venerando, which are translated as “respected”, “revered”. The female name Venus is the most popular in the United States and the countries of the European Union. It is also widespread among the Tatars, so many believe that Venus is a Tatar name. In fact, the name Venus is not an original Tatar name, but is borrowed by them.

As a rule, the name Venus gives its owner a rather strong and strong-willed character. Usually, a person’s character gradually changes, so it’s very important that only positive moments influence his formation. Since childhood, Venus is distinguished by kindness and wisdom, as well as a love of knowledge. However, she is very touchy, and she has a categorical attitude towards criticism, she will never keep silent in reply, however, as she grows up, she becomes more balanced and restrained. It is assumed that the character of the name Venus gives its owner the ability to take care not only of their parents, but also of friends. As a highly moral and moral person, she sincerely appreciates her true friends, always in a hurry to rescue them and never leave them at the right moment. Venus is an honest and selfless person. Catching someone from friends in deception immediately break the friendship. By the way, she’s only trusted and reliable people among her friends, but she rarely gets new friendships. Interesting, but among good friends she has more men than women. The character of the name Venus, as a rule, endows its possessor with a penchant for the humanities. She has a great imagination, a keen and sharp mind, diplomacy, and a desire for justice. She can try her strength in different professions, but to achieve high results she lacks patience and endurance.

Venus Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius ♐.

Ruling Planet: Mars ♂.

Feng-Shui Element: Wood 木.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Diamond.

Lucky-Color: Pink.

Mascot Tree: Chestnut 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Rose, Laurel.

Mascot Animal: Peacock.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Susceptibility, Optional, Originality.

Spring Venus – has such traits as kindness, purposefulness, self-confidence, charm and frivolity. She achieves this goal, but does not know how to have fun, because she is afraid of unpredictability and a lowering of the image in the eyes of loved ones. But he will come to the aid of the person who needs it.

Summer Venus – it is characterized by selfishness, practicality, seriousness and prudence, dependence on the opinions of others and the mood of the environment, hot temper and aggressiveness in moments when someone criticizes its activities. Diversified and loves to fantasize, but does not know how to achieve their own, gives up at the sight of obstacles.

Autumn Venus – has a complex character: sentimentality, secretiveness and timidity, but also sincerity with friendliness. Thinks. That the queen, all in the eyes of the hard-hitting truth and is not afraid to offend the straightness of even a loved one. May eventually remain lonely, for very few people can endure her already complex nature.

Winter Venus – timid, has shyness and an increased dependence on the environment, but in addition it has perseverance, patience, and anxiety, and romance. It is interesting and fun with her, but her life is full of failures and mistakes — she does not understand people and often makes mistakes in them, attributing not available features.

Character of name Venus

Venus grows a fragile, sickly child. Because of the constantly quarreling parents, it is early to realize the complexity of human relationships. It affects the weak nervous system and forms a complex contradictory nature. Dad loves and pampers his daughter, considering her the most beautiful in the world. The girl sharply reacts to any criticism of her. Physically and mentally, it develops well. Plastic, has a good ear. Parents will not be mistaken if they give it to the gymnastics section, dance studio or music school. It has an excellent memory. She easily gives all the subjects, but often conflicts with teachers. Already in kindergarten, a girl tries to be a leader, but she does not always succeed. This is a person with a complex character, very stubborn. Already at an early age she can stand up for herself.

This is a fighting girl, never sits in one place. Modest and not boastful, does not like to stand out. Maturing Venus is very attractive in appearance, confident in its irresistible. Does not recognize modern fashion, chooses an extravagant style of clothing. He is fond of reading fiction, preferring historical novels. Wary of everything new. Loves live music, attends theaters. Difficult, domineering character, which she rarely shows. Always boldly expresses his opinion and never refuses it. Venus is stubborn and independent. She does not trust women, so she has almost no friends. Prefers male society. Very loving. Often has a difficult relationship with his mother.

Adult Venus becomes more balanced, knows how to manage their emotions, but the character remains difficult. A woman confidently and relaxed behaves in any society. Most of the problems bring passion and amorousness, because of which mistakes are guaranteed when choosing a partner for marriage. Independent and independent, firm and at the same time extremely sensitive. It has a purely subjective view of all things and situations. Despite their severity, the owners of this name in their depths are very kind and vulnerable personalities. Enters into a confrontation with those who do not share her opinion. Erudite intellectual, with whom it is interesting to talk on any topic. Fond of magic and divination, her predictions often come true.

Positive traits of the name Venus: Kind, sympathetic and attentive to loved ones and people around. Outwardly calm, but very emotional and passionate nature. Shows hardness and inflexibility in decisions. It has an attractive appearance. Outwardly calm, not rarely comes in the wake of his feelings. She is characterized by emotional sensitivity, firmness on the way to achieving the goal. Venus is self-confident, resolute.

Negative traits of the name Venus: Negative emotions translate into irritability and aggression. Internal stress is constantly present, periodically turning into a depressive state. Touchy and quick-tempered, which leads to constant quarrels and conflicts. A woman with this name would not just focus on one thing, she can start a lot of things at once, then drop them without completing. Usually, since childhood, Venus is distinguished by impressionability and considerable pride, which is difficult to injure, because the girl is confident in her originality.

Interests and Hobbies

From early childhood, you can note the creative talent of Venus. The girl reads a lot, preferring historical novels and poetry. Often keen on versification. This is a capable girl, she can devote herself to sports, music or gymnastics. If she chooses knitting or beadwork as a hobby, it will help focus attention and have a positive effect on strengthening the nervous system. She likes to attend theater premieres and concerts. Favorite pastime - outdoor activities. She is passionate about magic and often guesses her friends. Venus is characterized by incredible beauty and loves to spend time in the company of men.

Profession and Business

Career for Venus is often not a priority. She can search for her own purpose for a long time, trying to realize herself in various fields of activity. She has good business skills, is able to speak beautifully and competently, to keep small talk, intriguing with her diplomacy and versatility. She can be trusted with a serious and rather complicated matter. What she sometimes lacks is the patience to bring the project started to its logical conclusion. Venus is constantly changing the scope of activities in search of ideal work and stops only when it finds a suitable place. She knows how to understand people, has insight and intuition. It is easy for her to identify the mood and motivation of those around her. She can be a successful HR manager, a journalist, a lawyer, a trade worker, a public and political figure.

There are leaders among Venus. Subordinates do not just please this boss, he often demands the impossible. These women are endowed with an analytical mindset, never stop in front of difficulties and confidently move forward. It becomes successful if you decide to create your own business. Venus is money-savvy. She knows the price for them and is able to make money herself. Although Venus loves to dress beautifully and often changes her wardrobe, she knows how to stop on time, and will never be too wasteful. However, in a family, the spouse usually deals with financial matters.

Mind and Health

Venus is a complex, stubborn and unpredictable nature. The meaning of the name speaks of a solid person who can feel. The owner of the name since childhood is impressionable and proud. She is confident in her exclusivity, does not want to listen to criticism, does not recognize mistakes. These qualities make her strong. The woman is mostly calm, not always in the wake of emotions. But pent-up feelings at some point break out, and then the girl becomes aggressive and irritable. Most often this happens absolutely for no reason. She is constantly struggling with internal stress, always ready to start a quarrel. Because of this, she does not notice how she provokes conflicts herself.

Venus’s health is rather weak. In childhood, prone to viral infections and diseases of the respiratory tract. She long gets used to the home environment. A woman named Venus is located for skin diseases, ichthyosis. Many chronic diseases are transmitted to her from her mother. Venus suffers from nervous overstrain, it is important for her to master the methods of relaxation, relaxation. In older adults, sometimes there are problems with the kidneys and the heart. To promote health, sports are recommended from early childhood and regular rest on the sea coast.

Love and Sex

The fate of Venus in a love relationship with the opposite sex is quite interesting, but usually successful. Since childhood, she was accustomed to the male company, so in their society, Venus feels like a fish in water. In addition, this amorous lady from her youth is in great demand among men, but she does not try to be exchanged for meaningless speeches and short-term affairs. It is likely that out of many admirers she will manage to choose a decent person. However, the choice of a life partner can take quite a lot of time. She will truly feel happy only next to a brave, wealthy, reliable, strong and respected man.

Venus is a very passionate, passionate and temperamental nature. A man with her in bed will not be bored, but he will have to use all his skills to create a confidential atmosphere in which feelings will unfold, and not manifest themselves in a torrent. Venus’s jealousy often creates relationship problems. Falling in love, Venus loses his head and is completely immersed in a love affair. As a result, it makes a lot of mistakes due to its contradictory nature. Men can not stand her changeable capricious mood, so relationships can be broken at the height of passion, and this will be a blow to the fragile nervous system of a woman. But she learns from mistakes and over time shows more patience.

Family and Marriage

The name Venus necessarily endows its owner with such a feature as love, not for nothing did the goddess of love itself bear the name in ancient Rome. Venus, as a rule, can create a strong and happy family only at the second attempt, since she will make a lot of mistakes in relations with her first husband. Venus dreams of creating a really perfect family. In turn, she shows herself as an excellent and very accurate, economical and clean hostess. The amount of money in the family budget for it does not matter. She will be able to adequately feed her family even with limited funds. She will be a modest, thrifty, loyal, not boastful and very caring wife. In relations with her husband, Venus is not inclined to completely and completely obey his will. Moreover, she cannot cope with her temper for a long time, then her husband is simply jealous, or she is drenched in bitter tears for nothing. And in the event of a serious conflict, she may break off to her mom for a week to calm down and take a breath. However, gradually she becomes involved in family life, getting better and better.

More often, Venus becomes a loving mother of daughters than sons. She is madly in love and adores her crumbs and is ready to devote them 24 hours a day. Venus has a fairly solid approach to raising children. She does not get tired of studying with them on a daily basis, regularly checks their homework, helps with non-learned material. She carefully ensures that children learn diligently, independently and well. She attaches special importance to the health of her crumbs, because she remembers how weak her health was as a child. In order to strengthen their immunity, since childhood she records them for swimming or in the section of rhythmic gymnastics. Every summer, Venus will certainly take her girls to the seashore, not for a week, but for at least a month. It is important for her to bring up a strong enough and strong-willed character in her girls, to grow from them self-sufficient, independent, respectable and successful people. She actively connects the father of the family to the educational process so that her children form the correct model of family relations, without quarrels and scandals between the parents.

Venus Horoscope

Venus-Aries ♈ – characterized by kindness, cheerful disposition, sincere outlook and honesty. He will never deceive the interlocutor, he will listen and understand his sufferings. It is difficult for her only to trust someone.

Venus-Taurus ♉ – purposeful and independent, ambitious and respectable. This is a careerist who dreams of prosperity and material development. Can not live with the idea that someone does not always agree with her opinion. He does not allow himself to give up his dream and necessarily achieves what he dreams of.

Venus-Gemini ♊ – is sweet and charming, frivolous, friendly and pleasant to talk to, rarely offend anyone, and if that happens, then she will apologize and make amends. He wants to be on friendly terms with everyone, but often forgets about promises made by him, which repels potential comrades.

Venus-Cancer ♋ – practical and serious. It is prudent but not self-confident and often abandons its own goals because of the timidity and unwillingness to achieve the desired by any means. Needs a defender, attentive and caring.

Venus-Leo ♌ – is a selfish person who thinks only about himself and suffers from lack of attention, but easily acquires it when he wants, because he has charm, charm and attractiveness. Sometimes she is hot-tempered and aggressive, but quickly moves away and puts up with the offended person.

Venus-Virgo ♍ – is a diversely developed person who is interested in everything related to creativity and art. An avid reader, she is attracted by novels and fiction. A kind soul who always helps those close to them can, but is unable to discern lies and truth, often burning with trust.

Venus-Libra ♎ – has a difficult nature. She is open and friendly, sincere, prefers to spend time in a quiet and secluded place with the closest people, avoids communication with noisy and unpredictable. She has the most ideal compatibility with strong, serious and powerful gentlemen, predictable.

Venus-Scorpio ♏ – is complex and impetuous, emotional and selfish, does not perceive the opinions of others as it should, and believes that everyone should respect only her opinion. It is difficult to live with her — too imperious and arrogant. She has few friends, but there are a lot of male fans who do not have time to fight back.

Venus-Sagittarius ♐ – is sentimental and vulnerable, constantly suffers from loneliness and deception, her confidence is enjoyed by everything that is not strange. She does not understand people and often makes mistakes in judgments. She needs to learn to distinguish, for example, self-interest from friendship, evil from good, good from bad.

Venus-Capricorn ♑ – persistent and determined, impetuous and patient, knows what she wants from life and always in a hundred percent of cases, she achieves the desired. Not in love, but dreams of pure love and a happy marriage. Romantic and prefers men with fantasy. Become a good wife.

Venus-Aquarius ♒ – is a traveler and adventure seeker, eager for excitement, adrenaline, unpredictability and fun pastime. He is fond of sports and loves to spend time with friends. Does not tolerate loneliness on the spirit, monotony quickly drives her into depression.

Venus-Pisces ♓ – shy, timid, naive, fearful and suspicious, never makes decisions without support and needs ready-to-help friends. Her spouse should be patient and strong optimist. She will never forgive betrayal and deception, is too principled.

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