Name Meaning Zoe

The name Zoe came to European countries from Byzantine culture in the era of early Christianity. Formed from the ancient Greek "Zoë", it has a similar meaning — "life". The girl is fully consistent with this value — she is cheerful and feminine. There is also a version that this is a free translation of the Hebrew name Eve into the Greek style. The history of the name is associated with Orthodoxy. In ancient times, it was not widespread. First of all, in female Orthodox monasteries, they so again nicked women who had been cut short in nuns. The holy patroness is considered to be: the martyr Zoe of Attalia, Zoe the Roman. The name Zoe does not have a paired male name.

Phonosemantically, it creates the impression of something good and dreamy, energetically excluding any aggression. In the character of Zoe, there is indeed more softness, although this charming and romantic woman may well show a strong will at the right moment. In childhood, Zoe is obedient and friendly, she is a good student, early in her independence. Some lack of her character is self-criticism, because she can constantly torment herself and others with questions about herself, her work, her utterances and thoughts. Adult Zoe is balanced, though very energetic. It seems that to old age she will not change either externally or internally — so the owner of this name is active and loving to be in the thick of things. However, Zoe can be advised to cultivate determination and perseverance in herself, because she usually treats difficulties as inevitable, prefers to succumb to fate, while she could struggle to achieve her goals. In communication, Zoe is easy, gives the impression of a clever and interesting interlocutor, knows how to recognize insincerity in people.

Zoe Personality Traits

Associated Zodiac Sign: Capricorn ♑.

Ruling Planet: Sun ☉.

Feng-Shui Element: Wood 木.

Talisman-stone, Mineral, Metal: Green marble.

Lucky-Color: Lemon-gray.

Mascot Tree: Fir 🍁.

Mascot Plant: Oats.

Mascot Animal: Nightingale.

Lucky Day: Wednesday ♅.

Lucky Season: Winter ⛄.

Character Traits: Calmness, Friendliness, Intuition, Peace.

Spring Zoe – is a capricious, ambitious, slightly self-confident person. Balanced and restrained, delicate and does not come into conflict first, does not like to make trouble. She does not trust anyone, and will trust her spouse only after many years of marriage. Very mysterious, which attracts the male half of humanity to him.

Summer Zoe – will be sensible, prudent, planned, serious and thoughtful in nature. Guided by common sense and logic, never makes rash decisions. Rather, it will become a careerist and devote himself to his beloved work and the achievement of material wealth. Not created for the household and everyday life, but will not reject love and motherhood.

Autumn Zoe – is a kind and decent, tactful and eloquent girl. It has the gift of attracting and easily adapts to any environment, but does not like fun and unpredictability. The mood is changeable and mysterious, to predict this is unrealistic, but men like it. Needs recognition of its merits, and can not live without counter-flattery.

Winter Zoe – differs from her namesake by single-mindedness, excessive persistence, sometimes growing into stubbornness. Outwardly it seems calm and balanced, but in the soul it is sensitive and receptive. She loves to analyze herself and improve, it is important for her origin, sense of staying in the world, sense of need.

Character of name Zoe

The secret of the name is revealed when meeting with his bearer. As a child, Zoe is a quiet and obedient child, whom her parents often call the hare. She is sincere, trusting and very naive. For a long time he believes in fairy tales and very painfully experiences the “moment of truth” when he realizes that many things in nature do not exist — magic, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. The girl is slightly afraid of the boys because of their pugnacity and cockiness. Soft and calm Zoe prefers true girlish games and hobbies — dolls, flowers, reading. Often comes up with various horror stories, which then tells her friends and even believes in them. She is happy to help her mother around the house and tries to study well at school. She is fine with the humanities, but the exact ones have a little limp. Parents should beat the educational process so that the girl does not have an aversion to mathematics and other similar subjects.

Zoe is able to find a common language with different people, she has practically no enemies. He is friends with peers, colleagues, neighbors. She feels people very well and easily defines their inner world. The opinion of others is ignored, preferring to make a personal impression about the person at the meeting. Subtly captures the mood change of the interlocutor, reading the information on verbal and non-verbal channels. Zoe often goes with the flow, accepting all changes in life as inevitable, without complaints and complaints. This is a deeply religious person.

Positive traits of the name Zoe: Cheerfulness, gentleness, impressionability, confidence, reverie. Zoe is a big dreamer and romantic. She comes up with incredible stories in childhood, and she herself is capable of believing her fiction. In studies shows a tendency to the humanities and natural sciences. The girl named Zoe is devoted to ideals, is predisposed to religion, is endowed with the gift of true faith and vitality, so even on the edge of the abyss of life she is not in danger of falling. Zoe is loyal to her old friends, confident that “an old friend is better than the new two.” She is capable of selfless help and service to her neighbor.

Negative traits of the name Zoe: Injuries, shyness, touchiness, fanaticism, tendency to depressions. With her romance, Zoe does not like long journeys, moving to a new place of residence. Frequent change of impressions tires her. Excessive impressionability and amorousness can lead Zoe to disappointment in life, the collapse of her ideals and a complete change in outlook. This woman can easily be offended by disrespectfully responding to her or unfairly accusing her of something. For a long time, she has been resenting herself and, being alone, she cries because of an unjust insult. She is not inclined to revenge, but if possible she will avoid contact with the offender.

Interests and Hobbies

Kind and sympathetic Zoe loves animals, enjoys the cultivation of flowers, happily looks after the younger brother or sister, neighbors kids. The girl has good vocal and excellent plastic. If you develop these abilities, the passion may well turn into a major job. Any serious event in the life of Zoe can lead her to religion.

Profession and Business

Zoe is a passionate person, which means that she is often fanatical about her work. She fits many professions, and many grow out of her childhood hobbies and hobbies: botanist, zoologist, veterinarian, florist, educator, teacher. She can choose to work in a shelter for homeless animals or become an environmentalist. Copes well with the role of a pharmacist, doctor, medic, biochemist, cutter or flight attendant. The owner of this name is given to the work wholeheartedly, not always receiving a decent pay for it, but experiencing moral satisfaction and pleasure from the results of their work.

Build a career "over the head" — not in her spirit, but she will easily master the leadership position of a small company or division. She is ready to help unlucky colleagues during off-hours, to share her knowledge. Co-workers idolize their colleague, and the authorities appreciate her as an indispensable employee. A woman very rarely has conflicts at work, although her openness and kind attitude towards people is not everyone likes. However, such accusations against women are completely groundless. She is really so selfless and she cannot be different.

Mind and Health

Zoe is a woman with a stable, balanced psyche and a strong will, but without the great demands on life, which she accepts as she is. The girl is smart and charming, sentimental and romantic. She is an interesting conversationalist, able to cheer up a pretty joke. Her quick mind is able to accurately understand the person, his psychology and attitudes.

Zoe should pay close attention to the health of the internal organs — the kidneys, pancreas, heart and spleen. She needs to place special emphasis on proper nutrition, be sure to undergo examinations on the recommendation of doctors and take vitamin complexes.

Love and Sex

From her youth, our heroine is very romantic, believes in high feelings, dreams of a prince. Oddly enough, over the years she has not been disappointed in her ideals, but, on the contrary, finds them to be confirmed in life. Charming and intelligent, Zoe is a wonderful companion who is able to captivate many of the opposite sex. Men, with whom fate brings her, usually beautifully care for this dreamer, have real love for her and are ready for her exploits for her sake. But for a girl, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t feel a response to her admirer. She is sentimental and romantic, but do not be mistaken — a woman skillfully manipulates men if she needs it. However, having met her “prince”, she loves him with all her heart and is even more transformed. Sincerity in relationships is of great importance for this woman.

Zoe is sentimental and romantic, but if she wants to, she can lure the strongest into her networks. No one can compete with her in ingenuity when it comes to sex. She is playful, affectionate and attentive to her partner, but intimate intimacy does not always satisfy her need for love. After all, intimate intimacy for her is first of all love and tenderness, and then already sensual pleasure. Zoe is able to forgive a man for the shortcomings, but will not tolerate insincerity. A woman named Zoe is not averse to be admired, but she does not like rough flattery. She is attracted by highly experienced men, both in the everyday sense and in sexual terms. She does not have to wait for mad passions, but she has the rare ability to see in every man the one and only.

Family and Marriage

Zoe takes her marriage very seriously, often choosing an older and better-off man. Her husband must be optimistic in order to appreciate the impulsive beauty of his wife. The charming, angelically charming Zoe persistently brings the chosen one to the marriage, even without uttering a single word. The future husband does not even suspect that he is already trapped. She is not always happy in marriage, but very loyal to her family and faithful to her spouse. This is a skillful and thrifty mistress, a wonderful mother and loving grandmother. She is often the exemplary wife and idol to follow.

The owner of this name is not an ideal hostess. Often this means that there is a slight mess in her house. She may have wanted everything to be in her place and clean everywhere, but due to her workload she does not have enough time to keep track of everything. Peace and harmony reign in the family of a woman — holidays in the family circle, rest with the husband and children, family visits to the cinema. She gladly supports the desire of children to have a pet. Relationship with a husband during family life preserve love, warmth and mutual respect. Between spouses there is no betrayal, and the woman herself is not capable.

Zoe Horoscope

Zoe-Aries ♈ – is a somewhat naive, charming, hard woman. It is overwhelmed by an overwhelming desire to move forward all the time, to learn and discover everything new, without really thinking about the consequences. She with amazing ease perceives on faith the words of others, because of which she finds herself in ridiculous situations. Charming Zoe Aries is impossible not to admire, so men go for her crowds. You cannot call her a faithful partner, but she will remain with the chosen one if she respects him.

Zoe-Taurus ♉ – is a sensual, visionary person. She has a unique performance, and often the work is the main purpose of her life. She does not shy away from male attention, but Zoe-Taurus prefers the only reliable partner to the crowd of suitor. She is full of tenderness, she always shares her thoughts with her chosen one and is very loyal.

Zoe-Gemini ♊ – a determined, inventive, restless nature. She yearns for new experiences, adventures, impressions. Her character can change several times during her life. Zoe-Gemini often begins short-lived romances with men, even if they marry, they still cannot stop. Only with the advent of children it will settle down.

Zoe-Cancer ♋ – woman suspicious and bilious. She reacts to any events very emotionally, adores to embellish her own experiences, especially in the presence of outsiders. Zoe-Cancer is unusually attracted to men, but she does not know how to behave with them: she constantly talks, talks about her, takes offense, and her partner considers her as a superficial person. She needs a resolute and powerful man, with whom Zoe-Cancer herself would feel more confident.

Zoe-Leo ♌ – is a stubborn, uncompromising, resourceful personality. Her perseverance is simply infinite: she will never give up her intentions, will not stop in front of difficulties and dangers, will not accept help. One way or another, Zoe-Leo will insist on her, but if successful, the laurels will belong only to her. She does not agree to share with anyone, and this applies, in particular, to her fans. This woman jealously guards her partner, forbidding him to even look in the direction of others.

Zoe-Virgo ♍ – pedantic, thoughtful, exacting nature. She has a heightened sense of responsibility, never changes her decisions. Zoe-Virgo is intolerant of the faults of others, but gets angry if she is pointed out to her faults. She long remembers inflicted insults and, on occasion, will not fail to take revenge. Zoe-Virgo is looking for an exceptional partner for whom she could be proud and who would see in her sing the ideal.

Zoe-Libra ♎ – is a very agile, energetic woman. In life, she tries to adhere to the "golden mean", does not strive for leadership and does not shine with her ideas. She grasps any task on the fly, but is unlikely to do anything beyond what she was assigned. Zoe-Libra is quite satisfied with a long solid relationship with one partner, although men often show interest in her.

Zoe-Scorpio ♏ – is a power-hungry, wayward personality. It will stand out in any society: if not with its attractive appearance and sharp mind, then with its extravagant behavior. Zoe-Scorpio, for the most part, is only interested in their own experiences and problems. If it happens that it will bypass male attention, she will go to the most inconceivable tricks to interest men. From partner Zoe-Scorpio is waiting for admiration and passion.

Zoe-Sagittarius ♐ – a talkative woman, active, accustomed to a free-style lifestyle. She is firmly convinced that the sooner she becomes independent, the more she will achieve in life. Therefore, Zoe-Sagittarius will try himself in various fields of activity before he stops at one thing. She confidently keeps in a man’s society, very highly appreciates herself and chooses a partner herself.

Zoe-Capricorn ♑ – is a modest, patient, intelligent woman. She used to always be in the shade, but she does her work responsibly and carefully. It is trouble-free, it can help out in a difficult situation, support and comfort. The beauty of Zoe Capricorn is not immediately apparent. When choosing a partner, she acts very prudently: she needs a smart and wealthy person, and not a disorderly romantic.

Zoe-Aquarius ♒ – self-righteous, original, bright personality. This is a man of action, all sorts of arguments lead to her melancholy. She simply does not see the point in discussing the problem, since it will still have to be solved. So why not start as soon as possible? The personality of Zoe Aquarius, naturally, does not go unnoticed among the stronger sex. However, immediately get ready that this woman will act on your own, ignoring your opinion.

Zoe-Pisces ♓ – a gentle nature, gentle, tearful. She is generously endowed with fantasy and a rich spiritual world, susceptible to music, painting and the surrounding world. Rudeness leads her to the confusion, to the offender she is not able to give a fitting rebuff, she prefers to retreat and experiences in her heart. Zoe-Pisces herself is romantic and dreams of the same man-romantic, although she would be more practical and firm.

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