Monday Born Names

People born on Monday are patronized by the Moon. The planet has a particularly great influence on the emotional state of a small person. Moon children are endowed with a rich imagination, usually they are creatively gifted people. Subtle mental organization implies eternal doubt and suffering. They are too susceptible to failure, trying to protect their inner world from unnecessary experiences.

The moon is a planet of home and family, children are very attached to close people. They need care and attention, especially maternal care. Favorable home atmosphere helps to overcome difficulties, negative emotions can lead to depression. People born on Monday are open to the world, sometimes too trusting, they are easily deceived. Parents should gently guide the child along the path of life.

Monday Born Girls

The Moon is the planet of the mother, the girls are very attached to their parents. They depend on the opinions of close people, it is vital for them to feel support and approval. The emotional component has a great influence on the fate of the moon man, parents should be attentive to their daughter’s experiences: children’s fears can pass into adulthood. It is necessary to protect the sensitive nature of any unrest, even a terrible story told at night can undermine the psyche of the child and deprive him of sleep.

Girls, born on Monday, are distinguished by external and internal beauty. Children are usually talented, draw well and sing. In adulthood, they are always surrounded by fans. For all their brilliance, moon girls — loyal and faithful partners — try to surround family members with care. Extremely responsive to other people’s problems, often choose professions related to working with people. Needing to communicate, loneliness causes anxiety and fear. They are very fond of gifts, but absolutely do not accept criticism.

Female names for girls born on Monday: Alice, Alina, Lily.

Monday Born Boys

The nature of the boys born on Monday is woven out of many contradictions. They are distinguished by increased emotionality and inner self-reliance. Parents should be attentive to the hobbies of the beloved child, help him in all endeavors. Over time, the timid baby grows into a strong man who firmly follows the intended path. With all his determination, he also needs the approval of loved ones. Subtly feels the mood of others, stretches to strong personalities, able to give valuable advice and support.

A lunar child is a creatively gifted person; creative professions are preferable: artist, actor, writer, teacher. Boys easily find a language with other people, while trying not to affect personal experiences. Children born on Monday are fanatically devoted to their family. They love and appreciate the homely atmosphere, enjoy spending time among numerous relatives. Depend on the mood of loved ones, so a favorable environment contributes to a happy life. Shortcomings and swearing can lead to the fact that the child grows up an insecure man with low self-esteem.

Male names for boys born on Monday: Albert.

Names by Days of Week

Monday Born Names — ruler Moon, the planet of emotions and experiences.

Tuesday Born Names — ruler Mars, planet of war and speed.

Wednesday Born Names — ruler Mercury, the planet of youth and ease.

Thursday Born Names — ruler Jupiter, the planet of activity and influence.

Friday Born Names — ruler Venus, the planet of feelings and pleasures.

Saturday Born Names — ruler Saturn, the planet of tests and limitations.

Sunday Born Names — ruler Sun, the planet of leadership and creation.

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