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Astrologers argue that the nature and fate of a person depends largely on the date of his birth. Of course, the predisposition to a particular behavior is determined not only by the season and month, but also by genetics, the environment, upbringing. However, as a result of years of observation, experts have established a fairly accurate connection between the birthday and the nature of the child. Each month gives people individual characteristics that can actively develop or โ€œdozeโ€.

It has been proven that in winter hardy, sharp-tempered individuals are born who are able to meet life difficulties with dignity and endurance. Spring children are distinguished not only by emotion, inconstancy, instability of views, but by openness and generosity. In the summer, real luckier and darlings of fate are born. They achieve success thanks to charisma, beauty and high intelligence. Autumn is the time of the birth of calm, balanced and wise people. The name given to a child also influences his character, enhancing or softening his innate traits.

January Birthday

The nature of the January children is strong and stern. Despite external timidity and innocence, such a child knows what he wants. He will act consistently and persistently until he gets his way. Such children protect their inner world from the interference of random people. Their trust is dear to their loved ones long and hard. It is recommended to call the January children tender melodic names and more often use their diminutive forms.

January Names: Albert, Lily, Simon, Zoe.

February Birthday

February is the time of birth of people with a complex character. They are unpredictable and touchy, but their inner world is so rich and amazing that sometimes it is difficult to comprehend them. The February children have a thin keen mind. Nature laid them true human values. They are true friends, but often remain misunderstood. To reduce the innate severity of nature, you should give the child a soft name.

February Names: Eric.

March Birthday

March is the time for the birth of emotional and spiritually rich people. They are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of relatives and friends, they take other peopleโ€™s misfortunes to heart. Often they lack the courage to say no to defend their opinions. Therefore, it is better for March children to give "hard" names that will give their owners decisiveness and will power.

March Names: Alexander.

April Birthday

In April, strong personalities are born. They are characterized by impulsiveness, perseverance, thirst for struggle and victory. They are also emotional, but often show aggression. The children of April do not know how to retreat, and they hardly compromise. To soften the rebellious nature of the April child, call him a soft gentle name.

April Names: Alina, Anastasia, Emilia.

May Birthday

May is the time of birth of aesthetes and creative people. May children have a solid inner core, they are calm on the outside, but anxious inside. Their mood may change several times a day. Like the spring breeze, they are quick and changeable. To give the child more seriousness and responsibility, you need to give him a name in which firm consonants prevail.

May Names: Agatha, Aurora.

June Birthday

In June, cheerful, carefree people with a wonderful sense of humor and creative thinking are born. However, when making important decisions, they lack firmness and seriousness. Many of them look at the world through their fingers, can lose the trust of friends and loved ones because of their inconstancy. Therefore it is not necessary to give the June child a soft name that will soften his already unstable nature.

June Names: Albina.

July Birthday

The children of July are notable for their isolation and distrust. They are afraid to take the first steps towards people, and if they do, they immediately retreat. Indecision is also inherent in them, they are prone to Samoyed. Such a child must be called a firm name in order to strengthen his volitional qualities.

July Names: Elizabeth, Eva.

August Birthday

Children of August are confident, proud and proud. Many of them are very pleasant in communication, they possess unusual charm. Such people easily achieve their goals, they are not afraid of new horizons. If you want to enhance these qualities of your baby, give him a firm name, if you want to cool his hot summer temper, call him a gentle, listenable name. Especially it will be appropriate for the girl.

August Names: Diana, Julia.

September Birthday

September kids are usually calm and restrained. They have good self-control, a sense of duty and responsibility. They often delve into themselves and suffer from feelings of guilt. They are picky about others, which can create problems with communication. For the September child to be more fun and open, you need to give him an appropriate name. If you want to strengthen his character and determination, call it a firm name.

September Names: Alice.

October Birthday

October is the time for the appearance of mysterious and sometimes very complex people. They seek a balance of life, strive for perfection and harmony. At first glance, such people are sociable and even annoying, but they are not in a hurry to let everyone in their row into their own souls. Choosing the name of such a baby, pay attention to the options that can give him strength of will and strength. Soft names can bring disharmony into the already disturbing soul of the October child.

October Names: Adam, Chloe, Jacob, Julian.

November Birthday

In November, bright people are born that can achieve any, even transcendental goals. Their main disadvantage is the love of criticism. They serve it straightforwardly, forgetting about delicacy and good manners. But in this way they are trying to help close or even strangers. Most of the time, the November child demonstrates optimism and good nature, but he will never allow himself to be controlled. To soften the rebellious nature of this baby will help gentle affectionate name.

November Names: Alexandra, Emma, Evelina, Sophia.

December Birthday

December children have stamina and endurance, but they are quick-tempered. They seek leadership and domination, but do not like tricks and manipulations. They are honest and frank, they expect the same sincerity from friends. The December child is quite predictable, he does not accumulate emotions, but immediately pours them out. If you want to smooth out the temperamental nature of your baby, call him a soft name.

December Names: Venus.

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