November Names

In November, unusual children are born. It would seem that at that time nature had already prepared for winter and fell asleep, and life proceeds calmly and measuredly. But it is precisely at this time that many extraordinary and bright personalities appear. The November child has great willpower, determination and ambition. In appearance, he can be calm, but he has little parental care and favorite toys. His thoughts are focused on personal achievement and development. He wants to be noticed, praised, and not just lisped with him.

November children are optimists and enthusiasts. The first half of the month is the time of birth of strong, purposeful, but secretive people. They have high intelligence, excellent logical thinking, a strong internal core. The disadvantage of these children is touchiness and vindictiveness. Often they are offended by people without finding out the true reason for their behavior. They are very self-centered and this is noticeable from the first years of their life. Children of the third decade of November are friendly, but too straightforward. But they are not so touchy and quickly forgive all misdeeds to friends.

November Namedays.

Female November Names for Girls

November girls always have something about the character of boys. These are not defenseless princesses who expect everyone to bring them on a silver platter. November girl boldly achieves her, trying to get all the best. Often, in the first half of the month, introverted girls are born. And, nevertheless, they have a strong and strong-willed character. Such children can always stand up for themselves. They do not clog up in a corner and do not cry, but either openly respond to a foe, or exquisitely avenge the abuser.

The second half of the month gives the world real fidget and fun. The girl of the end of November is an unrecoverable optimist, she rejoices at every passing minute. Communicating with her is a pleasure, but sometimes she can blurt the truth in the face. You should not be offended by a child, this only shows one thing - she is not indifferent to a person. Those who are not interested in her, she will not touch and criticize. The November girl loves travel, new acquaintances, is always active and restless.

November Female Names: Alexandra, Emma, Evelina, Sophia.

Male November Names for Boys

The November boy will not be conducted on risky ventures of the same age or older children. He has his own opinion, which he can defend. Sometimes he seems timid and insecure, but this is a deceptive impression. If a boy is passive at the moment, it means that he is just watching closely what is happening. At the first opportunity, he will enter the game and show his best. November boys realize early what they want from life, they are ready to change and adapt to circumstances.

Among the boys of the first half of the month there are a lot of closed and incredulous kids. But a child born closer to December is almost always an extrovert who meets the world with open arms. His energy boils with the key, he does not get tired of spending time actively and exploring the world. The November boy is always in sight, he has many friends. He is hardy both physically and morally. His curiosity and energy will be the key to a successful future.

November Male Names: .

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