October Names

A child born in October seems at first glance timid and naive. But in fact he is strong-willed and focused, practical and circumspect. He is not afraid of responsibility, he can be trusted with a hidden secret. Fully revealed only in front of closest and dear people, who earned his trust. October children know how to manage time and money, value friendship and do not forgive betrayal. In the first half of the month, aesthetes and romantics are born, and in the second, purposeful leaders.

October child can be called simple and complex at the same time. The children of October understand many things at the level of intuition. They do not tolerate unfair treatment. If they fail to fend for themselves immediately, then they will be responsible for offense in the future. At the end of October especially vengeful people are born. October children do not accept lies and pretense. They need to be very frank. Often, they idealize parents or older friends, and when they become frustrated, it will not be easy to establish the old relationship.

October Namedays.

Female October Names for Girls

The October girl knows how to recognize a lie, but does not give out her own intentions. She is intelligent and reasonable, evaluates people by their actions, and not by their appearance. Among girls born in September, there are both silent shy and carefree laughter. But they are not as simple as it may seem at first glance. From the first years of life, they learn to separate the grain from the chaff, truth from delusion, and the benefits of worthlessness. At heart, the October girl yearns to be the center of attention, although she is very careful in words and behavior.

The October girl is usually a good daughter and sister. She values family ties and is rather conservative in her views. In the first half of October, children are born with a more "democratic" worldview. They are ready to accept new, change attitudes and beliefs. But the closer the girl’s birthday is to November, the more traditionally she is tuned in and tied to the past.

October Female Names: Chloe.

Male October Names for Boys

The boys of the first half of this autumn month are often soft-hearted and indecisive. They are tormented by constant internal struggle. They want to be in an ideal environment, live in an ideal society, see only beauty around. With age, the romanticism of the October boy replaces pragmatism and prudence. He knows how to organize himself, set a goal and achieve it. The boys of the first half of October set very realistic and achievable goals, while those born closer to November realize the scale and uniqueness of their mission in life.

The October boy will be able to control himself. Despite the love of truth and candor, he is able to be a good actor. In the future, a flexible mind and inner assertiveness will help him to take his place under the sun. The child of the end of October is very vindictive and vindictive. He can avenge his childhood grievances many years later. But, in general, it is quite possible to get along with such a child, if you appreciate him and not betray him.

October Male Names: Adam, Jacob, Julian.

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