P Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

p“P” represents the rhythms of life. This includes knowledge, which gives this person a keen insight. You are very intellectual and have a broad base of knowledge. People get great first impressions from you, but you can also seem distant. Although you have great "walking around sense," you can be extremely impatient. Make sure to let go, and to be more generous with your time. Bright and clever, these people find a way to get what they want in this world. Not only are they shrewd but they have the intelligence to back up whatever they want. They do not quit until they have achieved their goals.

Quite talented in anything they like, they can do anything artistic or otherwise. Painters, interior designers, or even architects are some of the most loved professions of this letter. As long as there is power in the offing, they like the job. Others see “P” people as wise beyond their years. Feeling that they are level headed, they might be inundated with any number of problems. They will sympathize for as long as they feel the person, with the problem, is trying to help him or herself. If not, they can be quite straightforward in showing that person their shortcomings.

Their dominating personality sometimes leads to other people feeling left out in conversation. In business acumen, they command a powerful presence. Some may call them straightforward, others pushy. Either of these may be true of the expressive “P”.

“P’s” want everything now. Patience is not their virtue. If there is something they want, but unable to have at the moment, they start, immediately, to plan on how they might achieve their goal. Negative “P’s” are possessive. Having to own everything and everyone around them is their motto. They are self-absorbed and totally selfish. Having no time or sympathy for others, they only want attention for themselves.

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