Saturday Born Names

Patronage of Saturn promises people born on Saturday, difficult life tests. Astrologers believe that the planet-teacher brings important lessons that contribute to the formation of a strong character. Children of this day are usually emotionally restrained, it may seem that they do not feel affection for loved ones. Show a rare dignity in the most unfavorable circumstances, will not complain and appeal to sympathy.

Children born on Saturday, clearly set goals and ways to achieve them, they will not rush in search of the abstract meaning of life. People who are very demanding of themselves try to achieve the desired result with hard work. Saturn is a planet of zeal and self-discipline, children are distinguished by their internal concentration. They are never late, do not lose things. Parents can be calm for their child, he respects the opinion of the older generation. The grown-up child will cherish the traditions of the clan and continue the family business with dignity.

Saturday Born Girls

Saturn — the planet of courage, the girls have a strong character. They enjoy a measured life with a clear daily routine. Sometimes calm, restrained girls are prone to bouts of melancholy. Parents should be attentive to their daughter’s problems, and father’s influence is especially important. If the girl did not receive enough warmth and care from a loved one, then in the future she will face failures in family life.

Girls born on Saturday love to dream alone, do not need the company of friends. The daughter will not torment her parents with whims, she can be content with little. Children of this day always have their own views on things, study well, are distinguished by patience and hard work. Have an interest in history, love to look at antiques. Having matured, can choose a profession of the art historian or the restorer.

Female names for girls born on Saturday: Emilia, Eva.

Saturday Born Boys

Saturn is a planet of responsibility, the boys of this day are usually very stingy with emotions, prefer to act rather than reason. They need the support of their father, who is an indisputable authority and example in all life issues. Parents should pay attention to the physical development of the child, he can show good results in athletics. Speed, endurance, perseverance — the distinctive character traits. The child does not need a comfortable environment, he can endure extreme conditions. Difficulties temper character, contribute to the formation of a strong personality.

The boys of this day are able to strictly follow the established rules, they are ideal subordinates. They can take leadership positions, have all the necessary qualities: intelligence, hard work, perseverance. Recommended professions: lawyer, military, politician, diplomat. Babies born on Saturday have a real masculine quality - reliability. Extremely decent and loyal people will not leave loved ones without help, will try to do everything possible for their well-being.

Male names for boys born on Saturday: Alexander, Eric, Simon.

Names by Days of Week

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