Tuesday Born Names

People born on Tuesday are influenced by Mars, the planet of warriors. The children of the red planet are distinguished by their activity and purposefulness. Martian energy dictates an aggressive style of behavior: all plans must be implemented, despite the obstacles. Age and gender do not matter, people born on Tuesday are always aimed at the best result. Being the first is the main task in life. Often they succeed at a young age, significantly overtaking their peers in their career paths.

People of Mars are distinguished by impulsiveness, excessive haste. They can harm themselves by ignoring the danger: the goal is important for them, not the way to achieve it. Parents should unobtrusively direct the energy of the baby in the right direction, without strict instructions. Aggression awakens anger and stubbornness, the child can withdraw into himself. Children born on Tuesday are easily engaged in a business of interest to them. The task of adults is to captivate a child; physical activity is considered to be useful for development.

Tuesday Born Girls

Children under the influence of Mars, look confident natures who know their own worth. The patron planet generously endows fragile girls with masculine qualities: perseverance, courage, determination. However, they often doubt their own abilities, often acting under the influence of emotions. Parents should support the daughter, admire her talents. Despite a strong will, there is a danger of nervous breakdowns: a girl may lose faith in herself.

Mars is a male planet, so girls born on Tuesday often have hobbies that are typical for men: auto racing, extreme sports. Do not fear for the health of his daughter, inaction — the main enemy of the people of Mars. In adulthood, they find themselves in a profession that requires a sharp mind and a quick reaction: a doctor, a teacher, a trainer, a scientist. In family life, looking for happiness next to a calm, confident man, able to make concessions.

Female names for girls born on Tuesday: Agatha, Alexandra.

Tuesday Born Boys

Boys, born on Tuesday, have an iron will, over time they grow into real men. Parents should pay attention not only mental but also physical education. The kid can become an outstanding athlete, he is generously endowed with all the necessary qualities: perseverance, hard work, dedication. Adults should support the child’s hobbies, the best gift for him will be items that encourage active activities — a bicycle, a scooter, sports equipment.

Children have the ability to easily assimilate information, but in the process of learning there can be difficulties: the child does not consider it necessary to do something that is not in his area of interest. Parents should describe the significance of the material being studied, set clear goals for the son. Proper motivation is the right way to achieve the desired result. Boys born on Tuesday often choose risk-taking professions: rescuer, military, policeman.

Male names for boys born on Tuesday: Jacob.

Names by Days of Week

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