V Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

v“V” represents fabrication. You are a seer - you have great intuition. Sometimes you may even feel psychic. But be careful - with a strong imagination, it may be hard to separate fact from fiction. You have lofty goals and the will to bring them into reality. Use your efficiency, but be careful not to be too eccentric - that is a danger. Also beware your own unpredictability and possessiveness. These, with this letter in their names, are honest and fair people. They make wonderful allies. They are loyal to a fault. What you see is what you get with them. Genuine behavior is a better quality of theirs.

Diligently they go after what they want and are not afraid to work hard. Very industrious, they are also efficient in their work. Thus their work looks simpler than it is. “V’s” are quite handy at anything they set their minds to, producing wonderful results. Practicality is a strong point with them. Choosing what they consider the most useful behavior, to achieve their goals, is their way of working. One step at a time is their motto.

You rarely can change a “V’s” mind. They know who they are and refuse to let others opinions sway theirs. Some might call them inflexible. Their strong constitutions keep them going when others might give up. With good natures, they are very sociable. They love parties, both the giving and the visiting. Anytime is good for a party in their minds. As gregarious as they are, they draw crowds.

Sensitive and emotional, they are passionate about their feelings. “V’s” imagination can sometimes be their worst enemy, especially when they care for someone. Envy and jealousy can run rampant in their lives. Negative “V’s” are frivolous and totally unpredictable.

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