W Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

w“W” represents self-expression and resourcefulness. You think from the gut and you have a great sense of purpose. You are also an active person - mentally and literally: you like to be involved in as many activities as possible. Your charisma means you surround yourself with interesting people, because you stimulate excellent conversation. Try not to put things off, and take full advantage of your own creativity. With persistence, a person with a “W” in their name goes after what they want. These are some of the most determined people around. Like the crab, they do not give up but instead circle until they find other ways to accomplish their goal.

Others seem to find the “W” person one of the most attractive of all the letters. Although most “W’s” are introverts, others are not aware of the trait. They truly enjoy the people they love around them. Confidence in their independence makes them more willing to allow others to become close to them. They have a magnetic personality that calls to others. Not only do they have animal magnetism but they also have the charm to keep people interested in them.

These fascinating individuals give no indications of knowing those who love them consider them mysterious. Because they hold their cards close to the vest, they give the illusion of being loners. This quality draws others to them. They are loners but with a love of people. Relying on themselves only, they can afford to make others feel as if they are needed. Very sociable, they are good mixers and make other people happy. If someone needs a good mystery to life, they are more than happy to provide it.

“W’s” do not mind taking risks but they like a sure thing. Being creative, they can structure most scenarios to fit their needs. Negative “W’s” are unstable. Too fond of taking risks, they may loose all they have. They consider cutting corners for their own good just plain good business. It has to catch up to them one day.

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