Wednesday Born Names

Mercury — the planet of lightness and fun, gives people a changeable disposition. People born on Wednesday feel the full impact of this mysterious celestial body. Children are characterized by mobility, it is difficult for them to sit long in one place. They prefer big noisy companies, find pleasure in communication. Possess a rich imagination, often wishful thinking. At the same time so good and charming creatures that it is difficult to suspect them of bad intentions.

Children born on Wednesday, need to communicate with close relatives, brother or sister - the indisputable authority. They feel comfortable in a circle of their peers, their opinion is decisive. Parents should be condescending to the wishes of the child, it is impossible to show strength in the relationship. The categorical inhibitions and the mentor tone of adults can alienate the little man forever.

Wednesday Born Girls

Girls born on Wednesday are prone to change. It is vital for them to change their hairstyle and outfits, they are happy to design their room. Parents can win the trust of the child, if they do not interfere in their endeavors, they will not harshly criticize the actions of their daughter. Girls will listen more to advice made in a delicate, unobtrusive manner. Perhaps the baby does not immediately agree, but there is no doubt that she will heed the advice of adults.

The patronage of Mercury determines the lightness of character, girls are always ready for adventure, they are constantly in motion. A rich imagination and passion for reading can lead to the choice of a profession related to literature: a teacher, a journalist, a writer. Mercury is the god of commerce, so you shouldn’t be surprised at the entrepreneurial spirit of your beloved child. Girls born on Wednesday are contradictory natures, they are characterized by frequent changes of activity. Able to achieve success if they are not under pressure from loved ones.

Female names for girls born on Wednesday: Albina, Aurora, Elizabeth, Emma, Julia, Venus, Zoe.

Wednesday Born Boys

Mercury is a planet of free thinking. Boys under the auspices of the planet do not recognize strict limits. They seek understanding, they need the support of like-minded people. They need the advice of wise people who can curb excessive impulsiveness. Extremely peace-loving natures avoid conflict situations. They try to find a common language with any person, they most of all trust their neighbor. Too authoritarian influence of adults can lead to the development of complexes.

Patronage of the planet will give children born on Wednesday, mathematical abilities. Boys, for all their restlessness, over time, become excellent experts in the field of auditing and accounting. Often show acting talent, get great pleasure from the opportunity to try on different images. With all the passion given hobby, even if you have to show talent in a narrow family circle or at a school play.

Male names for boys born on Wednesday: Julian.

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