Winter Names

Children born in winter are considered the most resistant both physically and spiritually. They are distinguished by the severity of character, hardness and independence. At the beginning of winter, more assertive and impulsive children are born, and closer to spring - more sentimental and soft. Winter kids are hardy and goal-oriented, they have great potential for a successful life. They have tremendous will power and self-control, but these traits of character, like any other qualities, must be recognized and developed in time.

A sensual and romantic soul often hides behind external severity and “thick-skinnedness”. Winter people find it difficult to open up and show feelings to the fullest. They are suspicious and suspicious. Winter child quickly learns new information, gains useful life experience. At school, he is a diligent and diligent student. Often it is difficult for him to get along with the children’s team, he often becomes a recluse.

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Female Winter Names for Girls

Many winter girls are endowed with male character traits. They are firm, adamant, do not give themselves to hurt. Such kids tend to independence and try to get rid of parental care early on. Winter girl knows how to achieve what she wants, but she needs to be trained to order and housework. She does not like to clean or cook, instead playing with the boys in the yard. Winter girls often become successful athletes.

Despite the coldness and toughness of character, the majority of girls born in the winter season suffer from depression and stew in their own juice. They have an introvertive nature and often an anxious soul. In adolescence, they avoid noisy parties, but they read a lot and study well. The winter girl is a true friend, but her trust must be earned. She makes new friends with caution, and, in general, gets used to people for a long time. Among the winter babes, the naughty princesses are rarely found. Usually they are patient and do not bother adults over trifles.

Winter Female Names: Lily, Venus, Zoe.

Male Winter Names for Boys

Boys born at the beginning of the season are active and restless, but they can show brilliant self-control if they wish. In the middle of winter are born the most enduring and balanced kids. At the end of the season, intellectuals and philosophers are born who are able to give the world many new discoveries. Winter boys have a great adaptation to the environment. They adapt well to a new climate, a new team and circumstances. In dealing with such a child is very difficult, because it is closed and dry.

In parallel with the inner sentimentality, winter boys may develop cruelty and callousness. Therefore, it is not necessary to educate them too strictly and to infringe on innocent children’s desires. Not all such children can appreciate the beauty of nature, because they were born in a cold and "lifeless" period. Therefore, they need to instill a love of beauty, to develop an aesthetic taste and to teach charity. At school, winter boys prefer the exact sciences. They do not seek to be the first everywhere, but, nevertheless, achieve good results.

Winter Male Names: Albert, Eric, Simon.

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