Y Letter Name Meanings Dictionary

y“Y” is the letter representing independence. This letter is sometimes used as a vowel such as an “I,” and as such brings more power to the name. You are freedom-loving and like to break rules and push the envelope. Your ambition and courage make you naturally independent, even though you come across as reserved. You are stylish. Be careful not to be too slow in making decisions - trust your natural gift of intuition! As enterprising people, they are daring. With ambition they have what it takes to obtain their goals. Knowing what they want and going after it is one of their stronger traits.

Their progressive thinking helps others to believe in what they can all achieve bringing success to those who are in business with them. Loving freedom as they do, they hate restraint. Holding them down in any way causes them to try and break free. When they want something, others need not try to hinder them. Kicking and pushing all they way, they will achieve their goals. Put no limitation on them because “Y” people will make it their job to show you they can. It matters not what the situation, a “Y” person thinks they can accomplish anything.

With progressive thinking, they are usually on the cutting edge of new technology or services. It is not to keep up with the “Jones” but to keep ahead of the rest. They love anything that is new and different because of their pioneering spirit. “Y’s” are refined people who love the good life. Having good taste in their homes and surroundings, others love to visit.

It is usually said of a “Y” person that they have good manners. They expect the same of others. Sometimes a “Y” in the name can add more challenges to the life. If you have two or more “Y’s,” then the responsibility is greater. Negative “Y’s” are sometimes indecisive when faced with multiple choices. Being hesitant can cause them to miss out on some of the better benefits in life.

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