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People from ancient times attributed the name of magical power, considering that it represents the coded meaning of fate. There are many theories, versions and opinions that interpret the meaning of a name, its origin in different ways, but they all believe that a name influences the formation of a person’s character, and therefore his fate. Today, young parents are very responsible for choosing the name of their baby.

People sincerely believe that through the name of nature contributes to the disclosure of the inner essence of the child, his self-expression. What parents do not wish happiness to their children, successfully developing fate? At least by the name, the first thing they can do for their child, they try to direct their baby on the path of success and good luck. Many turn to astrology — one of the most ancient teachings.

The personal horoscope of a child is a cosmic drawing at the time of its birth. The influence of the planets on the state of the earth’s crust, climate, and human psyche has long been proven. The basis of astrology is the system of influence of ten planets. At the time of the birth of man, the planets are in a certain position. In the process of movement of the planets, their influence changes. Astrologers divided the circle into sectors (houses) and described the influence of each planet while they were in each of them. The position of all the planets during the birth of a person — this is his horoscope, which determines his fate.

Astrologers believe that names can be divided by type and effect on the twelve groups corresponding to the signs of the zodiac. Each group means a certain psychotype, which develops under the influence of a name. This sign may or may not coincide with the sign of its birth, but is a factor that influences the overall picture. From this point of view, they consider the person who bears the name and the sign of his birth. This combination more fully reflects the characteristics of a particular person. In addition to these features, it is believed that each sign corresponds to metal, stone, wood, plant, animal patron and day of the week.

The combination of a name horoscope with a birth date horoscope, even if it is composed only of the Sun, that is, only according to the signs of the zodiac, gives a fairly accurate characterization, in any case, is of the greatest importance in determining the qualities of a person and his passions and abilities, although he does not include many aspects related to the influence of other planets and their location at the time of birth. Sometimes these influences are quite strong, and sometimes they play almost no role. It also happens that the name reflects a transitional character between two neighboring signs of the zodiac. Then the names are selected, suitable for both signs of the zodiac.

The above list of names on the signs of the zodiac will help with the choice of one or another name in order to maximize the expression of personal qualities of a person. Belonging to a certain sign of the zodiac already affects the character of a person, but the name can strengthen or weaken the manifestation of these qualities. So, for example, soft muffled sounds give the carrier a name more flexibility, modesty, calmness. Such people are usually weaker than those in whose name there are solid sounds.

Aries Child

Aries is a selfish sign, belonging to it defines the following qualities of a person: vanity, decisiveness, stubbornness. Aries fearlessly defend their point of view, show extreme perseverance in achieving their plans. At the same time they are distinguished by children’s naivety and straightness. The successful combination of the name with the horoscope guarantees Aries welfare and success in life.

Aries Names: Alina, Anastasia, Emilia.

Taurus Child

Taurus are whole natures. Distinctive character traits: perseverance, hard work, decency. Tauruses enjoy the well-deserved respect of close people, you can rely on them in difficult times of life. The name belonging to the sign of Taurus, has a beneficial effect on the fate of a person: the positive qualities are strengthened, the negative ones are smoothed out.

Taurus Names: Agatha, Aurora.

Gemini Child

People born under the constellation Gemini are subject to frequent mood changes. With enviable ease make new friends, strive to communicate. Gemini has a sharp mind, can achieve a high position. At the same time, they are distinguished by lack of coordination and restlessness. Properly chosen name will help reduce the negative impact of celestial bodies on the fate of man.

Gemini Names: Albina.

Cancer Child

Cancer is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. People under the influence of the moon surprise with their inconstancy: vulnerable people, if necessary, are capable of decisive action. Cancers are loyal partners, they need family support. Successful compatibility of the name and zodiac sign will help to achieve success, a person will go through life, bypassing possible troubles.

Cancer Names: Elizabeth, Eva.

Leo Child

Leo — the fire sign of the zodiac, clearly indicates the passionate nature of their representatives. Born leaders do not recognize someone else’s superiority, distinctive qualities: demanding, overconfident, decency. Leo shows true nobility, trying to help loved ones. A poorly chosen name can significantly weaken the position of the royal zodiac sign.

Leo Names: Diana, Julia.

Virgo Child

Virgos are decent, honest people with inner strength. Distinctive character traits: pedantry, modesty, diligence, responsibility. Virgos know how to succeed, stubbornly go to the target. An incorrectly chosen name can lead to disharmony; a person born under the sign of Virgo can acquire numerous complexes.

Virgo Names: Alice.

Libra Child

Libra — dual personalities with conflicting character traits. All life trying to find harmony, subject to frequent mood changes. They doubt about a long time before making an important decision, but they clearly follow their choice. Libra is different slowness, carefully weigh all the arguments. A well-chosen name will help the representatives of this zodiac sign to achieve inner harmony.

Libra Names: Adam, Chloe, Jacob, Julian.

Scorpio Child

Scorpio is a strong sign of the zodiac with powerful energy. People with developed intuition are able to carry others around. Distinctive features: mind, willpower, perseverance. Scorpios are faithful partners, ready for many sacrifices for the sake of loved ones, will try to protect the family from difficulties and hardships. Compliance with the name of the sign of the zodiac gives confidence in a prosperous future person.

Scorpio Names: Alexandra, Emma, Evelina, Sophia.

Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius want to have a lot in life: take place in the profession, make a world tour, create a strong family. They are distinguished by a rare vitality, they are open to new impressions. To achieve the desired goal, Sagittarius is ready for many sacrifices, possess all the necessary qualities: commitment, perseverance, optimism. Properly chosen name will bring good luck to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Names: Venus.

Capricorn Child

People born under the sign of Capricorn, always achieve their goals: power, money, recognition. Easily sacrifice family happiness for the sake of a successful career. They try not to show their feelings, are restrained in communication. Capricorns are excellent organizers at work, reliable friends in everyday life. A successful combination of the name and the horoscope will help strengthen the positive characteristics of the zodiac sign.

Capricorn Names: Albert, Lily, Simon, Zoe.

Aquarius Child

Representatives of the sign Aquarius are reputed to be dreamers and originals. Creative people are gifted with many talents, they are distinguished by childlike spontaneity. They find pleasure in communication, they need new impressions. Character weaknesses that prevent you from building a successful career: inconsistency, forgetfulness. The name that corresponds to the horoscope will help smooth out the negative characteristics of the zodiac sign.

Aquarius Names: Eric.

Pisces Child

Pisces — the last sign of the zodiac, belonging to which indicates a high spiritual development of person. Pisces are willing to sacrifice their interests in the well-being of loved ones. They have a friendly character, easily converge with people. They prefer to lead a quiet life, indifferent to wealth and luxury. The successful combination of a name and a horoscope will help the child to become more resolute and avoid many disappointments in life.

Pisces Names: Alexander.

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