Aquarius Names

The constellation of Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, the designation of which is a male figure with a jug from which water pours out. The name of this constellation goes back to the Sumerian myths about the heavenly god Ana, sending water to the earth, as well as about the spill of Tigris and Euphrates, which happened just when the Sun was in Aquarius. Despite the "watery" nature of the constellation, astrology attributes its sign to the elements of air, and its controlling planet is Uranus. Because of this, both the female and male characters of Aquarius are very changeable and contradictory, value independence and in every way avoid boredom and routine.

Due to the external attractiveness and high intelligence along with sociability, they have many friends and useful acquaintances, and the ability to generate original ideas allows you to successfully conduct new projects and risky experiments. Impulsiveness, the desire to immediately improve everything often leads to disregard for real deeds and concrete people, as well as eccentricity and stubbornness. Choosing names for Aquarius, you need to strive to strengthen their creative features, adding to them thoroughness, logical thinking, perseverance.

Female Aquarius Names

These women are pleasantly distinguished by charm, dedication, efficiency and carelessness of character. They are in any case friendly and beautiful. These bright, elegant creatures can equally easily get carried away with a love adventure, or with the utmost seriousness and responsibility to deal with everyday problems. The woman whose name is ruled by the sign of Aquarius, faithful friends, and in relationships with people, they are disinterested and sensitive. Despite the fact that such women do not like to quarrel, they always speak as they think, not to be afraid to express their opinions.

Having a social mind, try to resist any violence. Witty interlocutors, beautiful dancers, they attract men with elegance and extravagance. Women with the name Aquarius usually marry early, but are rarely happy. Compromise in marriage is not recognized. They love with full dedication that they do not receive from their partners. A man who has chosen to partner with a woman whose character is influenced by Aquarius should know that he was lucky with the choice. She will support in him the desire to remain young, strong, healthy; always be able to create some pleasant excitement in a relationship.

Male Aquarius Names

Such men are distinguished by restraint, dreaminess, controversy, extravagance and originality. Among friends, colleagues, other people consider him an eccentric. Men with the name of the sign Aquarius think outside the box; it is surprising that he can change his mind unexpectedly quickly and easily. With all his strength, with enviable persistence and perseverance, he tries to realize his amazing ideas. From time to time he wants a renewal of life, everything familiar is not happy, but annoying.

Men, whose name is affected by the sign of Aquarius, are always looking for new girlfriends to plunge into interesting love adventures and adventures. His love can be swift and sudden. He is all given to these surging feelings. But, just as quickly, his feelings fade away. Until the end of his days, such a man will be fascinated by new women, as if writing new passionate novels. A woman who has chosen such an Aquarius as her partner must remember her constant desire for change.

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