Capricorn Names

The meaning and energy of the Capricorn zodiac constellation can be attributed to one of the most complex. According to one of the legends most closely related to the astrological characteristics of this sign, Capricorn is Zeus’s milk brother, the son who reared the supreme deity of the goat Amalthea, with whom he entered the victorious battle against Kronos-Saturn, thereby defeating the all-powerful Time. The carriers of this zodiac sign have a special relationship with time — and suitable male and female names can in no small degree help strengthen the positive energy of the Capricorn constellation and mitigate its negative aspects.

Female Capricorn Names

These are independent, purposeful, secretive natures. From year to year they seem even more beautiful. Women whose name is controlled by Capricorn are very clever and insightful. In life matters, they are distinguished by practicality. They are uncommunicative and live more in their own inner world. In private life, in the family, in love, such women are too restrained, often cool, and therefore crisis situations may arise from time to time in these relationships.

Temporary, fleeting romantic meetings, their relations are not interested. They know how to organize their work correctly, trying to be independent in everything. In society, they behave secretly, and they take matters seriously, responsibly. Women named Capricorn are always caring mothers, but with children they are strict and demanding. Men who have chosen a woman whose name is headed by Capricorn should remember that if they win her heart and disposition, then their relationship will be loyal, strong and strong. In relationships, you need to show confidence, perseverance and be consistent.

Male Capricorn Names

These men are different in that they are sensitive, hardy, but ambitious. As a true realist, he is also rational in everything, conservative. Men who are under the influence of the sign of Capricorn, are sustained, hardy, and are distinguished by extraordinary diligence. He aggressively and very stubbornly goes to a happy future.

Ambition is the trait of a male Capricorn that helps him achieve honor, authority and respect in society. He does not like big and noisy companies, parties of friends and prefers his own personal society to them. Loyalty and fidelity in marriage are the undeniable advantages of men named Capricorn. This is accompanied by a sense of duty and responsibility for the family, for his relatives, whom he will protect and protect. A woman in such a family can be calm and confident in her husband, whom she counts on in any situation. We can say that she was lucky.

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