Leo Names

Leo refers to the fifth sign of the zodiac. The name of this constellation is associated with the legend of the first feat of Hercules — the deliverance of the inhabitants of the city of Nemea from the monstrous lion descendant of Typhon and Echidna (a scene in which the ancient hero strangles a terrible beast, from the skin of which the arrows bounced off, is a very common plot of ancient sculptures). This sign has fiery symbolism, it is patronized by the Sun, and its representatives, even women, have a pronounced masculinity and desire to dominate in their character. At the same time, the royal Leo is filled with pride and dignity, he is always aware of his responsibility and spares no efforts to prove himself in full splendor.

The sun, corresponding to this sign of the zodiac, is the center of the planetary system, gives life and warmth — in the same way Leo gives his powerful energy to everyone around him, but at the same time it is important for him to excel in everything. If he sees that the surrounding people do not recognize his authority, the creation will be replaced by indifference, fussiness, ineffectual switching from one business to another. The main mistakes of Leo are the attribution to others of the same properties (generosity, generosity, disability) that he himself possesses. A properly chosen name for a boy or girl belonging to this sign should strengthen his creative energy, and at the same time mitigate such negative traits of character as stubbornness, capriciousness, superficial judgments, etc.

Female Leo Names

In family life, this is a good, ideal wife, a beautiful hostess, a caring loving mother. Women whose name is ruled by the sign of Leo is distinguished by openness of nature, decency, and cheerfulness. Ready to help others, to bestow their spiritual warmth, such women do not expect anything in return. Most likely, they will sacrifice something dear, by itself, just to make others happy. They love higher secular society. Women with the name of Leo can flirt, flirt, preferring a male company, but will surely and decisively part with unwanted boyfriends.

They behave generously and very demanding with those they love. Reputation and unique prestige in society helps them to gain self-confidence, inner pride, a very developed sense of self-esteem and the desire to be visible. Men who have chosen a woman with the name of Leo as their life partner must remember that they will fight bravely and courageously under any circumstances for the happiness, peace, and well-being of their loved ones. Their real first love will forever remain in the heart.

Male Leo Names

Men with the name of Leo will love to be better than others, to surpass everyone, in this regard, they tend to have a reward, rank, title (and no matter in what area). They set themselves lofty goals, make exorbitant plans, but for their realization they make any sacrifices and are ready to sacrifice their conscience. Men, whose name is led by Leo, are demanding to everyone and everything in life: to his personality, to people around him, to the world as a whole. Such individuals try to accomplish what they do even better, even more. They are picky and very smart.

Men, whose names are governed by Leo, show openness of the soul, unlimited generosity, which attracts many people to them. In their personal lives, they are able to manifest real feelings: deep, solid and strong. His wife will find no reason to complain. A woman who has chosen a life partner with the name of Leo must know that he demands unconditional recognition of his authority, constant attention to his person, otherwise a noisy scandal may follow, and the result of a quarrel may be a rupture of family relations.

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