Libra Names

The fact that the name affects the fate of a person is not doubted by almost anyone. From the point of view of astrology, the name consisting of a certain combination of letters, and the sound of each of them is a combination of certain planets, which in their totality determine the positive and negative qualities of a person, his relationship with other people. From this point of view, for each sign of the zodiac there is a certain set of male and female names, which are most conducive to unlocking the potential of those born under it. How to choose the name of a boy or girl born under the constellation Libra, which corresponds to the planet (more precisely, the planetoid) aesthetes and diplomats Chiron?

Female Libra Names

These women are distinguished by self-love, capriciousness. They are outwardly charming, have a beautiful physique. Women with the name of Libra love expensive things, jewelry, love luxury and comfort. They have such a charm that men do not have the strength to resist. Already at a young age, the girls bearing the name of Libra have many admirers, early learn the art of passion and all the delights of love adventures, make many mistakes that in later life hinder the growth of self-awareness and the formation of independence. These beautiful creatures are afraid to remain alone, depend on the choice of men.

Women of whose names are influenced by the sign of Libra are able to enjoy love and satisfy men. For them, the most important things in life remain: the desire to be loved, successful marriage and lovemaking. Men who have chosen such a woman as their partner need to know that not everyone can win her, because not everyone is ready to create such a luxurious life for her.

Male Libra Names

These men are distinguished by elegance, poise and loving. In relationship with other people, they are polite, courteous, amiable, easy-going and fun. For men, whose name is headed by the sign of Libra, it is very important that the house be wealthy, luxury, and around it - fame, recognition, external brilliance. Such people can be both cheerful, fun, and windy and frivolous. They do not like to engage in disputes, conflicts, try to avoid them.

Men with the name of Libra cannot live alone, and in their home they strive for comfort, coziness; they need all life comforts and a favorable environment. Ambition is their main character trait. If a woman chose a man with the name Libra, she needs to remember that if there is adultery, he will never forgive this: it will all end in divorce. Such men decide to marry in the second half of life.

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