Pisces Names

Zodiac constellation Pisces is named after the goddess of love Aphrodite and her son Eros, who escaped from the terrible Python by turning into fishes and hiding in the river. The dominant planet of this sign is Neptune, associated with the constant flow of life and its variability, which is reflected now in illusions, now in full penetration into the identity of another person. Therefore, people born under the sign of Pisces are particularly sensitive and receptive to the thoughts and moods of others, they unconsciously perceive the views of others and are very dependent on circumstances. Some mysteriousness and complexity are constantly present around the carriers of this sign, and the names for Pisces should be chosen so as to help them to stand firmly on their feet in the future and achieve their goals without losing the best in Pisces character.

Female Pisces Names

These women are distinguished by grace, ability to contemplate, attractiveness and a bright personality. These women sincerely give love, show tenderness, dedication and want the same reciprocal feelings for themselves. Having a soft heart, those whose name is governed by the sign of Pisces receive less from their loved ones than they give themselves. In private life, love is often disappointed, sad. If the feelings are sincere, and the partner is faithful to them, then the women are loyal and faithful to their chosen ones, becoming wonderful mothers and wives.

Women, with the name of the sign of Pisces, due to the ability to show greater spiritual flexibility, will take their rightful place in different situations and circumstances, skillfully show their abilities in various fields. If a man chose a woman with the name of Pisces as his partner, then he needs to know that after you are enticed and enchanted, great happiness will not always follow. The fact is that they always strive to increase material well-being. It is not easy for a man to understand her thoughts, her intentions.

Male Pisces Names

These men are distinguished by their masculinity, sincerity, generosity. He loves to dream so much that his dream-projects remain only on the lips of others and him. Those men whose names are affected by the sign of Pisces often work only when they have nowhere to go. In other variants — he is overcome by laziness and talks about future material benefits, about career heights and social uplift. Since he does not know how to work, he is always looking for an opportunity to adapt himself in his life, hoping for a happy occasion. As his mood, and feelings, plans also often change.

Tenderness, softness, gentleness — those traits that are characteristic of the nature of men with the name of Pisces. Their friendliness, combined with his inherent cunning and slyness, promotes diplomacy and even some mystery. He enjoys success with women; in intimate feelings, in love, he is a master of his craft. But, women, whose life is connected with such people, should be ready to accept him so that he can hide the truth about himself, about his actions, and embellish his qualities. It is unlikely that a woman will ever know the truth about his thoughts. Cleverly, with pleasure, he will find the right words and actions to console those who suffer, who are unhappy.

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