Sagittarius Names

The name influences the character and fate of a person no less than the date of birth and the zodiac sign. Astrologers recommend choosing names for children, taking into account the nature of a particular sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) is an open, honest and cheerful person. His positive qualities are clearly manifested in early childhood. Male and female names for the children of this astrological period should be chosen "bright", noble and not too rough, so that they do not disagree with the energy of the sign.

Female Sagittarius Names

The owners of these names are distinguished by practicality, extravagance and independence. She enjoys the art world, loves animals. A woman whose name is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius is deft, unbridled, original, practical, possessing an independent mindset and the same character. In any field of activity they achieve success.

Women bearing the name of Sagittarius fall in love early, but none of the men can satisfy her, keep her close, so she suffers several divorces in her life. Such a woman prefers a man with a broad outlook, experienced, imposing. If something does not suit her, then the search for a new experience, a partner, will continue tirelessly. A man who chooses such a woman as his partner needs to know that this person has a forever young soul, so she is prone to various romantic adventures and adventures. She has extensive experience in intimate life and a wide knowledge of love.

Male Sagittarius Names

The carriers of such names are distinguished by such traits as good-naturedness, resilience, frivolity and wastefulness. Those men whose name is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius love traveling, and eloquence is their inalienable talent. They are optimistic in all life situations, therefore any obstacles and difficulties on their way overcome and are not amenable to circumstances. This contributes to the courage and courage inherent in such men.

They love to dream, plan and always persevere, with dignity, achieve their goal. Men named Sagittarius have great willpower. In society, they are frank and straightforward. In a family with Sagittarius man is not easy, because he is attracted by new adventures, hikes, dating. Home comfort, the warmth of the hearth can not contain the extremely freedom-loving and independent nature of this person. A woman who has chosen such a man as a partner should know that in his soul there will always be a place for other friends. No matter how beautiful and clever she is, it will not change his temper.

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