Scorpio Names

Astrologers agree that the name for the child must be chosen not only taking into account the parental preferences, but also in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. Names for Scorpios should be in harmony with the character traits of the representatives of this sign. The discord between them can lead to serious contradictions and internal conflicts. Parents can name the baby as they like, and compare their choice with the recommendations of astrologers.

Female Scorpio Names

Such women are honest, but suspicious and secretive. They are incredibly attractive, attracting to them an incomprehensible mysterious force. The woman whose name is ruled by the sign of Scorpio is diligent, industrious, cares about others; all the while stubbornly struggling with his laziness. Application of their abilities can be found in different areas of activity. Love of power is a quality that is clearly manifested in the character of such women.

Well knowing their own worth, they choose such a partner on whom they can rely in any difficult life situations: noble and reliable. Women with the name of Scorpio do not consult with anyone in personal affairs, preferring to solve all the problems themselves. A man who has chosen a woman whose name is ruled by Scorpio as his partner should know that her feelings are always loyal, deep and strong. Over time, she gets better, treats a man with understanding and prudence.

Male Scorpio Names

These men are different in that they are energetic, temperamental, sexy, but tough. Men, whose name is controlled by Scorpio, are very hardworking, workable up to ancient age. In relationships in society they act roughly, too straightforwardly. They are always confident, love communication. If faced with disagreements or contradictions, they can always eliminate them.

His wife, such a man considers something of property, which he owns completely. A man named Scorpio, his wife will never change. A woman who has chosen such a man as her partner needs to remember that he easily and accurately sees a lie, so you should not deceive him. The reaction to deception will be very strict.

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