Taurus Names

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac circle, which got its name in honor of the myth of Zeus, turned into a bull to kidnap the beautiful Phoenician princess Europe. It is a sign of earth and fertility, it is the personification of development, perseverance, willpower, it is under the auspices of the planet Venus. Taurus is independent and independent, they do not need a happy event or someoneโ€™s protection, and the internal energy allows them to overcome even the most adverse life circumstances. The carriers of this sign are soft by nature, but they do not miss the opportunity to impose their opinions on others. However, they are not prone to impulsive actions and can sometimes remain inactive for a long time, losing excellent opportunities. Choosing names for Taurus, it is necessary to take into account both the energy of this sign and the influence of this name on the character.

Female Taurus Names

Women with the names of Taurus are wonderful hostesses and housewives, with a highly developed sense of motherly love and care. They are distinguished by their realistic outlook on life and a practical approach to resolving any issues. They are characterized by extraordinary femininity, softness and tenderness. In the first place in women named Taurus is the family hearth and children. In life, they always show concern and loyalty, which gives the right to consider them excellent partners. In relationships, they seek stability and strength, preferring to build and cherish. Women with the name Taurus are property owners by nature, and itโ€™s not so important whether they are talking about a partner or their things: they will defend and try to return what is theirs with all their might.

However, we must give them their due, because they are no less stubborn in defending their world of feelings. It is very important for them to feel beautiful up to their old age, so these women tenderly save their youth, trying to prolong it. Men who have made their choice in favor of women with the name of Taurus need to remember that the chosen one can forgive you and your actions, but never forget them. Winning the heart of this beautiful persona is not so easy, but your efforts will return a hundredfold.

Male Taurus Names

Men with the Taurus name love life and try to take from her all the charms. They have a large energy reserve, which, if the lifestyle is not right, can, however, be spent pretty quickly. They prefer the pleasures that can be obtained from material things, considering that earthly joys require financial reinforcement. In their life, they devote a significant place to money, preferring to save more than spend, in connection with which they always try to be in those life circles where there is a smell of bills.

Men with the name of Taurus are excellent partners who place loyalty and devotion above all else in relationships. In addition, it is the ideal fathers for children. Such a man has a magnetic sexuality, and also has a tendency to romanticism and beautiful actions that are distinguished by sincerity. They are looking for a reliable friend who will be close to them in spirit. The second half of a man named Taurus will have to accept his innate stubbornness, pride and self-will. They can not stand the lies and betrayals: otherwise they will take revenge on you for your actions. For their part, they will give their partner an oath of eternal love and will cherish it, which will be demanded of her. For such men, trust is the fundamental basis of a strong relationship, so with its loss it will be impossible to keep Taurus.

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