Birthday Number: 1

The first number of people are born with great creative potential. They are original and independent. They are hard to force to change their beliefs. They are self-confident, but have one major flaw. Their selfishness and high arrogance can alienate others. If this does not happen, then a good leader will emerge from people born on the first day. His innovative spirit and initiative are capable of much in the business field. In personal relationships, they are modest and indecisive. Often they can not express their feelings, no matter how strong they are.

The number 1 symbolizes the sun. The first of all numbers is the basis on which everything rests. Therefore, it is the head of the family of numbers. People born on this day, creative and inventive nature. They hold their views firmly and possess enormous power of conviction. Therefore, they are not very fond of restrictions and unsolicited advice. They prefer to work alone, regardless of others, whether equal or subordinate. All this taken together makes them mini– (and sometimes maxi–) dictators.

These people are very ambitious and have tremendous determination and willpower, which in action manifests itself as stubbornness and waywardness. A child born on the 1st will not calm down until his demand is satisfied, and in order to do it in his own way, he will turn everything upside down. Such people need tactful treatment. People born on this day climb to the very top of the career ladder if the palm line coincides with the results of numerology analysis.

Birthday Number 1 – Job and Career

The profession you choose should open up opportunities for finding new methods, unexpected solutions, intellectual breakthroughs. Otherwise, your flexible mind, resourcefulness, ingenuity and courage will be wasted. Monotony and routine are disastrous for you. At the same time, work that requires imagination, decisiveness and a positive attitude will suit perfectly. Therefore, if you are, say, interested in appliances, you will be able to create exclusive car models in your garage, but you will not last a month as a collector on the conveyor.

You will not work as a salesman in a store with fixed prices, but you can reach the heights of excellence in real estate trading, where you need assertiveness, mobility, quick response and the ability to convince. By the same principle, one should choose a specialty in any field, be it science, finance, medicine or education. The main thing that one day was not an exact copy of another.

Birthday Number 1 – Love and Family

Character traits corresponding to the number of birthday 1, adequately affect the choice of partner for family life. The leader needs a "slave". That is, an intelligent, capable, competent and independent person, ready, however, to follow you without reasoning. And — only voluntarily.

Your life will never be measured and calm. You are a fascinating nature, diversity is your “daily bread”, you often change the direction and course of action under the influence of circumstances. And your partner should be ready for this. Otherwise, the day will definitely come when you have to choose between the family and the business of your life.

Birthday 1 Number

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