Birthday Number: 11

People born on the 11th are distinguished for their rich spiritual world. The number 11 is one of the most difficult, since its components and the sum of two numbers are opposite to each other. The number 11 is two units, and therefore it has the double qualities of the number 1, but the sum of these figures is 2, which is diametrically opposite, therefore, people 11 are very difficult to understand. Their strong point is mercy and inner cultivation. Material values mean nothing to them. They have a unique inner sense that never fails them. People whose birthday is on the 11th. Appreciate the meaning of the word and do not throw it to the wind. Their advice is always given on the merits and will definitely benefit. The vocation of these people is to treat people, first of all, by surgery.

They are highly ambitious and cannot be satisfied with second place. They are energetic, enterprising, very individual and independent. They make hard decisions. These are positive characters, very brave, but under it all is sensitivity and delicacy. They are great plans and brilliantly carry out their plans, if they act immediately. It should appear fluctuations, they are gone. They plan bold plans, but often they lack the courage to bring them to life. They want to impose their will on others, but they are too soft by nature to do so. They come into conflict because of the desire to freely express their views and, at the same time, they are too sensitive to the feelings of others. They should have their say, but they do it in the form of pinpricks, instead of saying it all straight. Their inability to stand up in the open and fight as they would like to, leads them to despair, and therefore they become first-class grumblers. They will "peck" instead of "shake out" all at once.

In general, they are very sensitive, but since the number includes two units, they are often completely unpredictable. Sometimes they can talk too much, and sometimes they are silent. When and what they will do, no one knows. Their colossal ambition makes one want more and more for oneself, but often their desires surpass their capabilities. It is here that failure awaits them. With a total of 2, these people cannot accept defeat, but they lack the strength to fight. The slightest failure for them is a disaster. While everything is going well, these are very positive people, but at the first signs of failure or opposition, they overlap and fall into deep despondency and pessimism.

Birthday Number 11 – Job and Career

By nature, you are more a theorist than a practitioner. The fundamental principles of being of interest to you much more than the anger of today. Therefore, you should not try yourself in a business that requires the ability to quickly respond to a specific situation. In this area, you can well prove yourself as a consultant who knows how to see the essence of what is happening and with high accuracy predict the consequences of each action. However, the most favorable and promising activity for you is science. Any, starting with astrophysics and ending with statistics.

Your analytical skills and the ability to link cause and effect will be an excellent tool for research. Another field of activity could not be more consistent with your talents. This is collective creativity. You will be able to designate a goal and set up a team to achieve it, at the same time cutting off deliberately unpromising areas of activity. You may not be the generator of ideas, but for sure you can be a “catalyst of the process”.

Birthday Number 11 – Love and Family

The quality of the personal, family life of a person with a birthday of 11 depends largely on luck. You are too sensitive to fight your desire. Therefore, even knowing in advance that communication with a specific person will not bring you anything but pain, you will not want to refuse to continue. And love, as we know, is evil. The object of your heart attraction can be a person whose character does not at all correspond to the needs of your soul.

And then the increased susceptibility will become your “Achilles’ heel”, which will constantly receive arrows of its negative manifestations. You definitely need to find a partner who can make your sensitivity a tool for strengthening relationships. First of all – at the level of physiology. After all, the responsiveness of the soul often involves the responsiveness of the body. You are a gentle and malleable person. You need to be "stroked on the fur".

Birthday 11 Number

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