Birthday Number: 12

In the number of twelve, according to the laws of numerology, there is an important force for all mankind. It plays an important role in dividing the day, determining the number of months in a year, and choosing the measure of length. People born on this day have great willpower. Thanks to this quality and innate mind, they are capable of many significant actions, even changing the world. At the same time, they are very sociable, have organizational abilities and strive for inner harmony. Despite the ambitiousness and unstoppable energy, the family remains the main priority for these people.

The number 1 in composition 12 is a bold number, full of initiative, courage, ambition and positive qualities of a leader. These people have intelligence, energy and somewhat resemble a bulldozer. On the other hand, the number 2 is a gentle, romantic dreamer, unsure, demanding constant approval, very clever, but not energetic. The sum of these two figures — 3, is also a very strong number, which is a reinforced number 1. In number 3, the leader turns into a dictator, and ambition turns into a thirst for power. The result is a positive one, under which lies insecurity and gentleness. The sensitivity of the number 2 is manifested in the fact that such people can be persuaded, not forced by force. This number is a good subordinate if the leader has tact and diplomacy. Bulldozer methods are not suitable here, and love can achieve anything.

Uncertainty can overcome the certainty of numbers 1 and 3, such people will always consult with others before they act. They need encouragement. They have the intelligence of number 2 and the practical mind of number 1. They are disciplined, like number 3, and systematically methodical, like 1. Excellent commanders come out of them, but unlike number 3, they are not rude with their subordinates. They seek to rule with consent. This is a very good number, as it has all the positive qualities of numbers 1 and 3. The disadvantages of number 2 are balanced.

Birthday Number 12 – Job and Career

You should choose a profession in the same way that others choose a partner for their personal life — based on their heart attraction. You must “sincerely and recklessly” love your work. Otherwise, nothing but money, you will not get from work. And the cash flow will be unstable — you can never show due diligence and determination in a profession that does not touch your soul. At the same time, your abilities are more than enough to master a wide variety of specialties.

First of all, this, of course, the field of art. You know how to capture the attention of listeners, even carrying frank nonsense. And this is a hint. You have the gift of the narrator. Try yourself in the literary field. You have every chance to succeed. However, this, of course, is not the only possibility. Your enthusiasm will provide you with results in any interesting endeavor. But do not forget that long-term planning is not your strongest side. Therefore, do not attempt to take leadership. By nature, you are an “engine”, but not a “steering wheel”.

Birthday Number 12 – Love and Family

In terms of personal relationships, you are a “precious gift” for anyone. Therefore, you can absolutely safely ignore what the "mirror" tells you. Your external data will not have a decisive influence on the achievement of a positive result. The main thing is that almost any person with you will always be fun and interesting. You yourself may be upset about a trifle, and even fall into despondency for a while. But never allow this to negatively affect the person with whom you are bound by life.

You will joke even in a hospital bed. And everyone will be able to appreciate it. Your vitality and optimism will set the tone for relationships, no matter how long they last. And there is hardly a person who wants to give them up without a very weighty reason. Such a reason could be adultery. In this regard, you, unfortunately, are not perfect.

Birthday 12 Number

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