Birthday Number: 14

People born on the 14th have a sharp, inquisitive mind. They are constantly in a love relationship, but not stable. Constantly on the horizon, a new hobby. They are great lovers and themselves attract the representatives of the opposite sex. It is sad that all their energy is wasted in love intrigues, they usually fail to build a career. They do not succeed in business. A negative trait is the inability of oneself to be controlled in a fit of rage. Later they will regret what they have said and what they have done, but it will be too late.

The birthday number 14 is three people in one. The two figures are opposite, and their sum 5 is a completely different character, but there is no big conflict here. 1 is a leader, quick-tempered and ambitious, 4 is very clever; methodical, pessimist and embezzler, the sum of these figures is a mercantile number, in which one god is money. This is the only combination of this kind. They combine ambition and greed for money.

Such people are very successful in material matters, as they have the gift of leadership, initiative and energy, intelligence, and can direct all their energy towards making money. They are, however, wasteful, but this quality is controlled by the number 5. Under all this is the pessimism of 4, but this, nevertheless, is not a very dominant feature. On the whole, 14 are ambitious, money-oriented, resolute and very successful people.

Birthday Number 14 – Job and Career

People with a birthday of 14 will never hear the word "incompetent" in relation to their own person. Such as you are able to engage in any activity, including — and illegal. There are not too many moral restrictions in your personal “statute”. Therefore, relationships with employees in the process of work interest you much more than any kind of professional manipulation. A place of service for you is a part of life, built on personal contacts of a special kind, and nothing more.

As a result, going to another job, you change first of all the environment, and not the specialty. Your knowledge and skills remain with you until the next “right occasion”. At the same time, you are always in demand — both as a professional and as a member of the team. You do not claim dominance, but quickly adapt to any team and soon become its indispensable component. This is more than enough to make a career. If you ever have such an intention.

Birthday Number 14 – Love and Family

You are predisposed from life to family life. Actually, otherwise you can’t imagine your own life. Of course, circumstances in this regard can be formed and unsuccessfully, but it will remain forever for the organized family life. You will be very unhappy living alone.

Beloved person, children, home — are your “anchors”, insurance against the consequences of an undeveloped sense of responsibility. They tie you to a certain way of life, direct your actions, and you, perforce, you have to answer for all this. Therefore, the family for you is not only a way of a stable and prosperous existence, but also the only opportunity to “get together” in order to realize yourself fully. It should be added that even rest alone — you are not happy. But, having left together with all the households in nature, you will be completely happy.

Birthday 14 Number

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