Birthday Number: 15

These dreamy natures have many talents, both in the creative and in the technical field. They have specific goals and are firmly approaching them. They manage to achieve great heights in their professional activities. People born on the 15th are distinguished by bright individualism, refined taste, charm, and attractiveness. They are sensitive and do not like criticism. Negative trait — lack of patience and strong susceptibility. These qualities often make it difficult to achieve the desired result.

This is a combination of 1 and 5. The number 1 is ambitious. The leader, intelligent and decisive, number 5 — Mercury, the planet of business and finance. The sum of these numbers is 6, a very romantic number, the planet Venus, affecting love and relationships with the other sex. This is a magnetic personality, attracting the opposite sex, like the flame of a moth. On the whole, 15 is a leader, mercantile, business man and romantic. Very interesting combination.

The mercantile spirit in this combination is suppressed by the romance of the number 6. 15 is a very stubborn number and, having made a decision, sticks to it, be it bad or good. This persistence is also manifested in work: they will never give up something that is not done. Such people rarely continue the business left by them: they transfer it under the leadership of others, while they themselves take on the new.

Birthday Number 15 – Job and Career

Your personality type is the dream of one great president. You are not asking what the world can do for you. You are interested in what you yourself can offer him. That is what your choice of profession is focused on. To patronize someone, maintain and take care — your needs is almost at the physiological level. On the other hand, an adequate assessment of your activities by others is essential for you. And in order to “kill two birds with one stone”, you need to choose a worthy profession, where money is paid for custody and care.

Obviously, the “first in line” is healthcare and social work. They therefore exist that people who need this kind of help will always be found. But your possibilities are far from being limited to these two areas. You can do good everywhere, there would be a desire. You can use any type of activity that allows you to give the world something useful and necessary.

Birthday Number 15 – Love and Family

You are a sensitive person and susceptible to the pain of others. You have what Zweig called "impatient of the heart". You can not easily pass by the one who is bad. Therefore, people of your type often enter into a long-term relationship or marriage, not with “the subject of tender passion,” but with a person who is very necessary. And this gives the relationship a special color.

There is no talk of "parity of the parties" — you are unconditionally the one on whom everything rests. But at the same time, you depend on the partner no less than he depends on you, since his appreciation and respect are necessary for you just as he needs your care and support. It is known that such marriages are the most durable. And if along with interdependence there is also mutual attraction, then it is safe to say that nothing threatens your personal happiness.

Birthday 15 Number

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