Birthday Number: 17

Those who were born on the 17th, devote their lives to the search for the meaning of life and the highest truth. Outwardly, these people seem to be strong, able to overcome serious obstacles to the goal, but few know about their delicate, sensitive soul. At the same time likes to be in the spotlight, do not tolerate failure. When making a decision, they usually rely on their own intuition, which often helps them, actions in various spheres — personal, industrial, and creative. He is a good worker who perfectly understands what he should do and how to do it.

It consists of 1 and 7, and the sum is 8, which makes this number very interesting. Here, the number 1 also gives ambition, energy and independence, creative character and precise fulfillment of plans. The number 7 makes a difference, anxiety, love of wandering, restlessness. In combination with 1 it turns out a good writer or artist.

At the same time, the artist in these people is a practical person, with a clever and logical approach to the problem. Sum 8 gives a split personality that is not understood. As a result, 17 has three main features: ambition and energy 1, variability and difficulty in understanding the number 8.

Birthday Number 17 – Job and Career

Professionally, you are a typical manager, coordinator, manager. You have the highest level of professionalism in your chosen field of activity. As soon as you reach it, brilliant prospects for self-realization will open up before you. Any kind of activity related to production and finance can be suitable for you. You are born to make money. Successfully cope with this matter will help you two simple recommendations.

First, try to ensure that your ambitions never exceed your real abilities: do not tackle a cause that you do not know enough. Failure will be a heavy blow to vanity. And secondly, avoid the temptation to use your position in order to “swagger” over people who depend on you, to put pressure on them, to infringe upon their rights. Otherwise, you will just hate.

Birthday Number 17 – Love and Family

You are a person, all aspects of whose life are subordinated to the interests of the business in which you are engaged. And personal relationships are no exception. Your partner will have to accept this. That, in principle, will not be difficult, especially if you are connected by genuine mutual feelings.

On the other hand, the best incentive for business activity may be the needs of your family. If in your mind success in work will be identified with the well-being of loved ones, then the conflict of interests will disappear. This is the most direct of all the ways for you to harmony between personal and business life.

Birthday 17 Number

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