Birthday Number: 19

People born on the 19th can be attributed to the conservatives. They sharply oppose everything new, but sometimes they are not without fresh ideas. They are energetic, full of determination, but at the same time pragmatic. Decisive action will be only when the mind approves them. For these people, stability in everything is important. They are not inclined to move, do not like to change jobs, in a family relationship should also be calm, measured. They check everything by touch, they simply don’t believe in the rest. Trying to prove their superiority can make a bad deed, which, for some reason, always comes back to them as a boomerang. The only place where their sensitivity is manifested is love relationships. Here they can show their tenderness.

This is a dictator. It has a total of 10, that is 1. It speaks of a powerful character. And 1 is repeated twice — in the number itself and in the sum of numbers. Therefore, these people will never obey anyone. Self-confidence — a characteristic feature of the number 1 — brought them to vanity. They consider themselves to be the first in everything and will never agree that anyone can do a better job. The whole world revolves around them.

They are never satisfied with what they have, they always need more. They have a strong personality and can adjust the opinions of others in their own way only by the strength of their personality. Hence their thirst for power. They can destroy anything, if it stands in the way of their ambition, and they will not be embarrassed by the means, even if they need to commit murder. Determination and energy are the main features of the numbers 1 and 9, and in the number 19 they are present in triple size.

Birthday Number 19 – Job and Career

Good opportunities for professional self-realization provide you with the ability to work, both individually and as a team. You can be a generator of ideas, and do not consider it necessary to keep your projects a secret. Therefore, in any team you will occupy a prominent position, respected colleagues. Another question is the specific type of activity that you choose for yourself.

Here a lot depends on external circumstances. People of your type often follow in the footsteps of their parents or choose the profession that is most popular and in demand in their city or region. You have enough abilities to flash almost in any field. And if work implies the possibility of personal growth, then even a random choice can eventually become a favorite affair of a lifetime.

Birthday Number 19 – Love and Family

Your personal life is a continuous internal struggle between the desire for complete independence and the desire to feel your needs, irreplaceability. And it is quite difficult to combine. In addition, your sensitivity and inclination to dramatize the most trivial situations can give your relationship with a partner an excessive heat, which, in essence, is not justified.

Therefore, you need a person next to you who is loving, understanding, kind and not too impulsive in his actions. Anyone who can enjoy with you your success, without focusing on possible failures. The ability to forgive is useful to your partner. Moreover, he will have to calmly perceive not so much your mistakes as your emotions about this.

Birthday 19 Number

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