Birthday Number: 2

The number two always denotes balance. People born on the second day make excellent diplomats. Their poise allows them to build a successful career. They make excellent partners in business and family. It is easy and simple to be friends and work with people born on this day. But do not forget that their main characteristic is hypersensitivity. Among them are many artists and simply romantic natures. Among the shortcomings should be identified shyness, which becomes an obstacle at the time of making responsible decisions. In addition, these people are prone to depression.

The number 2 symbolizes the moon and represents feminine qualities, unlike the sun. The number 2 is opposite to number 1. It is as if feminine, gentle and romantic. Those born on this day are intelligent, creative people, they have artistic abilities, lively and rich imagination. Their strength is in their mind, and in everything they seek spiritual rather than physical satisfaction.

In short, these are dreamers who live in their own spiritual clouds, rather than planning material life. Such people are soft and indulgent by nature, and they lack strength and assertiveness for advancement in life. They are also not very strong and avoid hard work.

Birthday Number 2 – Job and Career

Your choice of a path for professional self-realization should be based on the obvious advantages that you have from birth. And this, first of all, is a rare gift of a diplomat. You know how to negotiate. Therefore, the field of activity that is most suitable for you is private commercial initiatives, where everything rests on an honest word in the literal sense of expression, and where mutual trust and respect mean much more than the clauses of current legislation.

You can also be successful in the public service, in any field related to art, medicine, education, advertising. If you wish, you can become a true expert in the field of business communications. In addition, you are indispensable as a reliable assistant and wise adviser.

Birthday Number 2 – Love and Family

Kindness, peacefulness and non-conflict character make you an almost perfect spouse. But there are two factors slightly overshadowing this rosy picture. The first one is your insecurity. Simply put, if you get a good partner, you will doubt that you deserve it.

And this is a weak position in marriage. But even if it consists of only shortcomings, even then you will not be sure of the fairness of your assessment. And these are endless "second chances" and a constant retreat. The second negative factor is your tendency to become depressed when the world turns to you with sharp corners. The partner will need patience and understanding to take you out of this state every time.

Birthday 2 Number

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