Birthday Number: 21

For people born on the 21st day, fate has prepared a symbiosis of everything that can be given to a cheerful person. They are altruists and know this very well. At the same time, they do not forget to thank the fate that they take care of them this way, helping them live another day as much as they want. These people put money at the forefront. It should be noted that the latter reciprocate them. They make financiers, economists, bankers. The main negative trait is cynicism. For them, their own status and position of their partner is important. These people are prone to treason, not to create new relationships, but for carnal pleasure.

The numbers of this number represent the moon and the sun. The moon is a woman, and the sun is a man. The moon is romance, emotion, sensitivity, and the sun is ambition and success. The sum of these figures is 3, which represents an even greater dictator than the number 1. Thus, on the one hand, a dreamer with a rich imagination, sensitivity and artistry, and on the other, an ambitious and strong leader.

In all respects, this is a good combination. The weak qualities of number 2 are balanced by positive numbers 1, and the dictatorial qualities of number 3 are softened by number 2. These people are usually successful in life because they have the power of thought, imagination and ability to plan, and unlike numbers 2 and 20 they are able to carry out their ideas.

Birthday Number 21 – Job and Career

The best for your area of professional self-realization is “to put the letters into words and words into sentences.” There are many such professions. This may be writing, journalism, work in the field of advertising and marketing, legal, social or political activities. You have a gift to influence the minds and souls of people, and it should not be wasted on the “table” wit.

You can work with the same success both individually and in a team. Doubt whether you can organically fit into the team — never was and never will. Your charm, coupled with a high level of professionalism will allow you to quickly establish themselves in their position. After that, you will set the tone and rhythm of the overall work.

Birthday Number 21 – Love and Family

In your personal life, your creative thinking can play a cruel joke with you. The oversensitivity of the nervous system and excessive impressionability often bring people of your type to real paranoia. The most insignificant deviation of a partner from your scheme of impeccable behavior will be the reason for endless reproaches and quibbles.

In the imagination, pictures of “black betrayals” will begin to emerge with carefully written intimate details. And the most unpleasant thing is that you will perceive all this as a reality, and harass yourself and your partner, having no reason for this. Therefore, if you decide to create a family, you need to choose a partner who is truly flawless in all respects. In unsuccessful attempts may take years and decades. But sooner or later you will be lucky.

Birthday 21 Number

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