Birthday Number: 24

These people are attentive and careful. They accurately track everything that happens around and immediately respond to it. Often because of their caution, they miss a chance to advance in the service, start a new relationship, but it is too late to correct anything. Their whole life is a clear planning of goals and no less clear their implementation. They have a weakness for good food. As a result, they will turn out to be a good restaurateur or just a gourmet. In personal relationships, stability is important to them. They feel immensely responsible for all relatives. It is theirs, but they cannot do otherwise.

This number — a combination of 2 and 4 — is very pessimistic and sensitive. It is romantic by nature and does not have the features of a leader. This is a follower. These people are mild, unable to be rude to anyone, even if they themselves suffer. They are smart, have good grades, but rarely achieve anything.

They are unsure and miss good opportunities, they can not take risks. They lag behind their peers and become even less self-confident. The sum of numbers is 6 — a very romantic number, which idealizes everything. It gives a rich imagination, a penchant for art. However, these people see the sad side of life. Missing the opportunities, they blame fate for everything, not the lack of initiative.

Birthday Number 24 – Job and Career

To self-realization in the profession you must lead your life path. You can not just take a classifier of specialties and tick off what you like. And if in your youth, choosing a university to continue your education, you did just that, you almost certainly made a mistake. However, it is never too late to fix it. Work for you is not just a means of providing material needs. You need to come to an understanding of the purpose of your existence, “grope your theme”, following the call of the heart and the needs of the soul.

The best activities for you are teaching, social work, medicine and art. In any of these areas, you have to create something that helps people live, eases suffering, reconciles with reality. How to do this, you will eventually understand for yourself.

Birthday Number 24 – Love and Family

The only possible type of personal life for you is determined from the moment of birth. "Free" relationships without commitment, indiscriminate short-term relationships — not for you. You definitely need a family. Do what you want, go for any tricks, but try to get married as soon as possible. This is a prerequisite for your emotional balance and the main guideline for all actions in the future.

You will love the family members of your spouse as much as your relatives, and make sure everyone has everything they need. You will frankly enjoy, arranging family holidays, buying furniture, dishes, clothes. You can become a central figure of a large family clan, where everything will depend on you one way or another.

Birthday 24 Number

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