Birthday Number: 27

The interweaving of two beautiful figures rewarded people born on this day with a burden to the beautiful. This number is a combination of romance and dictator. Numbers 2 and 7 are similar, although the latter is stronger and more independent. These people are original and individual. They are materialists by nature. Their ability to act original makes them stand out. They have a rich inner world, their natural state is striving for perfection. Work on yourself every minute has long become the norm.

These people are kind, but do not forgive insults. This is reflected in the selectivity of the circle of communication. On the one hand, they are happy to invite new people into their homes, but they will never let in the person who offended them. Their imagination helps them to solve complex problems. For them, a specific goal immediately becomes an object for implementation. They do not dream of luck. There is only an exact calculation. In communication with other people prefer calm, intelligence. On a personal level, physical proximity is important to them. They should touch a loved one to feel calm.

These people are sensitive and have a good imagination and a strong mind. They love to travel and therefore know a lot. Their penchant for romance goes well with the love of travel. These people are stimulated by mental power rather than physical need. They are drawn, on the one hand, to those who can give them moral support, as they are not self-confident, and on the other hand, they are soft and pliable. These people can get along with the majority, so smart, interesting and strong character. They attract people to themselves. But they can not dominate — it repels.

Birthday Number 27 – Job and Career

The sphere of professional self-realization that is optimal for you is service. Production or finance will not bring you complete satisfaction, since all of these activities do not involve direct contact with the consumer. You need to know to whom your efforts are addressed, to communicate with people “live”, to see their reaction to what you are doing for them.

Your creative abilities are a guarantee that you will be able to find an empty niche for yourself in the service sector. But, even having stopped on quite usual type of activity, you will be able to bring something new, unusual, exclusive into it. It is possible that this particular nuance will allow you to solve your material problems once and for all. Another promising area for you is art. And if you manage to make it massive, your life will be made.

Birthday Number 27 – Love and Family

With the arrangement of personal life, people of your type often have problems. This is due to the fact that the search for a partner is conducted according to the idealistic image created in the imagination, which has very little in common with the realities of our world. They are also attracted to people with an element of unpredictability. If a person is understandable, then he is not interested in them.

Every mistake made as a result of applying this method forces you to make adjustments to the list of necessary advantages and unacceptable shortcomings of a potential partner. What not only does not bring you closer to your goal, but on the contrary – confuses you even more. Trust your heart and do not try to fit a real person to a made-up image. Better yet, wait for someone who accepts you unconditionally. With all your strengths and weaknesses.

Birthday 27 Number

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