Birthday Number: 3

People born on the third are a model of vitality and recklessness. They are fun and carefree. Their main horse is enjoying life. These people are distinguished by a great sense of humor and a great intuition. The latter allows them to quickly highlight the most important moments for themselves, ideas. Others should listen to their opinion, it is not wrong. Among the shortcomings should be called hyperbolization, which is so strong that it can lead to a break in seemingly strong relationships due to minor trifles.

The number 3 symbolizes the planet Jupiter, which plays a major role in astrology and in all systems of numerology. This is the beginning of the main lines of power. Like number 1, number 3 is a good number. People born under this number are ambitious and aggressive. They always want to go upstairs and never agree with a subordinate position. They love power and are satisfied only when they have power over others.

Such people carry out their ideas with force and energy, and do not tolerate any doubts on the part of others in carrying out their plans. They expect and receive complete obedience from subordinates. Being disciplined, they obey all the rules and require it from others. Therefore, brilliant commanders come out of them. They stand and do not give up until they spend all their strength, but even then they do it very reluctantly. They have great vitality. Physically, they are extremely hardy. In general, this is a very strong and powerful number.

Birthday Number 3 – Job and Career

A person with a birthday number "3" can achieve success in any kind of activity, one way or another connected with creativity. That is, as a prose writer, poet, composer, musician, artist, actor, director. The list can be continued indefinitely.

However, a sporting achievement, a profitable commercial enterprise, and a productive scientific idea can become a “masterpiece”. All these ways are open to you. And with the final choice you can take the time. Fate itself, step by step, will lead you to a profession in which your inborn talents will sparkle with all facets.

Birthday Number 3 – Love and Family

With equal probability, you can turn the life of your partner into an endless holiday, and into an ongoing nightmare. Your creative gift will be enough for both. The reason is that for people of your type marriage is a real lottery. And by no means "win-win".

You are so impulsive that you can do irreversible things under the influence of fleeting enthusiasm. Moreover, you can convince your chosen one that the only reasonable solution is to force events as much as possible so as not to “miss a single hour of happiness.” In yourself both of you will come in the second week of honeymoon. And here begins the "lottery". If you are lucky with the compatibility of characters — life will be a holiday. And if not …

Birthday 3 Number

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