Birthday Number: 30

To characterize people born on this day, you just have to list a few characteristics: life-giving, energetic, extroverted, have a fantastic memory, hardy. Thanks to these qualities they achieve success in their careers. They have a bright, rich life without intrigue and gossip. With them fun and interesting. They like to communicate with people like themselves, just as active and energetic.

The number 30 is the twin of the number 3 and has all its properties, but in a relaxed form. But this softening is so small that these numbers can be considered the same. This is a very bold number, and people of 30 are ambitious and aggressive. They love power and are never satisfied with a subordinate position. They must control the actions of others, and without a sense of power, they are very disappointed. They strictly obey discipline and demand it from subordinates. They dominate and do not reckon with the opinions of others, are firm and do not abandon the accepted plan, they are usually very strong and enduring.

Only those who are able to obey can get along with this number. In friendship, they want to be first and do not like others who threaten their position. Partners and friends should complement them, but not exceed them. No one should encroach upon their freedom in any way. The number 30 should fully determine the actions of the partner. No one should try to catch up with such people. Obviously, getting along with them is not easy.

Birthday Number 30 – Job and Career

The best area for self-realization in the profession in your case is the field of art. You will be equally organic and on the stage, and in the studio of the artist, and for "typewriter". And you can combine all this in the proportions that are convenient for you, as many well-rounded people do.

Your “search for yourself” can last a lifetime, but if you take the case seriously, every step at each stage will be productive. But one should not consider intermediate successes as confirmation that you have already taken place in the profession. As one once famous director said, “in order for a specialty to become a matter of life and bring a steady income, it must be given at least ten years”.

Birthday Number 30 – Love and Family

Personal life of people of your type usually develops successfully. You have charm, charm, you know how to evoke feelings and respond to them. But the main thing is that it is impossible to get angry with you for a long time, and this eliminates 80% of the reasons for the rifts. A person like you can be forgiven for everything, including adultery. Unless, of course, you will not too advertise your "little weaknesses."

If this kind of complication does not occur, then you need to make a minimum of effort to ensure a happy family life. Namely — to find an occupation, a job. And it’s not about the money. Just being unfulfilled, your talents will very soon lead you to a depressive state and perpetual discontent with one and all.

Birthday 30 Number

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