Birthday Number: 31

The birthday number 31 is complex, it consists of twins 1 and 3. Both of these numbers have signs of leadership, ambition and energy. These people have innate courage, they are practical, well planned and vigorously carry out their plans. They are proud and do not like to be obliged to anyone. Such people are ready to try themselves in various fields. They do everything perfectly. Due to such traits, they manage to achieve success and occupy a high position in society. This is an executive person who requires the same attitude to work from others. Not everyone can get along with him, but the rest are good friends.

What is the difficulty? It is a sum of 4, which is completely opposite: it is a born pessimist. Such people live in a state of complete despondency. So, on the one hand, all the overwhelming ambition, the desire for success and high career, and on the other, uncertainty and pessimism, indecision when there are chances, no matter how safe they are. There is a big conflict between these components, something like a split personality, although not the way it is with the number 8.

They are complex and only very many-sided individuals can make them happy. Their state of mind tends to sadness and despondency, although they rarely show it. Their partner should be able to feel and disperse such gloomy thoughts and divert their attention to more pleasant things. Despite all this, these people are instinctive leaders and commanders by nature, and their partners must follow them. Surrounding people should help them develop the many wonderful qualities of mind and heart that they possess. Their gorgeous intelligence, efficiency and dedication make them outstanding personalities.

Birthday Number 31 – Job and Career

In the field of professional self-realization for you there are practically no restrictions. You will reach the heights for which there is not enough talent due to patience and perseverance. And wherever you work, you will brilliantly cope with any duties assigned to you, and easily secure yourself the status of an irreplaceable team member, whose responsibility and performance can always be relied upon.

But that is why you will always be pursued by doubts about the correctness of the choice made. It will seem to you that you are capable of more. And you will be absolutely right. So, you need to find a job, each stage of which will give maximum results. Then for doubt there will be neither time nor reason.

Birthday Number 31 – Love and Family

The emotional life of the number 31 is difficult. The conflict of two numbers plays a big role. Such people really need approval, this number slowly responds to emotions, but is characterized by devotion for life. The sincerity of such people is beyond doubt. They are hard to fall in love, and love is also not easy. Your workaholism can adversely affect personal, in particular — family relationships.

Your composure and dedication will initially lead to a partner in admiration. But very soon he will begin to feel very uncomfortable with the consciousness that only second place in your life takes. If conflict results, try not to be stubborn and cruel. Refer to his prudence, explain your position and be sure to bring the conversation to its logical conclusion in order to exclude all differences on this subject in the future at once. But best of all — find a partner who treats your work with the same passion as you.

Birthday 31 Number

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