Birthday Number: 4

The fourth number are born workaholics. They are able to succeed in any field, including business, and, moreover, only because of their hard work. Due to their responsibility, they adequately perceive failures, extracting from them invaluable experience. These people have no illusions, really look at things, but are able to catch fire in order to overcome the difficulties on the way to achieving a great goal.

The number 4 symbolizes the planet Uranus associated with the Sun and the number 1, and in occultism is written as 4–1. Number 4 people have a peculiar character, they look at everything from the opposite point of view. In all disputes and discussions take the opposite position. And although they do not want to become debaters, they still cause opposition and at the same time create for themselves many hidden enemies who constantly work against them. They instinctively rebel against rules and customs. And if they manage to insist on their own, then turn the order of things, even in society and government. Often they rebel against constitutional authority and create new rules. They are attracted to social issues and reforms of all kinds, and they are very stubborn in their opinion.

The main characteristic of these people are the mind and pessimism. These people usually make a brilliant academic career. They have very keen observation and a good susceptibility to learning. They are very efficient and good workers, but without undue diligence. The innate mind helps them to do work in a systematic and methodical manner, without throwing. They are not hot-tempered and very rarely quarrel. They are wasteful. Money leaves them as fast as they come.

Birthday Number 4 – Job and Career

The number of the birthday “4” promises the possibility of professional self-realization in any kind of activity where results are achieved by perseverance, diligence, methodicalness and responsibility. And this is practically all professions that exist in the world. Therefore, people of your type very often do what no one else wants to do. Not because it is shameful, not prestigious, or not too profitable.

Just some professions require patience and the ability to do the same work. Very rare, by the way, abilities. It is precisely its deficit that makes many people consider their labor activity to be voluntary slavery. You will always be satisfied with what you are doing. If only because you know: there is no one besides you.

Birthday Number 4 – Love and Family

Living with someone born on the 4th is very simple from a practical and material point of view, but very difficult from an emotional point of view. Well-established life, a stable income and a reasonable distribution of financial opportunities are guaranteed. But there will be almost no quick (so that the children would notice) hugs in the corridor at the fifteenth year of marriage together.

Therefore, you definitely need to choose a partner with a similar position in life. That is — everything has its time, and the “family” is not at all the same as “mutual attraction”. This will not make you unhappy, on the contrary — it will strengthen communication at all levels. But in the event of a mismatch of views on life, you really risk breaking someone’s vulnerable heart. And you will be scared to worry about it.

Birthday 4 Number

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