Birthday Number: 5

In numerology, the five has always been a symbol of freedom. The people born on this day are characterized by the spirit of adventurism. He often involves them in unpleasant situations or sends them on trips. Among people born on the fifth, there are many geniuses. They are curious and believe in mystical predestinations and terrible secrets. Able to make quick decisions, but this feature usually becomes a disadvantage. Their impatience often leads to sad results.

Number 5 — the planet Mercury, which manages money and affairs. People born on the 5th are mercantile, the acquisition and possession of money is the main goal of their life. They are smart and have good business skills. Usually they are successful in business and collect large sums in a short time. Because of the love of money and the impatience to buy it, they often break the law. Being clever and very inventive, they direct all their energy into finding ways and means to enrich themselves. These people have many good qualities. For example, they quickly think and make decisions. They do not waste time on building plans and prefer solid steps. It is easy to get along with them, because they are sustained in speech and inborn diplomats. By nature, they are resilient and quickly recover from the hardest blows of fate, if it does not affect their wealth.

All their positive qualities are aimed at one goal — financial success. Mind, dexterity, diplomacy, tact, decisiveness, speed of action in the implementation of plans — all these qualities are used by them to the last drop, if there is a goal — money. They are not very good at anything else. People number 5 have high intelligence. They are easily excitable and live on the nerves all the time. They quickly think and come to decisions. They are impulsive in their actions and don’t have enough patience for hard work. They have a "nose" for ideas and inventions that bring in big money, they are born speculators and often take any risk in any business related to money. They have a surprisingly elastic character. They quickly heal from the hard blows of fate. And it seems that nothing can influence them: if they are good by nature, then they will remain good, if they are bad, then all the sermons in the world are not enough to change them at least slightly.

Birthday Number 5 – Job and Career

The number of the birthday "5" optimally fit the so-called "free" profession. That is, allowing you to work not “from 9 to 6 with a break for lunch,” but when you want. Some it relaxes and disorients, others — mobilizes. You are from the "second". It is very important for you to know that everything you do is done voluntarily, of your own free will and for the sake of your own goals.

Thus, the choice of profession is reduced for you to a simple transformation of spiritual needs into practical possibilities. Choose something you like and learn how to do it. People of your type are often attracted to long-term commercial projects, as well as work involving long trips, frequent trips and a free schedule. With the same success, you can do retail and politics at the highest level.

Birthday Number 5 – Love and Family

Linking your life with a person who does not understand your position in life is the same for you as losing your limb mobility. But even worse — to abandon the union with a person who has completely opposite views on life. Paradox? Nothing like this!

By nature, you are a tumbleweed. You need movement. And a person who is not able to understand this will become for you a “stomach ulcer”, a plaster cast on both legs. He will poison you. But, being left to yourself, you risk ending your life somewhere on an abandoned beach with a dollar and twenty cents in your pocket. You surely need a number of reliable, "home" people who, having survived all your emotional outbursts, will provide you with a cozy haven, care and love of loved ones.

Birthday 5 Number

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