Birthday Number: 6

On the sixth, talented people are born with a keen sense of responsibility. They find themselves in the humanitarian sphere. They make true friends, keepers of other people’s secrets. They are great hosts, welcoming and hospitable. For them, harmony in relationships is important, and they seek it. In a different state for them there is no concept of happiness. Very fond of flattery. The disadvantages of people born on the 6th are jealousy, stubbornness.

People born on the 6th are under the influence of Venus, which means the predominance of love and everything related to love and the opposite sex. Such people have a magnetic personality and a huge sex appeal. They may be physically imperfect, but they may have a memorable appearance and have a phenomenal charm. By their manners and circus they attract people of the opposite sex, as the flame attracts moths.

These people are romantics and idealists and almost become slaves of those they love. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere and surround themselves with beautiful things if they have the means. Rather, rich can become patrons of art. A woman born on the 6th is proud of her home and loves to entertain guests. She loves to decorate her house, sparing no effort to make it even more beautiful, and loves to invite guests.

Birthday Number 6 – Job and Career

Your personality type is the dream of one great president. You are not asking what the world can do for you. You are interested in what you yourself can offer him. That is what your choice of profession is focused on. To patronize someone, maintain and take care — your needs is almost at the physiological level. On the other hand, an adequate assessment of your activities by others is essential for you. And in order to “kill two birds with one stone”, you need to choose a worthy profession, where money is paid for custody and care.

Obviously, the “first in line” is healthcare and social work. They therefore exist that people who need this kind of help will always be found. But your possibilities are far from being limited to these two areas. You can do good everywhere, there would be a desire. You can use any type of activity that allows you to give the world something useful and necessary.

Birthday Number 6 – Love and Family

These people live a full emotional life. They are romantic in nature and idealists in their inclinations. Their emotional and sexual passions are carefully balanced, and they need both. They love equally with both heart and body. They are ardent lovers. Their love arises in the mind as well as in the body. They possess tremendous physical attractiveness for the opposite sex and charm. This can not be explained, it can only be felt. They love nature, bloom under the influence of all that is beautiful. They are very responsive to music and great aesthetes.

They are sincere in their affection, because they sigh according to the ideal and never betray the one who can rely on them. They are determined and firm in making decisions and can think clearly. Despite idealism and romanticism, they are also practical and hardworking in any endeavor. This is one of the best numbers, because it has almost all the features: temperament, individuality, practicality and romance, sincerity, attractiveness and dedication — combinations close to the ideal.

Birthday 6 Number

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