Birthday Number: 7

The number seven is considered a symbol of good luck, and she always smiles at people born on this day. They are intelligent, well-read, prefer to engage in intellectual activity. These people can be called perfectionists. Their demands, both to themselves and to others, are often excessive. Negative traits of nature — secrecy and stubbornness.

Birthday number 7 is completely independent and in some sense similar to the number 2, but much more individual and with a stronger character. Born 7 numbers are independent by nature, are individual in character and original in mind. By nature, they are not materialists, but more often than others, they enjoy wealth and material wealth, because, not trying to make money especially, they acquire it through their thoughts and ingenuity. Due to their individuality and originality, they become famous writers, poets, artists. Their singularity in everything makes them stand out in a special class, and a writer born on the 7th will surely enjoy the highest success due to the novelty of his ideas, great originality and individual manner of presentation.

Such people usually start their businesses and rarely sit in a chair inherited from their elders. If they inherit any enterprise or business, they prefer to be managed by others, while they themselves start their own new. These people usually undergo many changes in their lives and very often change the situation, they travel a lot. They are philanthropists by nature, and if they are rich, they make big donations to charity. Their religion is humanity. And their love of neighbor is almost spiritual, although they are not excessively religious in the usual sense of the word. They have a strong intuition, and they quickly feel the mood of others, which gives them a great advantage in dealing with people, because, being one step ahead, they can foresee a reaction.

Birthday Number 7 – Job and Career

The birthday number 7 is not just a “soloist”, it is an “improviser”. A specialty that few can master, a profession that allows them to show off their talents will not satisfy you. You need occupation, rhythm and eventfulness similar to fast chess. This is where you need to keep the whole picture in mind, while making instant decisions. Only in this case you will get real pleasure from work. There are many such specialties.

This may be activities in the field of financial management, in business at any level; This may be service in army special forces or law enforcement agencies. In addition, the work of a diagnostician or an ambulance doctor is perfect for you; you can be a professional athlete in any individual discipline or a team coach. Finally, you open all areas of activity, one way or another connected with art. You can choose any specialty from film director to expert on ancient ceramics.

Birthday Number 7 – Love and Family

People with a birthday of 7 are usually very picky when it comes to finding a partner for family life. And this intelligibility is negative. That is, the starting point for you is to evaluate the partner’s shortcomings, not its merits. And you will not objectively weigh all the pros and cons. Your thinking will come down to finding a way to suppress its negative qualities. You are initially set to stand up.

As a result, you will critically perceive any of his actions, finding fault with any trifles. And either you will be able to achieve complete submission, or — if your partner has a strong character — you will be forced to look for another “victim”. But it may happen that a potential partner at first glance will seem to you perfect and flawless. In this case, you will forgive even obvious mistakes, and keep him loyalty, no matter how long your relationship lasts.

Birthday 7 Number

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