Birthday Number: 8

In numerology, the number eight symbolizes power and material wealth. This is the difference between the character of people born on this date. They build their future in the political sphere, become excellent managers. They make good leaders if they manage to soften their imperiousness a little. In relationships with family and friends, they do not change their behavior. Their goal is universal acceptance. Very susceptible to flattery. These people often manage to make good money, but having a lot of money makes them cruel. They do not know the feeling of pity, if their personal benefit suffers.

The number 8 is the most difficult of all. If you look at the number itself, you can see that it consists of two circles and can be divided into two parts, which means a forked person, with both parts directly opposite to each other. But both parts are linked as two sides of the coin. It depends on the circumstances which of them plays a big role. In everyday life, they also show a split personality, showing one side or the other. Therefore, such people are rarely understood by others, because if one side is understood, the other is incomprehensible, and one of the parties always remains mysterious. Unable to find intimate friends, they are very lonely, and as non-conformists, they usually get the worst out of their heads. They are usually labeled, they have a reputation that they really do not deserve, because their actions are misunderstood. These people are equally materialistic and spiritual. At the same time, they possess these qualities at the same time, and if they do not understand that their personality is split, their words and actions will always be subject to distortion, even nonsense.

These people are maximalists, and if the materialistic side of their nature comes forward, they will enjoy tremendous success, as they are smart and can work very hardworking. If they do not have a brilliant success, then, on the contrary, they fail terribly because they seldom have something in between. Due to the duality and misunderstanding of them by others, they can be victims of persecution. Being deep people, they perceive such persecution as torture, and very often in despair they can rebel. This worsens their situation even more, because if they do not find whom to punish, they punish themselves. There is a very large percentage of suicides among them, not because of their natural inclination, but as a result of persecution. If they do not punish themselves, they punish others and become an anti-social person. Being extremists, they stop at nothing in their revenge. The results of this are easy to predict.

Birthday Number 8 – Job and Career

The greatest professional success you are able to achieve in the field of activity, implying a strict hierarchy. The concept of “career ladder” is created by people like you, and is exploited by them. You definitely need to see every intermediate stage that you have to overcome “on the way to the top”. Without this, the work will become a duty serving, which will reduce to zero all your abilities and potential opportunities.

As for specific specialties, the choice for you is quite wide. You are able to express yourself in a variety of professions that require perseverance, endurance and dedication. This may be a business, scientific activity, production, construction, military service. It is important that your actions are limited only by the regulations, but otherwise you have been given full freedom for self-expression. Having started the game with a pawn, you can “go to the queens”.

Birthday Number 8 – Love and Family

For a person with a birth number of 8, the search for a partner is not only a romantic adventure, but also a fully meaningful action that has an ultimate goal. People of your type are rarely happy in a marriage, hastily concluded, under the influence of yet untested feelings. A “check” in this case is an assessment of the compliance of the partner’s character with your lifestyle. The fact is that you are obviously incapable of adapting to another person. And “tender feelings” will never be the basis of existence for you.

“Life for love” is not about you. Your life is the realization of your own potential. And there must be a person who understands and accepts this. Therefore, you will choose not the one who causes strong emotions in you now, but the one you can love in twenty years. This is a choice for the future. For you — the only correct one.

Birthday 8 Number

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